Why are women stupid?

Why are women stupid?

They just are. Best to avoid them.

Fun fact. Woman in latin means = dumb cock socket

She seems pretty switched on to me.

Because they're women.

Why are men?


Good looking women= competing men doing everything for them.

because biology.

Because they're only baby makers, men are the ones to get things done.

fucking this

>throbbing, glaring, agonizing truth

Children in adult bodies.

Some women are hyper level intelligence but vast majority are completely retarded

They are just really taller versions of children.

I like to think I'm pretty book smart, actually, and I have a 146 IQ (clinically tested, not online test crap), it's emotional intelligence where I am lacking. Not all of us are vapid whores.

That's a lizard dingus.

>Why are women women?

>Some women are hyper level intelligence

And unfortunately they never procreate because they're to busy with themselves thus never pass on any of those positive genes. Same with many intelligent men.


nice bulge

She had a daughter (who married Billionaire James Cox) so I dont know about that one.

no, she stands next to printed test result output, not source code. stop propagating this bullshit meme.


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Exactly - to take into account and concede to their irrational and self destructive whims is, in fact, the opposite of what they really want. They'd much rather be restrained by an authority figure than be permitted to flounder and drift so far astray. They've been betrayed by a couple generations of beta males who cater to their every fleeting inclination, and ultimately destroy the foundation of their societal value as a byproduct of their sycophancy.

women have literally no need for intelligence, they could all be born with no brains and still have 100% biological success, think about that.

That's just the way biology made them.

Being emotional and empathetic isnt a bad thing. Women and Men each have their roles to play. Those who have discouraged traditional masculinity and feminity are the problem, like you said.