Why is Bulgaria such a shithole?

>89% identify as Bulgarian.
Many of those have significant Turkish and gypsy blood. Indeed, the cultural foundation of the Bulgarians are the Bulgars, a Turkic tribe (not to mention they're the ones that brought in the dominant dark hair gene). Another huge admixture in the past are the Thracians, who are not as mongoloid but I'd still say less-white. It's sad when the best you can point to in your genetics is the Slavic portion of your ancestry. Sad!

Really makes you think.

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>Southeastern Europe

>Bulgarians are the Bulgars, a Turkic tribe

The Bulgarian national hero, Vasil Levsi, was a terrorist. Bulgarian historians themselves admit he used "revolutionary terror". In a 2011 diplomatic incident, the US embassador even pointed it out to Bulgaria.
Sauce: vagabond.bg/features/item/1964-who-was-vasil-levski.html

Pic: Bulgarian genetics a disgrace for Europe


All slavs have corruption and thievery in their nature. Aside from that there is nothing wrong with them

Bulgarians are irrational and even more superstitious than the Russians. Most Bulgarians believe the pictured scam artist, a (now deceased) ugly scam artist pretending to be blind had supernatural ability to predict the future.

Most people who have visited Bulgaria know it sucks.
Pic related, it's a typical Bulgarian family.
Bulgarians are turks or gypsies or look like something in between. Don't go there.


10% Muslim. Higher than anywhere in Europe

You don't have to take my word for it. This is what happens when a human being visits Bulgaria: forums.civfanatics.com/threads/country-sucks-part-iii-bulgaria-sucks.542208/

me on the left

Dat BAbba Venga some hot ass.

>pretending to be blind

At least they identify as something. Having Turkish genes still doesn't makes you Turkish, same as being Elliot Rodger doesn't makes you immune to racism or being Asian.

>same as
No, it's not. There's no reasonable analogy to be made here.
What's the same is your nonsense compared to that of the Sup Forums canucks who support Kevin O'Leary for conservative party leader, even though his mother is Syrian. Once a kebab, always a kebab

>Bulgarians are turks or gypsies or look like something in between

They ARE "something in between."

> dem digitz don't be lyin'

Thax u gooby

Bulgarians themselves quietly acknowledge to their friends and family that the turk and gypsy blood carriers form a fifth column in the country. It's hypocritical to then turn around and say shit similar to the poster above arguing that the blood doesn't mean they're actually turks and gypsies. Sad!

>Thracians, who are not as mongoloid but I'd still say less-white

Yeah, I'm sure you're an expert Thracianologist.

Don't defend the vulgar bulgar, for he'll stab you in the back the first chance he gets

The average bulgarian is still more red-pilled than the average canadian, or any other european for that matter. It's a cultural identity problem, not a genetic one. Bulgarians have 100 % integration rate in UK. It's the poor conditions and systematic corruption that made the decent and capable people leave. Bulgarians have the mentality of surviving on their own. They had to develop that mentality to survive 500 years of Ottoman rule, and then another 45 years of communism. That's why Bulgaria is a shitty country.

a fucking leaf

Eбaвaй cи пyткaтa мaичинa кaнaдcкa кypвo.

Shto psuvash be, selqnin?
You little shit, I still remember the bread lines and Sofia going dark in blackouts every evening during peak electrical usage under Todor Zhivkov

There are no native leafs in this forum. Greetings from the Bulgarian diaspora.


Pone ne me chukat turci v zadnika, gorko dobiche

Same here. Did your dictator or whatever get inspiration from North Gorea? At least you have yoghurt.

I read a lot of excuses in this post. Whatever happened, it doesn't absolve the current generation of responsibility for the modern trajectory of the country not taking a course correction. That would be like blaming boomers in North America for current SJWs.
Toi sigurno e selqnin. No sofiancite ne sa mbogo po dobre, shtoto sa shopi.
>At least you have yoghurt
A much tastier export is the Bulgarian sheep's milk white cheese. It's better than the Greek feta cheese.
Sadly, here I usually find it at halal/mudslime stores. I have to swallow my dignity every time I go to get some.

>Bulgarian sheep's milk white cheese
I'll keep that in mind, thanks.

Why so triggered, cлaдкиш?

Ive been to Bulgaria several times, nice people there. Better than turks anyway. Also, havent seen much of these types

Bulgaria has some good music, I know that much


I'm going to assume they're the same as in Romania. You won't really find them in the bigger cities since they usually hang around the outskirts where the police doesn't patrol as much. If you really want to see a wild gypsy in its natural habitat, hang around thrash bins until a pack of them drops by to rummage through it.

