Why can't white "men" do this to their women?

Why can't white "men" do this to their women?

they can as long as they have a huge dong

Porn actresses have to be paid double to fuck blacks
some jew porn Producer once whined about it
look it up

cbf not worth the effort

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Why are Australians the way that they are?

woman looks like some kind of mystery meat and dude has gross fupa and probably an average wiener anyway

Because those SWCs are soooo inferior.

They can

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uh didnt sage become powerless fucking years ago dude

Asian men can do better

Black dick on average is only .25 inches bigger than whites. There are a number of black athletes and stars that have dick pics out there. One of the WWE black dudes had a sex tape leak the other day and his dick is pretty average.

bbc is a stale meme

white women CRAVE the BBC

I can and I have at a brothel once
Made the prostitute cum, feels good lol

HEY - CUNT MOD - why is my ISP banned?
> so that you are the only aussie that can make threads
What the actual fuck - YOU LOOSER - WHY am I not allowed to make any threads tonight????
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We don't have the money to pay them

It stops YOUR post from bumping the thread, that's all it has ever done


Why can't David Brock spend his millions better than posting bestiality? Is that the great Hillary plan? The lowest intelligence stone age denominator. Really pathetic.

this desu
white cocks are actually smaller than asians

It's distasteful to think about, let's change the topic

I don't know. But I think it's time to make saying BBC a banned word