50% of Canadians want deported illegals

Is canada about to become Great Again?

>50% of Canadians want deported illegals
You should just deport those spics to Canada then.

Oh vey, no human is illegal goy!

>more than half of Canadians are okay with ILLEGAL people being in their country

Nah, still cucked.

I think the actual number was 48%, so still not enough to make a difference.

And in case you haven't noticed, Cucknada only gets MORE pozzed every every single year, courtesy of all the shitskins and chinks they receive.

A lot of Canadians went through legal immigration

This acceptance of illegals is insulting to them.

>50% of Canadians want deported illegals
Surprise surprise, 50% of us don't live in Ottawa, Toronto or Vancouver

It's also to everyone else who wants to legally emigrate to usa or canada

Doesn't matter what the majority of Canadians think. If it doesn't belong governments view they can't say it

>Canada wants illegals out
>elect a cuck who wants more illegals

>Is canada about to become Great Again?
>Great AGAIN


>the 50% chinese that bought their way in are insulted they didn't do it for free
>meanwhile born citizens are the other 50%

Go fuck yourself we don't want those dirty subhumans send them back to Mexico

That's not very progressive of you. Are you visiting Canada as a tourist?

Shut the fuck up you Mongolian rape baby. Our politicians might be cucks but outside of Toronto and Ottawa, Canada is VERY European and very anti shitskin.

It was, before Cuckeau and the Leaf flag.

>19th century Canada wasn't great
Hey ya bud lay off the dope eh guy? Fock

>more than half of Americans are okay as ILLEGAL people in the country

Nah, still America.

>more than half of Americans voted for Hillary Clinton

But somehow not cucked? Got it.


only based state in canada is alberta thats it

>having States
Fuck off New Zealand XD

This. Voting on an online polls isn't the same as taking your country back.

I still hope this a good sign for the future tho


The only based provinces are the white ones: the Maritimes and Newfoundland.

Can confirm
>Scotian reporting in

Canadians are likr spoiled rich kids when it comes to immigration. Surrounded by oceans, the arctic and the USA has sheltered us from experiencing illegal migration. Im actually hoping the floodgates open in the spring and summer and the fucking media/political class realise what other countries deal with.

There's nothing worth doing or seeing in any of those provinces.

ALL the ridings in ALL those provinces voted liberal last election

I'd actually be down for this. I have nothing to lose though.

>almost half wants to remain a nation

That means more than half of Canadians do not want illegal border crosses deported!

In Germany, 90% want illegal border crossers deported.

We've always deported our illegals, I've personally had gypsies deported even non gypsy Hungarians who overstayed their welcome. Fuck all illegals I don't want you here I don't want anyone here Canada is full not even 1 European should come here nevermind Arabs and niggers or chinaman

>A lot of Canadians went through illegal immigration
>This unacceptance of illegals is insulting to them.