Tinder redpilling

What has become of me? I debated 2 whores on tinder about Islam. I hate u guys. I got a lot of pics we talked for like an hour

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Notice the problem glasses?

post a link to thereligionofpeace or paste some quran verses you autistic retard this aint redpilling its just memeing god i hate you fucking autistic niggers


>uneducated and brainwashed by the media
My opinion is correct.

Nice comback user you really got her.

Shes destroying you OP.

Use the jewish card.

Stfu Ahmed

>we aren't the same
>but we should still treat each other as such

the bluepill is strong in this one

Why are you debating some hopeless mongrel on tinder? She's a worthless brainwashed slut, and obviously has Mexican admixture. Don't waste your time, White Man.

im trying to help you prove her wrong you white dog

wow are you really this fucking much of a pathetic autist you are supposed to be fucking these stupid whores not "redpilling" them with your autistic worldview.
Normal people don't need your self loathing, anti jew, anti foreigner agenda to give their life some meaning


nice try kike shill

Whites are so bad at getting their own women. Such low energy. This is why they turn to daquan and ishmael who are proud of themselves. Not innate inferiority projecting ashamed albinos. Your women just want to correct their shit genetics. I dont blame them.

tinder sluts are bottomfeeders, what do you expect?

Damn OP you're getting rekt...


You're wasting your time like a moron.

Women are not intelligent enough to change their minds in the race of logical argument or evidence.

If you want to change a woman's mind politically you need to fuck them well first then during pillow talk start talking about each other's views.

What OP is doing us a dumbass waste of time and sonething only a loser would do

Ive never used tinder and Im dating a hottie white girl right now lol. Wont marry her tho. Dont want albino offspring. They are weaker.

lrn 2 argue you retard
Send her this

>countering tumblr buzzwords with Sup Forums buzzwords

Just face it, you're bitter because you tried to use Tinder to get laid but even that failed.

Autism = cockblock.

Some lonely faggot who gets nobody.

>debating leftists

fuck off krout faggot go back to your skat porn and allowing muhammad to rape your country

Also your arguments aren't backed up with facts or verses from the Quran, sahih hadiths or fiqh

you're wrong.

he married aisha at 6 and consummated the marriage when she was 9.

>this is as much their country as it is ours

I think this is a valid point if you live in a country, where civic nationalism is the law of the land. I think what's important is that anyone can find the community he/she belongs to. I wouldn't want to live in a country with no ethnic, racial and cultural characteristics, where I don't share these basic bonds with my countrymen.

>If you want to change a woman's mind politically you need to fuck them well first then during pillow talk start talking about each other's views.


>mfw my ex was super liberal, heavily involved in tumblr x LGBT type of things and most of her friends were some kind of "non-binary" identity but i managed to convince her to vote for Trump anyways

>Islam preaches peace...
He's right. At this point you need to show them that their thinking is totally contradictory to what is true or rational. You can't redpill without revealing the facts.

"Fucking slut islam !!! Bad !!! Hate women !!! Omg slut u stupid !!! You not even redpill Lmao bogs r laffin o am laffin and niggers Lmao subhuman !! Why u so blÄbill!! Muh hijab !!!! Muh genital mutilation!! Stupid womyn !! Me smort and strong! "

Jesus christ that's not redpilling, you are just throwing shut without anything concrete to back it up and I'd anything you are making us look bad, fucking hell. It's like there is mix of despair to get laid with autistic rage, that's not how rational person argues at all.

My internet is fucking up lol

Ok, everything is fine then

No no no you're going about this all wrong. The difference between Islam and Christianity is that Islam is not a modernized religion. A vast majority of middle eastern practice sharia law, like 90% of all people in Iraq, Afghanistan and Iran all believe in sharia law.
It's a vast majority, not a small group of extremists.

More like she just told you she voted for him and your pussy whipped enough to believe her.

These threads are the most cringey autistic shit ever.

OP For the sake of everyone... Keep yourself on this side of the normie looking glass.

they actually desperately need it. every girl I redpill thanks me for waking them up and giving them something to care about other than getting dicked and throwing away their nation.

Those women need a dose of German Rape Culture.

