Why are eastern euro streets always shithole mudpits you cant walk across?

why are eastern euro streets always shithole mudpits you cant walk across?

seriously its not that hard to be fucking CLEAN

>eastern euros more dirtier than greeks and albanians confirmed

Looks comfy.

Its just defensive messure to stop cucks and muslims.

can't be a peaceful migrant sleeping in the street if there's no street

I would love to have streets like the CZECH
but our Money goes 100% into Muslims making Babys and not our infrastructure

We still believe in trench warfare.

this nigga gets it

You cant get conquered by a foreign army if you dont have streets

maybe this is why the UK is such an indebted shithole?

>still using concrete roads built by German POWs in 1948 as a major highway
>can't replace them because they're under heritage protection
Nazis really knew how to build them.

Kek good lord thats a funny pic.

>Kek good lord thats a funny pic.
Ja, but they still go to Germany. By the millions.

That's actually pretty smart.

>the only time slavs could ever build anything was with russian dominated communism

Russian tanks can't occupy you if you have no roads.

>why are eastern euro streets always shithole mudpits

we can fix ours, ye cant fix your mudslime problem

>eastern Europe is one big Detroit

brit street are also covered in shit apparently

So you don't get any Indians either?

Kek,even as POW's germans civilized you.

i am very confused by this as well. finland is identical weather and geography as eastern europe, but we dont have any mud lying around.

where does all of the mud come from??

Father is a construction engineer. He said that contruction workers dont respect the proper formula for asphalt. They pinch a little here, a little there (they steal materials) to patch up their own shitholes. In turn, the streets deteriorate very fast. In a couple of years they are back to their original state.

Because that is the gypsied romanian mindset. Steal as often as you can, as subtly as you can. Fuck this hopeless country. Corruption is everywhere, even in the fucking asphalt

Because after the commie takeover, since 1949-1964 there was a major purge in E.Europe.

In Romania at least, Ana Pauker and Gheorghe Gheorghiu-Dej were responsible for it , killing anyone who could oppose the communist rule and see it for what it actually was.

The commie architecture was made so that the individual will stay depressed and subdued making an overthrow impossible.

These effects can be seen today.

Finland is colder though

from commie to ancap paradise in 25 years

Difference in soil. Finland is trees and moss on huge granite blocks. It's one of the reasons you get so many lakes.

Shut the fuck up, you jew enabling anglo.
Old Imperial city centers are much better than anything commies have built.
It's a shame that they destroyed a lot of it and didn't maintain it properly.

>inb4 b-b-but germany!
East germany was used as an attempt of advertisement by the soviet block.
People kept trying to run away anyway since communism is shit, so they built a wall.

Try to import 1million pajeet and keep your street non-designated.
give them a break on that.

We need to move Ukrainian refugees into Detroit to scare the blacks into Canada.

and after that bring intelligent people to scare the dumbfucks like yourself too

Foarte tare

This is why I love Romanians

>Pitesti experiment

Your commies were a special kind of subhuman, even before Ceausescu.