I will never understand Americas love affair with guns...

I will never understand Americas love affair with guns. Their outdated policies are the direct cause for thousands of deaths each year wether they like it or not. Debating them is senseless, as their devotion is far beyond the realms of reason and defies all rationality.

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Remove niggers from the equation and let me know what that gets you.

Yet you have the heart to call out left-leaning voters on "voting with their emotions". Legitimately fuck you.


>direct cause for thousands of deaths each year wether they like it or not

Results do not factor in lawful use of firearms or firearms used in home defence and such.

Smoking kills more people a year than guns do. Ban smoking, then we'll talk.

Been there, better have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

And since all those nigger and spic gang-bangers have them... well


All fucking europukes that continue to spend their days whining about American rights should be considered an enemy, 100%

What kind of fucking "ally" does this shit, where it's entire population continually organizes against the American people and it's government?

s h a l l

>The constitution is feels
Get fucked swedecuck

Remove nigger crime and the crime rate becomes Belgium tier

I will never understand Swedens love affair with muslims. Their outdated policies are the direct cause for thousands of deaths each year wether they like it or not. Debating them is senseless, as their devotion is far beyond the realms of reason and defies all rationality.


Sometimes rationality just isn't needed mate.

its literally in the constitution. how is that "muh feelings"

Sweden must be a safe paradise with their strict gun control


Literally all of them are democrat and leftist strongholds. Your brothers in arms sven

Piss the fuck off. You don't and will never live here so fuck you and your freedom hating ass. Yeah--let's prevent people from owning guns because niggers kill niggers with them. Hell--let's go ahead and ban knives, forks, spoons, and baseball bats, too.

People like you are the reason why things like the NSA exist.

highest nigger population in a western country

now we're getting somewhere

Remover niggers and the murder rate in the US drops like a stone.

Europe got infected with left wing politics in 1945, we basically got turned en masse into SJWs. Our leftists have no outlet but bitching so they do it incessantly.

>implying Belgium is a first world country

Historic Relevance?
Cultural Worth?
Oh wait I'm talking to a swede what would you know about that stuff.

>>When you have the highest immigration rate
>>and the highest rape rate in Europe

Shut the fuck up Swedistan - kill yourself, faggot - its a wonder you aint a statistic yet; but give it time, im sure your mother and sisters will be tasting Middle Eastern Meat soon.

n o t


>Results do not factor in lawful use of firearms or firearms used in home defence and such.

Which, to be quite honest, is not a large percentage of gun death.

The largest number of gun deaths each year, which lefties love to roll up into overall numbers, are suicides. Not murders or self defense.

We love our gun laws because if some commies managed to take over the government (or try to), we would have the tools to kill them and all their supporters.


Should probably not use a pic from Italy when depicting Sweden...


>>>and the highest rape rate in Europe
No matter how many times you post this, it'll never be true.

>inb4 muh 1400%

You can look it up yourself though. But I guess everything that isn't from Breitbart or Fox is FAKE NEEEEEEEEWS

Niggers killing niggers for killing niggers. Niggers are responsible for the high poverty as well. You're trying to classify niggers as human beings capable of contributing to society. Sweden is opening it's doors to these types of people while were trying to educate the world from our mistakes (with Sweden's resistance). Have fun being out-bred by sand niggers. You do not have my sympathy and no you cannot come here.


how many of these gun deaths are cause by shit like AR-15's because I don't think it's a lot


>just Anglo things
Thanks for the based Saxon tradition of the right to arms, Anglo.

FYI Juan neighbor of Tyrone, Sweden is still 90% white while Melting Pot is 60% non-white.

mebe if you had guns, your country wouldnt be the rape capital of the world?

the right to defend ourselves, our communities and our culture from any and all threats without the overbearing weight of some government's approval SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED
Go fuck yourself swedefag, at least we have the ability to stand up against the government the moment it starts censoring people... unlike you, of course

Vast majority of homicide is handgun related. Rifles are barely used.

Anybody have the webm of the "bad news" being censored when the user switches their proxy to Sweden?

They are 95% caused by gangs killing other gang members within a small shitty section of a major city. 99.9% of the population will never have to worry about it because we know better than to cruise down Martin Luther King Jr. Street.

It's all niggers with hi-points and glocks

Check this out Muhammad:


Sort by gun ownership %.

Wyoming: 59.7 %, 1.4 murders per capita
District of Columbia: 3.6 %, 21.8 murders per capita

What do we have a lot of in DC that we don't have in Wyoming? Spoiler: it ain't guns.

Aren't AR-15s pretty much useless when you deliberately want to go out and commit a crime like burglary, or even when you're defending yourself?

I don't know the first thing about guns, but I can imagine that a small handgun is pretty much just as effective in any emergency self-defense situation as a large and bulky rifle would be.

Censorship is ultimately a right-wing problem. Y'all always cry about censorship when y'all are the ones doing it.

