This kills the factory job

This kills the factory job.

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poor Turks

people builds machina, Hans

I bet it makes them really slow to develop new cars because the robots all do specific types of things.

Why are these robots raping car bodies?

Is this what factory workers usually do?

Poor everyone, actually.

We used to believe that a world of fully automated jobs is an utopia, but actually it means insane competition for even basic jobs.

>mfw I'm an engineer

robots can welding. install weels
They can not do anything inside the car and can not install engine with it's soft pipes
so relax

I don't really care as long as it causes massive unemployment and hopefully death in China. I fucking hate chinks so goddamn much.

So, what happens when robots take over all the jobs that don't require independent thinking?
Will only the artists survive?

actually those robotic arms come out of another mass production line. They aren't built by humans

>the US should let china lead the automation revolution



Then who made the robots that made the other robots that made the car?


>mfw universal basic income and automation would be possible for the US and Canada if we didn't have massive third world immigration

Aren't those machines meant to be supervised by operators? Sure, it kills some jobs, but it's not like completely automatized, right?

Who delivers the post to the postman?
You just need to construct one robot to build robots = infinite robots

By humans, but that doesnt create jobs. Once those arms are done (takes a few weeks to design andere build) the job is done. The human is fired and the robot keeps working for a few years

Actually white collar jobs that involve repititive tasks, pattern recognition and data analysis aka most pleb tier middleclass jobs are the most at risk. There's already machine learning algorithms that are better at detecting cancers on X-rays than most radiologists. There needs to be a lot of breakthroughs in efficient dielectric actuators if we want to replace the electrician or plumber with a robot.

Not yet, but they will be. Robots never make mistakes so they dont really need someone watching over them

Not yet
Wait a few decades

Deport them!

there are TWO kinds of factory jobs
>uneducated production line assembely shit
>educated mechanics

the first one is mostly gone in america. Automation killed it. Union driven labor costs motivated most production line overpaid bullshit to get laid off and replaced by companies by late the 80s. You still have plenty of fuckin' blue collar unskilled losers in senior positions in unions getting fat off the system though.

Globalization damaged the second category. Not understanding the value of highly technical skilled labor that made America great, the corporate bean-counters assumed all well-paid technical labor was simply overpaid labor and if it wasn't replaceable with machines, it would be replaceable with overseas cheap labor.

Factories began to move overseas, china quality crap became common place, factory standardization gets implemented, trade skills diminish in (perceived) value in the U.S., and all the shit gets fucked.

It's not a pretty picture. There's no winning or losing ideology here- it's all fucked. Unions fuck it, corporations fuck it, capitalism fuck it, regulations fuck it.

At the end of the day the only time good or smart things ever happen is because of the goodwill and motivation of good and smart people.

>robots never make mistakes
You clearly have never worked in a factory. Malfunctions are constant

I cannot wait for poor people to starve to death. fuck those niggers.

universal basic income is not a thing
it will never be a thing
it's pure fantasy, like harry potter.
it'd be cool if someone came by and said "ur a wizard now"
but that wouldn't actually make you a wizard and there's no hogwarts

We actually have something like basic income in all of Western Europe. You get the equivalent of around $1000 if you are unemployed here.

This IS the Real great replacement.

And who runs all that?

That is not basic income in any way.

yep, this is the solution to the low fertility - automatization.
You don't need as much people = you don't need to import niggers and muslims.
Plus machines needs maintenance and somebody needs to build them.
Go home hans

What are German bennies like? Over here, you are entitled to £150 a fortnight, plus a contribution towards rent of up to £300/person. So like £600 a month. For tis though you must attend the Job centre, must apply to a certain number of jobs a week and must attend courses/unpaid work placements.

This. Countries that still value highly skilled mechanics and master tradies like Japan or Germany still have a booming manufacturing industry. A lot of those skills are passed on from one master tradie to another, and once you lose those experienced people, heavy manufacturing industries like the auto industry eventually dies. Quality still trumps cheap shit in most countries. It's why most upper middleclass people would much rather get a Mercedes than a GM car of the same class.

We could solve a great many an issue just by nuking mexico

>less illegal immigration
>less drugs
>less mexico

Win, win, and win.

People have to maintain them.

>This kills the factory job.

As well it should.

>le reddit meme
this exposes the plebbit faggot

>massive amounts of refugees
>collapse of the US economy because of vital trade

what we need is to reform the banking system to allow robots to take loans. as it is now only a person can apply for a loan which is why the banks demand mass immigration of people who will be used to create more loans so that the interest of previous loans can be paid.

