Would you could consider the Hijab, a sign of oppression + could I have some links to articles that prove that womans rights are diagusting in Islamic countries? As the Hijab is worn by woman in Islamic Countries




Women have specifically definied rights in Islam. Those are the bare minimum, however. There is nothing Islamic about restricting women only to those rights given to us by the Quran, after all, in Islam, if it is not prohibited, it is should be allowed.

There are, however, obligations which women have towards men, husbands especially, that some find contentious. For example, men are the head of the household, and women should obey their husband, except when he does something sacreligious.

The hijab was mandated for women because Prophet Muhammad often grew agitated by the way that men publically lusted after women. He publically forced men to avert their eyes when he caught them staring at women on many many occasions. The hijab verse was revealed after one of the companions goaded Muhammad into seeking guidance on the issue by stalking the Prophet's wife. It tells women to draw their cloaks over their heads, only revealing the face, hands, and feet. While it is clear the intention was to divert men's attention away from women, in a modern context, religious dress is frowned upon. As long as people arent being forced to wear hijab (I do), then it's fine. IMO, forcing women to wear hijab is actually anti-Islamic, just as a believing woman failing to cover herself is.


>Forcing women to wear hijab is anti-Islamic,

Are all islamic countries and communities anti-islamic?


Feminists consider this to be empowering, as they can control men's sexual desire by covering themselves.

say what you want about the muzzies, they got some great ideas when it comes to women and fags.

They can also avoid having to argue with men and explain themselves by shutting the fuck up, perhaps that's the fourth wave of feminism.


nothing wrong with that

>after all, in Islam, if it is not prohibited, it is should be allowed.
thats not how it works

maybe arabs work that way, not th quran

It's sad how true that picture is

A female muslim immigrant...
What's it like to be the most hated person on this board besides George Soros?

Spend your life in a cage and you'll tell me you're free

Step out of the cage realise you want to go back in

This, you can't convince anyone that the social pressures on a woman wouldn't convince her to be borderlone suicidal if she refused to wear some covering on her head. No matter how subtle, woman are social creatires and the implications of inferiority would be present in so many of her daily interactions.

But what they forget is that they are only taking aspects of Islamic culture to suit their narrow-minded needs. They enjoy the freedoms of the west while wearing this "empowering hijab". They seem to forget that a large portion of Muslims wear one because they don't want to be denounced as a whore and stoned to death. If these feminists truly respect Islam, they should wear one and accept the true, full culture that entails it.

>I simply consider it a religious garb
And I simply despise it.

*tips fedora*

I have a hijab fetish.

>stalking mohammeds wife
Which one? The six year old?

They can wear whatever the fuck they want, but if someone tells my gf or my sister they have to do the same, then there's a problem.

I don't consider the hijab particular oppresive, particularly in my country. That's not even the point. It's being worn as a political/cultural statement - 'Look at me, I'm am muslim in your country and I'm keeping my foreign culture'.

Du bist erbärmlich bring dich um.

every time i see a slightly brown muzzy QT wearing a hijab while at the same time she is wearing skin tight yoga pants that highlight her perfectly thicc booty, i want to straight up marry her.