Yeah thought so, seems like they always go after high powered rifles as the big bad boogeyman

Do you intentionally not see Sweden burning to the ground for fear of getting beheaded by a peacful immigrant, or is it all just the b.s. you're fed daily?

>a literal mong

I will never understand Sweden's love affair with refugees. Their backwards policies are the direct cause for thousands of rapes each year whether they like it or not. Debating them is senseless, as their devotion is far beyond the realms of reason and defies all rationality.

fake news

Obvious troll is obvious. Kill yourself faggot.

correlation does not imply causation

Defending your House, the Rifle is allways better
For crime, Handguns and MP s are preferred since they can be hidden easier

Oh, a discussion... wait, that flag. Sorry Ahmed, you can't trick me. Don't you have some poor 14 year old girl to 'culturally enrich'?

I need more guns

I was in the same room as atleast 50 brown people that you hate so much today, and I didn't get beheaded! What is this, Donald lied?? NO WAY!!

they love watching their women get rapped and beaten because of their cuck culture

Take care of your rape problems before judging other countries.
And when you're done fixing them, take in more refugees!

Their centuries long close proximity to the superior black male has developed in the white American an inferiority complex, primarily to do with phallic size. This manifests itself in "gun culture", which is a kind of proxy war by which the white male can assert his frail masculinity to without having the otherwise necessary physical characteristics.

>Swedes can't understand that we value freedom more than people's lives
Give me liberty or give me death faggot

>5 posts by this id

Rights aren't concerned about protecting anyone above liberty. Besides, most of the gun deaths are niggers. Something you will find out soon enough Sven.

Nobody in their right mind, including liberals, would go after banning handguns in this country, so they choose the strawman gun as their basis for a fight.

lol you seem to be missing out on the point in the picture.
Reddit is very liberal. Reddit regularly bans people for dissent.
Sup Forums does not ban people for dissent (on pol or b, at any rate). what do you think Sup Forums is?

please kill yourself. I even put a please just for you, since you're such a faggot and I wanted you to feel comfortable just like your government does while you come closer and closer to the conclusion that you want to die

Not even 2%

Open wide

You guys should work on banning grenades... oh that's right.

>Does not understand love for devices designed to prevent niggers from raping and killing you and your entire family.
Why am I not surprised?

They have more blacks, that's the main reason for their high murder rate. Take blacks out of the equation and the murder rate drops significantly.

get some fucking God-given rights.

Probably not because all you know how to do is sit there and coddle them and tell them how mistreated they are.

Oh that's right I could make a 400kg bomb in my own kitchen using only legal wares in any western country. Like Breivik.

why not?
so long as it depicts it accurately?

Oh, hai, Finland.


Based Mongolian

This is b8 but you know our gun stats would mirror Switzerland if got rid of all the niggers

You ban guns

I rent a uhaul on parade day

You cant stop crazy with legislation and punish everyone for the actions of the insane. Id rather die in random gun violence than to be ran over or attacked with acid.

How else would you prefer to die? Knife wound, beating, burning? Theyre all horrific and its not the fire's fault

If anyone touches my guns I swear on all that is holy that everyone will die.

Shill not be infringed

What about the 14th amendment?
You defend that too?

You cannot be fucking serious. Hm, what is wrong portraying Nigeria using pictures from Somalia? Fucking retard kangaroo shitposter.

>argues that weapons should be banned because they kill people
>points out that WMDs can be legally made in any western kitchen

What are you doing?

why not both?


>and I didn't get beheaded!
They probably didn't behead you because they were afraid that doing so would hurt their dicks, which were in your throat.

I guess over the counter chemicals too.

Anything for that perception of safety, right olf?

Says the country who has recently had a black president, forced Africans on ships to come to America, pushes race mixing and gangster rap trough Hollywood, spreads general nigger behavior trough out the rest of the western world, remind me again, how are you a leading beacon in the destruction of the negro?

At least be pro choice so those nigger mamas may kill their unworthy off spring

>implying Belgium is a country

They're both pretty much the same

Not really, the bill of rights is something always defended in its entirety.

>kangaroo shitposter
Lel, aussie struck a salty nerve

What are you doing? If I set a vodka bottle on fire and throw it through a window, I've suddenly contributed to the amount of Swedish grenade attacks. Guns are not a necessity like gasoline or vehicles, so using the argument "hurr durr lets ban trucks to stop truck attacks xDD" like Trumptards like to do is fucking retarded.

All those evil brown people, slowly plotting the destruction of everything that is pure...

Fucking kek'd

Go to rinkeby with a live stream cam and see how long you last faggot. Just because youre living the posh life doesnt mean everyone is.

Youre letting a fire smolder, and its about to explode in your face

Have fun not defending yourself Swede

when you have highest rape in Western Europe, but it's not because of the massive influx of rapefugees, but because of the new definition of what is considered rape.


>pic related
>centuries ago, irrelevant

It's all the Jews' fault