Why is Donald Trump wasting so much money golfing?

why is Donald Trump wasting so much money golfing?

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keeps the cuck away

>libtards selectively forgetting that Obama spent his last months in office golfing
>selectively forgetting that Obama has golfed more than any President to date

Even CNN admitted he's saved 3 Billion alone from cutting the federal programs on his first week in office.

>3 million to meals on wheels

Try 0.25 million per yer

Because its a fucking brilliant sport/hobby/passtime.

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because he's an asshole

What is their source for his trips costing that much?

its his own resort., he doesnt have to pay

Well it would be the costs of mobilising the office of the president and secret service etc. Wherever he goes the job goes with him.

Because he's working hard to make America great again and needs a break

People were also shitting on Obama for golfing. Is it ok now because your president is golfing?

The golf course is where modern business is done. Didn't he take the prime minister of Japan golfing?

Not that I'd expect a braindead liberal to understand how business works.

Meals on Wheels is privately funded.

What is their source for the trips being on the taxpayer's dime? Trump has plenty of his own money

You are like my little daughter
>B-but look what he did

That doesn't make trump any better
Actually you just admitted that trump is as bad as obama

Holy fuck you're retarded. How about the army of people he has to take with him everywhere he goes?

>he doesn't have to pay because it's his resort

Yeah, you're fucking braindead kid. If he goes to the freezer in the kitchen at the resort and pulls out a steak, he's paying for it by definition, you stupid cunt.

Do you nothink know what a source is nigga?


>The big problem here is that "We help fund Meals on Wheels" is how the government sells the CDBG program, but how it actually operates in the cities and communities that get the money is far different. The CDBG program is chock full of cronyism and corruption and should be eliminated. Much like the corrupt city redevelopment agencies, what actually ends up happening is that this money gets funneled by politicians to friends with connections for various projects that aren't really about helping the poor at all.

Your right he should pay for it himself,sadly this is the performance from the candidate which was on paper the least corporately bought candidate except for bernie sanders.

who was scuppered by the sjws.

>Because he's working hard to make America great again and needs a break

He doesn't deserve to take that money you ratfaced kike, i bet you were part of the goldman sachs team he elected to his cabinet.

more like make the jewnited states goy again

oh yes i'm sure niggers and feminists need it so much more. Take your left wing anti-semitic shilling back to tumblr, libtard. Trump deserves that money much more than any poor person.

Why do you care if you're not even American?

The meals on wheels thing turned out to be fake news.

He does




sage this shill
Just google meals on wheels fake news.

>Holy fuck you're retarded. How about the army of people he has to take with him everywhere he goes?

Hmmm if these people are following him everywhere, why would him being at X location instead of Y location cost 3 million more? :thinking:

Meals On Wheels only receives 3% of its funding from the federal government. They mostly rely on local charities and donations. This bullshit about Meals On Wheels being completely cut is a blatant lie to scare people. I wouldn't expect any less from leftists however.

Funny thing about the Meals on Wheels cuts is that the organization received a spike in donations after the proposed 2018 budget...as it should be...because charity works.