ITT: We say only positive things about former President Obama

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why tho

He sounded like the Rock.

He's the greatest president in history. That's why.

Not bad looking for a monkey

He's not president anymore

The cash for clunkers program was a petty good idea.
Notice the digits

racist Drumpf voter detected

He isn't Hillary Clinton

I know. It makes me so sad. I hate Drumpf.

Has big strong hands, could prob palm a basketball no probs

She's pretty based too.

maybe the blackest

He probably has a great golf swing

unlike tiny hands Drumpf

He's currently 5,000 miles away from America

Better than Drumpf's I bet.

He's not 100% nigger

He's positively a nigger. I positively think he tried to hurt me. Positively hope he gets testicular torsion

We get it, you like being lol XD shill on here

underrated post.

He deserves a vacation.


Racist LePen voter detected

This doesn't even have that typical Sup Forumslack trolling Sup Forumslack taste to it, it's just straight up machine-gunner tro-
Shit, you got me there, I bit

Please do not refer to him as the 'n word'.

>I positively think he tried to hurt me.

paranoid much?

He has an impressive amount of melanin for a 1/2 white guy.

He has good comedic timing.

Well he spoke properly, wore a suit, haven't stole a bike for at least few years.

He remembers


His legacy consists mainly of executive actions, making it very easy to roll back.

He had a man for a wife.

He knew how to reach out to the youth and younger generations by appearing in a lot of popular media/utilizing a lot of pop culture material (snapchat, memes, etc.) Was pretty effective given his charisma.

He had a very nice drone collection.


his husband Michael Obama

He brought us the happenings in the form of chimpouts due to years of race-baiting.