This is Amy Schumer 10 years ago

This is Amy Schumer 10 years ago.

Notice anything?

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look at that jew hair and ugly face

She somehow looks jewier

she is a younger complete piece of shit

skinny nappy joo hair

someone should kill that oven dodger



Not thicc yet

curls are jew hair now?
Some of you people really do live in a fantasy world.

She got in the hair straightening oven and porked up so she looks racially ambiguous in the same way some fatties look sex-ambiguous.

That was my thought. She must have had plastic surgery like the rest of them.

she looks like mama june

Did she get a nosejob?

nobody is laughing

You should shut the fuck up before your country arrests you for saying words.

Here she is in 2010 mid-way through her "transition"

Jews do have a much higher occurance of curly hair than whites though.

7 years ago here


Jew or not, Amy is just another female comedian that was barely funny enough to be an opener at clubs that became too famous solely because she was especially mean during a Roast. Her inevitable meltdown isn't surprising at all. In a few years she'll join that list with Mencia and Cook and many others.


She has done everything she can to try to not look jewish

Here is her final form


Looks like a girl you could introduce to your grandma


Dane Cooks first Comedy Central special was okay. He went downhill so quickly after that, you would have thought he was on a sled.

A little less disgusting

you can only be young and appeal to college kids for so long

and by so long its

Crafty those jews

She somehow looks even worse than now?

so fucking hot hnnnng

Funny you should mention mencia, I'm sure you're referencing the fact that both Schumer and Mencia were accused of stealing jokes yet only one had significant fallout from it and only one got called out live on stage by Joe "White Knight" Rogan.

People claim the jokes were done by writers in her show so she didn't know but I call bullshit because she's executive producer and oversees all the writing and hiring, there's no way she wasn't aware. She's also stolen material from her standup from Patrice O'neal and I think Margaret Cho as well.

At the very least it would have been a huge controversy but she gets a pass just because she's a woman then goes on the news and complains about patriarchy and white male privilege.

Have any of you actually watched her Netflix special? It's quite funny

dat bulge doe
is a benis

No, one didn't get called out, but the other did, because Schumer is Jewish and so is Joe Rogan.


She actually looks kind of cute, for a Jew. Still not funny though. Feminism is a hell of a drug.

Oy fucking vey

She still looks 100% jewish, what's her endgame?

Why try and deceive people that you're not Jewish ? Why be ashamed of your heritage ? What a fucking sell out bitch. Be proud of being a Jew or go home

looks jewer

now looks like fat white pig

That picture made me choke on my coffee

Cute for a Jew!


We can turn this into a Canada hate thread, if you want!

how did this bitch become famous?


What ever happened to Dane Cook? I swear that guy was funny when I was in high school.. or was I just young and stupid?

No, no I'm certain he was funny cause I also liked Bill Burr and Patrice and Dave Attell. That's a good judge of comedy right?

What the fuck happened to Dane Cook? Was he never funny?

(((affirmative action)))

>Notice anything?
distinct lack of UncleChan.

She does Hollywood porno's


Because of the curly hair

>Jew or not
She is unquestionably Jewish. She is realted senator Schumer. The only reason she has a career is the fact that she is a Jew.

The only one of those names I even heard of was Bill Burr, and that's because he had some good marketing a year or two ago

This is what the kike version of trump has.
Jewish women ever..... nope.
Genetic sewage.

So did Natalie Portmann. And actors are glorified prostitutes anyway. But (((Eva Green))) is still my dark passion. You just know she loves it rough.

Wow, she really de-jewed herself. Funny - all that plastic surgery, then she went and got fat... lol

Jewish women

You've never seen one, have you?

Another proof that you need to watch their cheeks and biceps before marrying a woman, it's a sure tell of whether they are on their way to obesity

If you like Aids, go for it


Also Bibi is ugly, so she fits him well.

The real question is: How did Bibi turn from Chad to walking merchant meme?



She looks like a generic teenage girl character from an early 2000's teen drama like "Lizzie McGuire" or "Degrassi:The Next Generation"

Don't even try to compete with my merchant folder, leaf.

nope, still a cunt

She really does look extremely Jewy here.

Not really, I fucked a jew chick named Ronit once in my teens thats about it.

what happened to you, germany? have things gotten so bad over there you can't even spot a kike now?

Eva Green only gets filmed and photoed at angles that make her look like a goy , I remember very clearly a scene in Casino Royale where you can clearly see the middle eastern bone structure in her face, almost berber like. Id cap it if I had the movie on my hd.

Ask John Leibowitz

Isn't she related to some top (((producer))) or something?

She can hide in my basement when the imminent summary executions of kikes beings, if you know what I mean

She was more fuckable then.

Why is this fat cunt being $HILLED so hard here for the past week.
Sometimes I wonder if Netflix sends cunts to $hill their shitty programming here

Deep down they're good people.

I really want all europukes to die.

But her pussy smells like a barn yard animal

Based iron mike saying it like it is.

She was actually good at her job when she started. As far as female comedians go anyway.

Which makes me wonder who wrote her old jokes....

Because she is apparently writing her own material now and it's terrible.

My guess is this Anthony Jeselnik who she was dating at the time was either writing her material for her or with her because if you watch his stuff it is of a very similar style.

Basically the industry needed a new female comedian to replace the few old ones, like Joan Rivers and she was there so she got bankrolled hard, she got too big too fast and actually believed she was the best comedian in the world and moved on from the people around who were clearly giving her the material that made her in any way decent and started writing her own stuff or altering other peoples work to "make it her own" and now she bombs hard. So she moves on to another angle and tries to exploit the leftist SJW anti-gun feminist crowd for profit and they cheer because they agree with her statements and rhetoric but nobody is laughing.

The people bank rolling her don't want to admit they put their money behind someone who isn't funny so they keep putting her in arenas and giving her movies, tv shows and specials which all also bomb hard. Now they are blaming the audience instead of the complete lack of talent.

Are there people that find her funny?

Wombmen cannot be comedians

>Current year circled

Did you shoop her eyes closer together or is that her real face?

Here I found it, what do you think

Well, it is this Middle Eastern undertone in her that gives her the exotic flavour. Like a well balanced fragrance or a delicious spice that makes a great dish something very special.

That's real , why would you need to shop a walking miss piggy potato head?

Her name is (((Schumer))) , why didn't she change the name if she didn't want to appear jewish? That makes no sense.

>Are there people that find her funny?
Only people who think they have to find her funny
In some circles, being a racist/sexist/homophone/etc is the worst thing in the world lol

Her physique makes her look a lot Jewier

Very masculine facial features

6/10 would hatefuck

Sure they are!

>more fuckable
watch it there buddy bestiality isnt legal in your nation

Jewy hair, and a gut bulge bigger than mine. Would not fugg.

I guess so, but idk if middle eastern genes are something to be excited about

Look closely at the length of the lower half of her face, its a very jewish phenotype, they have long faces with weird mouths

Wish I had an infographic to show this, someone posted one once.

One ugly fucking kike thisone

Rogan is not the father to two of his kids

You're fucking blind

Incredibly hot. My literal dream. I also love Syrian girl and this girl from Lebanon.