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>world frog day


Haha praise kek my dudes XD

>>world frog day
we did it
we memed the reality

He is the son of kek


Holy shit it's actually true.

He is with us.

It's just a coincidence guys

Sup Forums used to be a Christian board, now you're all worshipping some demon posing as a dead Egyptian god




Pinochet killed Castro, Kek killed Rockefeller, meme magic is real

Christianity is a jew cuck religion for cucks where they lick the feet of niggers


Praise Kek

here's hoping Barron had the best birthday ever!!!

>implying this is real

The Pope is not Christian

>just a coincidence

>tfw your wife's son is the son of the ancient God Kek, you're the ultimate cuck and has to do His bidding

What do ya reckon he got?

Slide thread

Jesus Christ is the lord and savior.

new balances


Praise Kek


Praise be upon him

pure coincidence


Checkmate, athiest

That was also the opening of the great debates in France where Marine dropped some serious redpills

>Sup Forums used to be a Christian board
Sup Forums was an atheist board you fucking cuck, then chirstian stormweenies came in and meme'd 'le deus vult' plebbit teir arguments until Sup Forumssters just started ignoring you rather than argue.

Now people praise Kek because it's coincidence and memetic magic made real.







Who's going to replace Rockefeller?

Does anyone else have friends like this who share all this super liberal, anti-government shit?

This guy used to be my best friend a few years back but we lost contact and now all he ever does is share or like posts from these kinds of facebook pages.

Was Rockefeller a kike or not? Where can his jewish ancestory be traced to?

There are times when the memes get to real...

>11 years old
>Evil Lizard Man
>101 years old

Barron Trump is reincarnated Evil Lizard Man.

Have you learned NOTHING!?

probably one of the 8 others

Use of time machines is drawing synchronicity into a singularity! Beware!


really makes one ponder the situation at hand

actually im not surprised one bit

>Rockefeller was 101
>Barron turned 11
1 confirmed

>palindrome get

CIA raided a suspected magicians house, only to find this.

Along with the books, a statuette of a frog deity as also seized


The man, who is still in freedom, apparently has been writing countless entries of repeating numbers

The authorities have not linked the books with a specific cult yet, but has not ruled out the possibility

Yesterday was actually the day of sparrow

Double digits confirms Keks approval

Numbers related to... maybe? Or something else?

>Literally hacking into the matrix

Kek bless that man


I'm gonna nitpick and say that, even if we're atheists, we're still pretty christian in our pursuits.

Meaning that we want to preserve chastity, humility, responsibility, discipline, procreation etc.

so if that graph is right how come everyone that does psychedelics universally sees hindu and egyptian and some budist symbology?

This is a bad map , Zoroastrianism was more important to Judaism than Caannite polytheism

good goy

KEK has shone his light at us again!

And that's the final red pill. Acknowledge that religion is stupid and you have to be a retard to believe it, but appreciating the necessary values it brings to a society

Rockefeller is a good philanthropist though. You seem to have mistaken him for George Soros.

Soros = Bad!
Rockefeller = /ourguy/

I see you there shlomo

>Rockefeller = /ourguy/
lets have a serious discussion about this user.

>repeating numbers
xD i love this timeline

>Implying that Trump isn't an avatar of Kek

I think it's time that we look into the possibility of fucking frogs for increased meme powers, hell, a half human half frog creature doesn't sound too bad either given the possibility we get a frog pregnant.

Rockefeller was alive when Barron was born. I don't think you understand how reincarnation works.

What did Kek mean by this?

The only "philanthropist" who is /ourguy/ is Bill Gates who is funding the chemical castration of sub-Saharan Africans.

Kek might signal the end of the jew

Bill Gates is /notourguy/, his vaccine agenda includes us too. It's a global agenda.


Wasn't this predicted here btw?

they're not wrong on this one though

>super liberal

I love frogs

It's a banker!
And he's not JEWISH!
Woah really makes you think.