"Thats the extremists"

>>Trumps travel ban
>>Marine in Iraq told not to venture out
>>Would be killed by LOCALS
>>Not extremists, not IS, or Al-Nusra
>>Not Al-Qaeda, Mujihadeen etc


liveleak has shown too - its not extremists that practice Sharia and cutting off limbs, stoning whores to death for speaking to men, or throwing faggots off buildings

I honestly cant wait for the West to be under sharia - lets see if these fucking feminist cunts ever speak up in future - will look forward to stoning them and throwing them off roofs

Another thing, a middle eastern man is 13 times more likely to commit infest.
In the quaran it is said that western women are not human and can be rape with the graces of Muhammad.

>countering tumblr buzzwords with Sup Forums buzzwords
although i know it's difficult putting shit into words to actually communicate ideas. I think peterson did a talk on this that was really good.

> 3% battery life

Is this a fucking meme? What's wrong with you retards? Poor planning and lack of preparation like this is nigger behaviour.

Islam DOES preach peace. She is entirely correct. Islam literally means subjugation. To God and His law transferred through His Prophet.

Islam teaches peace and a firm social order, while feminism is/was about social upheaval, revolutionary ideas.

Islam, true Islam would revert back all the changes feminism did in society. Also the abolition of slavery. The "moderation" they see in Islam is western influence, forced upon that world through colonialism.

Send this desu

Damn all these mad bros. You act like I wanted to fuck them, Im just in a group & I'm bored n drunk haja

Cunts like this are beyond saving, just smash them and discard

Yes it does, 90% of Muslims in the Middle East believe in sharia law. This means killing specifically Jews and middle easterns. Christianity became modernized a very long time ago, Islam is simply a generation behind. Societal decline statistically is caused by the extremely high rate of inbreeding.

That dot she is putting at the end of the sentence hoping that this discussion is over because she is running out of arguments

> just smash

lol u think op, a guy posting on a CHILD'S ANIME IMAGE BOARD is capable or banging a cute blonde? LOL

you've never "redpilled" anyone other then other sad lonely autist like you

Kill yourself faggot

dont waste your energy on dumpstertrash. get married to a good waifu, make children and raise them with strong alpha values and let's outbreed these fucking goatfuckers and if shit hits the fan, we'll drive them from our lands with a good ol racewar

She's not even cute, she is average as fuck. Why would OP want that anyways? She is probably boring as fuck in bed.

>Islam doesn't condone harm to others


This ones my fav, her Muslim friend agrees with me kek

you turned it around a little bit

I wonder if regular girl would even understand what half of those maymay words are trying to say. It probably looks like schizos raving for someone who doesn't understand alt-rite buzzwords


You mean a fullstop?

These bitches are literally nigger tier retarded and only God has the power to wake them up.

If He doesn't want to, they will burn in Hell alongside the sodomites.

>discussing leftists

It's like you dont even value your sanity.

got news for you faggot. You aren't her father and you can't make up for her lack of one.
and she won't magically fall in love with you once you "redpill" her

>Islam does not condone violence
Damn that white western privilege of hers. These western liberals are the worst. Such bold faced lies, she wouldn't say anything like this if there were no army to protect her.

So here's the lesson: don't protect people, who wouldn't protect you in turn. These people are traitors, and can only operate leeching off the sacrifice of others to keep them safe.

This is the reason no one should share his country with traitors, they should be expelled.

>believes in hell
I honestly don't think God sends people to hell, just saying.

Jokez on u I lived with a woman for 2 years, not happening again for a looong while

Get the fuck out of the UK

ISIS Leader had a PhD in Islam theology.

they're pretty easy to deal with since all their talking points we've heard 6million times.

more bro, drunk too, enjoying

Go to the Islam tab, there are verses where it condones slavery, stoning, etc

This is not how you redpill women, you idiot. You will redpill shit by acting so dumb and aggressive. Redpilling someone takes some time. You won't change her mind ON EVERYTHING just like that.

Besides, it's not the purpose of Tinder... She just want some dick and you're talking to her about Trump. Are you stupid?

Women follow trends. This bitch is a feminist SJW because medias told her to be one.