Robots cant make a mistake
People who work with it do all the time.
>Whoops We drilled all the jokes twice
>Whoops We placed it in a lathe sideways
>Whoops We broke the drill bit in the hole and had to weld it out
>Whoops We dropped the turbojet fan on tge floor, can We still use the shaft?
>Whoops our technology is retarded and we make literally every part out of tolerance because We are making it backwards
>And rewriting the technology is too much pain in the ass
>Could you please just let us put it all on a plane regardless?
>Come on they are military who cares if they crash, right?

That's welfare, not basic income

Another robot.

Canada is still doing alright tho. There's a lot of innovation coming out of Canada and even though there's a lot of stupid immigrants in Toronto, that's tempered by Asian skilled immigration of both the chink and Pajeet kind. I reckon Canada will be one of the first countries with a functioning basic income

No. This kills the retard button pusher. This employs me until the end of time since I'm the one who fixes the robots when they go down... looks like I made the right call to drop out of school and play games til I was 25. Really paid off in the end...

>Robots cant make a mistake
Coming from the so-called country whose air force is literally falling apart in the sky
That's hilarious
Hey guess what? Metal rusts and wears down over time. I guess you guys didn't get the memo!
Oh and any random electromagnetic event can fuck up wiring and programs, not to mention purposeful destructive action. Might want to pick up a book sometime, vladdy boy.

Engineers, maths, stats, doctors, surgeons, physicists, finance (because investing and wealth management), marketing, nursing are the ways to go - creativity, creative solutions, problem solvers and liable skill

Can you imagine all the humans who don't have to build cars anymore and can now do other productive things.

Automatization tax soon.
You probably haven't heard it here first.

This is indeed a concern, training/programming robots for new models takes a lot of time. Also it has become common in the automobile industry to offer custom mods for the same model because not everybody wants to drive the same car and happily pays for some upgrades. So as a result the industry actually started hiring humans again because they are much more suited for those custom jobs, compared to mindless mass-production which robots excel at.

The policeman's union felt strongly against the development of the traffic light.

Pretty sure stats, surgeons and finance are getting replaced too

And then it needs maintenance.......

see They have started hiring back all the humans they laid off years ago :^)

Okay Sup Forums, hear me out.

What if, instead of adopting UBI, we conscripted everybody who can't find a job into the military?

more like; murder the fucking bankers and destroy their power

our current bank system is a far far worse burden on the world than any of this other shit

Yeah but if that robot breaks down then you can't build more robots. You need two robots that build robobabies and can repair each other. Ideally you give everyone two robots for robobreeding and they produce as many robobabies as they need.

>Metal rusts and wears down over time
Responsibility of mantenace team.
Shit must be in top condition if it isnt its their fault.
>not to mention purposeful destructive action. Might want to pick up a book sometime, vladdy boy.
>He doesnt know about auxiliary hydraulic control system
Good luck trying to hack a bunch of pistons and pumps.

I dunno about burger aircraft, but Russkies put a purely mechanical control system in the plane just in case.

Imagine the cost.
Also, lots of unemployed are 50+
I don't think it's a good idea to conscript a 55 year old who's done nothing else in his career than work at an assembly line, for example.

This 100%

Where do they get the parts from?

>better move to china

Not really. Cambodia is the new paradise if you like manual labor.

Good, better automation than cheap foreign labour. Not only will we have new job markets in IT and engineering, but there'll be more jobs for our own people.

Well, it guarantees your existence, regardless of any circumstances.

$400 cash
Adequate rent (ranges from $200 in Saxonian villages to $700 in Munich)
Full health care (equivalent to $150 - $250 month)

So it's around $900 per person.
Formerly, our benefits were even better. As long as your worked long enough, you would get a sum proportional to your former wage, for the rest of your life.

What makes you think so?

>turn them all back with fat machine guns
>find trade elsewhere
Where is the problem?

Have them as the homeguard or logistics or something then

I don't think surgeons are being replaced, but Goldman Sachs are investing billions on AI so they could replace Wall Street jobs with ML Algorithms.

I never got fund managers anyway, because every index fund easily outperforms 75% of them.

Humans can use their insider information.

robot hands

These machines remove an argument for pro-immigrationnists.
Therefore robots are part of the oppressive system of white soopremashy.

As automation increases there won't be any need for workers anymore, politicians can't be swayed by union/laborer pressure anymore and will instead accept more bribes from companies and corporations to thin out rights for workers. There simply won't be basic income in ny time because the richest could buy/take over any form of commoditiy they want. Wealth distribution is already fucked up as it is but it will be next to impossible to maintain a job. Not even those jobs unaffected by automation will be safe because the whole job market will be in favor of your employer.

If you have a robot that builds robots you already have a robot that builds robots so that robot just can build a robot to build another robot that builds robots

From a robot obviously

It's already like that in most segments of the economy.

