Le pen said kosovo is serbia..what do you guys think?

le pen said kosovo is serbia..what do you guys think?
i am albanian and i hate kosovo so much..those muslim cockroaches make albania look really bad.muslims are so different from albanians..they are extremist motherfuckers.they identify as albanians but they arent.they are turks.i am a christian and i have alot of muslim friends wich are so nice and we have so much religious tolerance we arent racists...but kosovo is...they call our national hero skenderbeg an enemy because he fight against turks.i really hope serbia will slaughter them all

>Le Pen
>betrayed her father
>civic (((nationalist)))
>Serbian sympathiser
Why shouldn't she lose?

Non-criminal French-speaking Catholicuck niggers are still niggers

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we albanian christians deserve everything because as you see my ancestors survived 500 years under ottoman empire in albania and we didnt change our religion.mostly of albanians did,some of them were forced and some of them turned muslims to get lower task and free lands or some cows.christians lived hidden in mountains for 500 years just to not convert muslims.turks came here were i live before 500 years and slaughered all christians in a church...kids,men,women anyone who was christian.we are the last remaining true ilyrian blood :/

>he thinks the balkans are a real place and not a CIA psyop.

France has civic nationalism and integration: interracial prostitution.

Bosnia is Serbia

Albania's a muslim country, user.

Albania is a Muslim country.


i know thats what 500 years of war and regime do to a country


nah i'm pretty sure you just bent over to the turks and let them inside you without any resistance

Slovenia is austrian. Fuck those slavic mongoloids

Serbia is just a part of Greater Bosnia. Get over it.
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Romania is a gypsy country, it even has gypsy dogs

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had no idea she said this.

fuck you too slovenia you will never have trieste again

we have gjergj kastrioti or skanderbeg do you guys know about him?

>gets cucked by albos
>thinks his opinion matters


i'll cuck your wifes son :^)


well we've cucked half of europe so

How does it feel when you take the Serbian bull ?

Do me!

Serbia isn't half of Europe.

Yes u did, by letting all those turks in.

..nside them

i hope serbia gets kosovo.they are turkroaches like 98%

NATO help

agreed but the other way around, you keep them. They identify with you. Or best of both would have been to let Serbs genocide them all without NATO bombing them to hell

You are the same albanian from the thread yesterday right? The one i called a doctor because he is the only albanian that can speak english.

you are bulgarian....

of course kosovo is part of serbia.

kosovo is sacred clay for God's sake

I don't give a fuck. Let them have a war (no interference from other countries this time please) and the one who wins is the one who is right.

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Absolute disgusting woman. Allah will have a special place for her when we take over.


Kosovo is Soros abomination.

Koso is Serbia

t. Croat

I see you found your family photo.

you seem like a cool albo

croatians are the most arrogant dumb niggers next to the slovenes and yet they have nothing to be proud of

in ex-tu times albanians and serbs would het along in the military but you fags kept to yourselves and were insufferable to be around

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They have fertile females

stay strong albro

t. Bruce 'dave-o' Pletikosa

Hello albanian diaspora,I too have bouts of autistic sperging out on a mongolian finger painting website.

>Croats and Slovenes are niggers
Hey man, Slovenes aren't niggers

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haha s*rb is not human

>be d*aspora
>think they are human
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I hope you like your country

>ITT: Shkreli think's he's a respectable fellow European even though he took it in the butt from the Ottomans for 500 years
One drop rule, my friend.

Also Kosovo is Serbia

fuck out of here albo , stop chimping out and let the adults in the room call each other niggers

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read the thread

>ITT serbturks

Wow thats not a nice way to call bosniaks my dude!

>One drop rule
This. Iberishits and Balkanfucks should be exterminated or deported


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high IQ american

wtf I love christian Albanians now

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sorry user but your country got cockroached

god speed albro

Serbia is the last remnant of the Ottoman empire, the empire's most loyal vassal. Kosovars might have bullshit memes, but at least they are the enemy of Turkey.

i am christian...

>kosovo je srbidge

yea, no.

this completelty backwards, truly a shit post

Le Pen will say what the Kremlin tells her to say

>>Serbian sympathiser
What kind of a Russian are you?

>croatians are the most arrogant dumb niggers next to the slovenes and yet they have nothing to be proud of
Help a civilized person out.
Out of what corner of balkanshit are you coming from? I can't infer from your hatred where you belong in this clusterfuck.

skanderbeg or gjergj kastrioti the one that ottomans feared..our national hero...Skanderbeg’s helmet is made of white metal, adorned with a strip dressed in gold. On its top lies the head of a horned goat made of bronze, also dressed in gold. The bottom part bears a copper strip adorned with a monogram separated by rosettes * IN * PE * RA * TO * RE * BT *, which means: Jhezus Nazarenus * Principi Emathie * Regi Albaniae * Terrori Osmanorum * Regi Epirotarum * Benedictat Te (Jesus Nazarene Blesses Thee [Skanderbeg], Prince of Emathia (older name for Macedonia), King of Albania, Terror of the Ottomans, King of Epirus). we should finish what he fought for and bring onor to his name

They are true European Muslims, get over it

>le pen said kosovo is serbia


albo got cucked after skanderbegs death :/

Actually, that's bullshit. I studied the history of the Balkans so let me educate you a bit. Catholicism in Albania was completely dead after ottoman conquest. Around 1700, there was not a single catholic church, and therefore also not a single practicing catholic Albanian in Albania. The modern catholics of Albania are all people who were re-missionized by the catholic church in the 18th/19th/20th century, after the ottoman empire opened up somewhat and allowed catholic missionaries in its borders. So no, you are no direct ancestor from catholic albanians. Your ancestors just switched their religion twice, unlike the muslim albanians, who only switched once.

yesterday...she said it was made an injustice with serbs and she will remove the acceptance of kosovo as an indipendent country from france

no it wasnt.i had history of my ancestors in my hand.thats bullshit.if you look at the religion map of albania the only people that are catholics are in nord of albania..because nord is a place with mountains..i have heard my own people talk about this and even muslims here accept that is true.you can go fuck yourself trying to be like a educated cunt.it was after 1912 when catholics started coming out from mountains after we declared independence.

Isolationist one.

>muslims are so different from albanians

nga jeni?