To redpill her, you only have one way : make her forget about all that crap. Go have a drink with her, talk to her, show interest. Act cool and be handsome. Then make her fall in love with you or fuck her or something. She'll believe everything you'll say.

THIS IS HOW WOMEN WORK for fuck's sake.

God sends lots of people to Hell, and if you deny Jesus is Lord you burn right alongside the fags and sjw swine.

Choose wisely.

nah man, id rather shoot myself in the head.

You know when you think you are making a good point? With logic, reason and all that and they just look at you and spout exactly the same bullshit they did before.

Yeahhhh, i'm done with that.

Moar, post some hard fax with it though... needs some actual redpills

>he thinks he's not going to get his house burned down one night with his entire family inside

kek you think it's so safe. Then bang, you're all screaming at the top of your lungs because someone has gone and set your house on fire.

Your bloodline wiped out.

sub-human scum

But I love bhuddism, I feel like I should convert but I don't want to at all man. :|

They sell women but not pig.. makes total sense..

lmao making a woman hate you is like almost guaranteed pussy, since it fires them up and makes them passionate. Shouldn't you know a little something about seduction being french and all?

>Have you even read a history book?
For how long has she been hiding her power level?

Sup Forums BTFO once again cant hold up in a conversation with people that dont mindlessly agree with your stupid autistic beliefs

This, just say "look this is the truth and people should be aware in it. People should know about radical Islam blah blah blah we are both good people love u bb"

Give her stats 9n who believes terrorism is justified reeeeeeee

yeah i hear you.
I feel like some people can be changed though, they get tired of the rhetoric the MSM spews over and over again and it never betters their life.
I think humor is the best approach. Even if you reveal your powerlevel too fast you can just couch it retroactively that you were being ironic.

>get with girl
>average girl views, not interested in politics, spouts lines about acceptance and tolerance, thinks everyone is equal
>3 years later and she openly talks about her dislike of Asians and Chinese (in UK people use Asian to refer mostly to non-Oriental Asians and arabs) and thinks feminists are stupid cunts

You have to give them the D first.

Reading what Hitler had to say about arguing with Jews

This is pointless. You don't change someone's mind by arguing with them. They get on the defensive, give zero fucks about what you say and you become a bigoted retard in their minds.

What you have to do instead is create a lot of buzz and act like it's completely obvious that your point of view is the correct one, and that more people are getting redpilled every day. Drop a single fact (Muhammed banged an 8 year old) every now and then, but never spam them. Let normies suddenly feel that everyone except for them and their retarded friends think muzzies are bad.

Op, you're bad at this. Listen to these autists and use their arguments.

Buddhism is literally devil worship.
India is cursed, along with the entire Muslim world.
Christendom is blessed for a reason.

This has already been removed by jewtube once, watch it before the Jews shut it down again.

The wicked garbage religion of Hinduism exposed.


At least she will have a slight sting in the back of her head, the next time she barks out buzzwords.

Stay persistent, women need to be dominated to learn.

Wtf u talkin bout toothpaste? See

this thread is an example of why right wing ideologies are basically castrated, unable to reproduce. Only some of us know how to stockpile arguments and counterarguments, unlike this mong OP who thinks he's "le redpilling ex dee" by spamming buzzwords and not being empathic enough to see how the opponent thinks so as to counter them. When arguing against women on islam, first tell them about women deserving half than a man in inheritance. Tell them about the amount of women needed to testify in court and the amount of men needed, according to shariah; this is being empathic as you will know they wont fucking like a religion that discriminates women if they're women. Of course, i try to help but this amerinigger uses le moor blood meme. Kill yourselves

This guy gets it.

He actually won an argument on the internet with an SJW wtf

It works but not like that. She has to hate you for being "macho" and slightly rude, not for your political orientation.
Women don't understand anything about politics, they just repeat what medias tell them (just look at what she's saying about islam, she's talking like Hillary). She obviously doesn't give a shit about muslims and all. This is just virtue signaling.

This, too many kids here just spouting shit, zero tact
You can't convince people by going head on without thinking, realise who you are talking to

This. A million times.

nope, the guy who had that profile posted proof of him landing a black chick with it

Yeah women tend to have that "hippie syndrome". I guess it's in their nature because they are caring and peaceful.
there are some politically intelligent women though.