So what's the point of this thread and how does it relate to politics at all?

Spored men, ne sum az toqa koito e triggered.

>gross gypsy-derived "chalga" that most in the country adore
>good music

Don't bully Bulgaria or I'll rape you.

>Why is Bulgaria such a shithole?
Ottoman imperialism has a good correlation with shithole factor.
Also fell for the monarchy meme, fell for the fascist meme, fell for the communist meme, fell for the democracy meme, fell for the EU meme, and basically fell for every meme there ever was, revolution in every generation.

This could be us.

Its coming leaf boy.

actually the ancient Thracians were described as red-haired and white by the Greeks. it's Hellenic admixture (the superior people of the middle per Aristotle) that made the Bulgarians brown-haired and brown-eyed and gave them some capacity for civilization

Bulgaro-Turkic ancestry is still visible in many Bulgarian faces though, some look more Uraloid than even the semi-Mongoloid Russians and Finns

Дaily reminder that anglos are the weakest race

Bulgarians are fully white.

Let me tell you the reason why we are sinking, diaspora rootless cosmopolitans (good job emigrating into Soviet Canuckistan by the way, marxist fucking shits) .

The reason why Bulgaria is the worst in Eastern Europe is because unlike Poland and the Baltics, our nationalism is pro-Russian and not anti-Russian.

So Bulgaria is always the one most fucked over by the EU, by western corporations and the western pawns that are installed as our politicians.

The existence of the Bulgarian people is not in the interest of the anglo-kikes, so the genocide here is going exceptionally fast, the program for replacing us with gypsies and other shitskins will soon be completed unless we change things drastically.

Bulgaria is sinking, because bulgarians would rather comment how shit things are and how its other people's fault than fix it.
Not the politicians, not the russians, not the EU, you go and fucking fix it. Pick up that can and throw it in the trash. Stop feeding homeless dogs. Stop dodging taxes. Stop trying to get fake paid sick leave. Stop taking the bus without a ticket. And so on, and so on.

This is 1st grader level "insights".

My life is in order and I've never done the things you mentioned.

But to resolve big problems you need to go at the root, you can't resolve complex problems by resolving small ones and hope that one day everything will magically work out.

Without resolving the big problem, concentrating on the small ones is completely pointless.

As I asked in another thread...
Is it the russians or the anglo-kikes that force people to throw garbage from the balcony and to break benches for firewood?
Or is it the bulgarian animal that does it by itself?

The complex process of dumbing down the population has its roots in the changing demographics, the ruined education, the third world economy and all the separated families to to migration and the children who were not properly raised. The decay of social connectivity and the sense of common purpose.

Bulgaria was a civilized country before 1990.

"Joining" the West has been a demographic and cultural catastrophe that is comparable to the Ottoman invasion.

Shocker another Bulgarian shit blaming the Russians. AsMentions it's cause you fucks never actually want to work to make a decent country and would rather run off to another country or just bitch about muh Russians or muh ottos. Your country fell for every meme form of government avalible so much so you willingly brought back your exiled king as your prime minister or hate er it is that he was and the dude barely knew how to speak his native language. But no you'd rather just shitpost on an Indonesian basket weaving forum on how the Russians did this and pretty soon you start blaming the EU. In essence kys

Are you fucking retarded.

None of the comments you replied to were blaming the Russians.

Didn't read the rest of your incoherent babbling.

Bulgarians have slavicized themselves to increase their numbers, no longer nomads. I shit in your dead mothers mouth.

>Bulgaria was a civilized country before 1990.

My fucking sides. Burning containers, breaking park benches, кaквo ти дpeмe, дъpжaвнo e :Д are very old ideas.
Bulgarians are like they are because the Ottoman Empire states skilled the Enlightenment, the Renaissance, the Industrialization, and all those periods that formed Europe and the western world into individualistic, freedom loving, responsible people.
Bulgaria will never be "strong", until it has a cruel tyrant to whip the people into shape, because Bulgaria has more in common with Morocco than it has with Germany, for example.

Bulgaria has been a European country ever since its Liberation.

And it has never been so weak and shitty as it is now.

>Did not read argument.
> Calls me restarted
well shit gentleman we have a genius in our midst watch out for his super edge knowledge

Why should anyone read your posts when you reply to posts that you haven't read.

Also, your English is so bad and hard to read that you must be an American.

Its true unfortunatly in developing hellholes the change must come from above,from the "elites"(who are corrupt af politicians) in the 21st century the change
can no longer come from small things,corruption and the lingering socialist politician class need to be abolished first.