>tfw no entry jobs
>tfw half the workforce will by applying for robot maintenance jobs
>tfw no money to buy anything

Who wires the robots?
>inb4 we are even a century away from having an ai that can fit into tight spaces, work with the edges of their fingertip, troubleshoot issues, problem solve, and discuss with the customer about the project/problem

They took er jebs

>Automation will destroy jobs

Obviously, and a large part of our economies are built on the higher productivity provided by machines and computer programs however we're slowly marching towards a wall as employees because nearly no jobs are safe from machines. The only weapon employees still have is their consuming habits and armed revolts. Hopefully we'll enter post-scarcity before shit hits the fan too hard.

It's racist to think there's something amiss with that thinking goy

I think it depends how much gets invested into the relevant technologies. 20 years ago portable phones were the size of bricks, cost a fortune and you could only call each other with them and look what's possible nowadays. Nowadays you can shell out a few bucks for that Amazon Echo and can synchronize your fucking life with every retard in the world.

robots create wealth. if we distribute that wealth equally, we could have basic income.

Wouldn't that require a fundamental overhaul of the principles of Capitalism?

Equally distributed wealth means money is useless.
A true automated society knows no concept of money.
This will happen eventually, not to our society but to the one that rises from its ashes. Providing there is something left to rise from.

Capitalism doesn't care about the actors of capitalism. Capitalism preaches that one actor will kill or enslave the other given enough leverage, whatever is more beneficial to the stronger party. I don't think the "invisible hand" would do employees any good in this case. You know how some say that communism works if every place magically submitted to it?
I'm not saying that communism is actually good, it isn't. But what people everywhere have to ask themselves is, if the current system is sustainable or not, not only for them but for the whole system.
Take a look at the nature, it's designed to be balanced. Humans somehow found a way to break this circle or to corrupt/twist it but we're still ants compared to the whole system we live in and on the other hand we have invented devices to kill each person in the world several hundred times.

I'm sure it'll either get to the point where automated trade machines are distributed across each to provide income for all, or humans will be ground up and made into fertilizer by the ultra-rich jews living in their space stations.

I guarantee the latter happens.

Pretty much. It's why the old "masses of asses" immigration policy is boneheaded stupid. You need to bring in only people with the skills to repair the robots.

All those shitskin mudslimes? They won't be staffing the factories, they'll be collecting welfare and raping your ass because they're so horny and bored. Borny.

So, bend over deutchekuck and get your weekly dick.

Income? No, but fabrication for all. What a robot economy means, is that the "means of production" has no real value anymore, nobody will be willing to pay money for it.

The only thing people will be paying money for are raw materials they need for fabrication. And the world will need a lot less money for that.

If I was a banker, I'd be trying to find ways to stop the robot economy before I became broke and irrelevant. But nobody ever said bankers were smart, just corrupt and greedy.

see private space companies which are developing an ecosystem for them to a) excape earth and b) live independently from space so they can then develop kinetic weaponry in the form of dropping a 1 ton ball of trash on earth causing a catastrophe, causing them to have complete control over earth permanently.

This is what they do with their money now. See: bezos, musk, zuckerburg

Unless we find an energy source with a high enough density to satisfy our demand thousandfold we're struck in purgatory, always one step behind post-scarcity.

If robots were Mexicans Sup Forums would take automation seriously.

All routine labor can be automated by algorithms and simple machines, and AI is now sophisticated enough to deal with novel situations. 5G networking is going to make robotics more precise, handle problems on their own with minimal maintenance, and allow autonomous cars to communicate with each other in real time. Right there millions of jobs involving cars are threatened with reduced demand or or complete destruction. Kiosks and self check out are now replacing cashiers and accommodation services and this will only grow. Decentralized systems are reducing the need for oversight along supply chains, and will remove unnecessary overhead and administration positions. More general AIs like Watson are diagnosing cancer and helping people do taxes, and is performing very well in beta so even high skill jobs will be shaken up a bit.

It's going to be great for the price of goods and services, but it's going to be a bloodbath if you need to work 80hrs a week just to make rent in a highly competitive shelf stocking job.

Ah huh.

Any why did you do away with that, Felix.

I'm inclined to believe you because German and manufacturing but .. really? I'm a software engineer - you can't just load all the alternate 'custom' designs into them and tell them all that car xyz gets design pqr while it moves down the line? Sounds like a software problem.

On the other hand if true it could be good news for humans in the future, automated world.

Ultimate red pill

>tfw u have a degree in automation

I saw this development 10 years ago when I was 12. Now I'm set for life.

>Well, it guarantees your existence, regardless of any circumstances
Doesn't change the fact that what you're describing is welfare and we have it too

Current robots can do more complicated works.