What's up with climate change, Sup Forums?

what's up with climate change, Sup Forums?
should we get on board and try do something, as a collective, just in case? or should we just continue our lifes and really test the theory?

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what do you even mean you massive faggot?

turn a few light bulbs off and run to work if you want. no one gives a fuck

climate change is a top kek and even if it was real then its multi national corporations will need to act not you and your poor ass.

Seeing trump is pres i guess no one gives a shit and it's probably too late to try to convince the people who'd rather not worry and actually believe what big oil says.
Sad really.

I marched down the street naked yesterday to help raise awareness for climate change.


if climate changed happened it would fuck up african countries more than any western country (excluding netherlands) so when it inevitably get worse and worse atleast it means white people will bounce back

You know these bears actually know how to swim for hours

we need to burn every jew in an oven and that will fix it, it's the final solution

b-but we all came from Africa, why we gonna treat our brothers like that? is it worth the risk?

what if the next generation of men (the one that will reach the stars) is also destined to be born in Africa, like all previous species of man?

that carbon jewoxide though

>if it was real then its multi national corporations will need to act not you and your poor ass.

Fucking this.
>Tfw the hippies here in Australia want to stop our carbon emissions but it's going to be made pointless by even just a day of Chinese pollution

>what is immigration

if climate change is real then it will burn with the power of 1000 Angela Merkles, user

it's a jewish trick, once they are all dead then we would have (((climate scientists))) bullshitting us goyim

>will need to act not you and your poor ass.
I asked as a collective you retarded fucker. can't you read?

the question is a moral one, not a practical one, Test the theory to see if the scientist are right, or do something (change our way of living) just in case?

we should be moving away from fossil fuels. at least moving away from oil and natural gas. make the middle east irrelevant again (MMEIA)


You thought I was Tucked?
That I had been cucked?
I've a message for you:
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My life as a science guy's tough,
I have to push all this climate change stuff;
Carlson, you cad,
It's not just a fad!

You'll see when the grapes
Drop below the waves,
No-one can run
Not even your son!

Be wary, Tucker. This isn't the last time our paths will cross.

Climate Change Is Real. If You Don't Believe In Imperial Facts Then You're A Trump Supporter/Republican

True story.
On presidential debate they said 250 millions.
Or like 85% of Europe's pop.


kill yours self.

Empirical you dislexic cunt.


It's actually dyslexic

top kek

there's no need for being agressive, it's just a question. if you're having difficulties in understanding the meaning try reading it again until you get what the OP askss


the Earth's climate is changing, and mankind is mostly responsible for this

nah mate we're fine, we can build water-dykes pretty well, even more: we will probably get an economic boost from selling our dyke-building skill everywhere unlike the dykes that didn't hold with katrina our dykes are built to withstand the storm of storms, so we gud.

If it was really a problem, (((influential people))) would be worried and do something about it.

They don't care so clearly it isn't an issue.


sure, that's what they say, but that's not what I'm asking. Assuming we don't know what's going to happen (and we don't), what should we do about it? and why?

why would (((they))) know more than us? they have the same sources, and scientists don't have the answer

Why don't we just build solar arrays (atleast here in Australia) and windfarms, and takecaway islamists main source of funds. Seems like a good thing to me. If trump really wanted to stop terrorists he would phase out oil. We have the technology.

>But muh petrodollar

I completely understand what you are trying to say.
its just that you are so painfully retarded I skipped the small talk and went straight to ridicule.

what the fuck do you actually mean by a collective?
you gonna team up with the multi nationals user?
sounds sweet dude. do they ring you often?
keep us posted you absolute autist

If he brings back coal as promised it will have a similar effect. If you lot want to put your desert to use I don't see the problem.

We've had mixed results with ours, but for sure solar makes more sense than running transmission lines to remote and difficult odd locations.

>what the fuck do you actually mean by a collective?
a collective is a group of people, as in The Humanity
>you gonna team up with the multi nationals user?
I'm not gonna do anything, except shitposting and trading ideas on an anime board
>sounds sweet dude. do they ring you often?
now you sound like a retard

hasn't that faggit died from aids yet?

ok so basically you have 0 (zero) ideas.

>what the fuck do you actually mean by a collective?
>a collective is a group of people, as in The Humanity

we already have that and the key is to not get jewed.
you can't do anything about climate change.
hell, I am meant to sell may car and sit quietly in the dark but go for a walk at night and every single shop, office, empty building has about 200 high sodium lights on and 10 30inch HD TV'S.

it dosent start with you user, it starts with (((them)))

its not hard bro, dont jew yourself

He's a low iq med don't bother trying to explain basic logic

again, the question is not about individuals, but about a collective, the humanity. it's not even a practical question, but a moral one.

What should be done and why? Wait and see what happens? or stop spreading CO2 (as a collective)?

Read my pronoums as (((they))) instead of we, if that's what's confusing you.

>hurr durr i'm love science m8
>can't spell empirical
>doesn't realize that if the climate did not change the planet would be dead as the moon

we need co2 for our survival, we can't live without it.

nothing should be done because this is a well documented scam to force an authoritarian world government.

you're the confused one user.
you can ignore what is been told to you here all you want, it dosent change anything.
we all know you're dense by now.

your collective idea DOES NOT WORK

if you want to do anything to help, you should go back to redid or kys

>your collective idea DOES NOT WORK
I presented no idea, you useless fucker, I just presented a topic of discussion. how retarded are you, seriously?

Laugh at me at your own risk. No more warnings.

>I presented no idea

we know.
but then we told your disabled ass EXACTLY what you need to know but here you are.. still shitty up this thread with your lesbian tier logic.

fucking gas yourself

It's not even a theory, it's a hypothesis and a failed one at that.

PLANTS BREATHE CO2. The more CO2 there is, the less water plants need to survive. If CO2 was 50 times higher than it was now, the Sahara would simply grow back into a rain forest. Temperatures might go up ~3 degrees centigrade.

you are angry, m8, it's just a question
what went wrong?


>what went wrong?

i suffer retards to kindly user.
(thats you)

Plants need CO2. Without CO2, plants cannot live.


as much as i like trump his local suport are fucking autisitc about climate change and womens choice. its warm cunt.

it's about stop spreading it, not removing it from the athmosphere (which would be borderline impossible)

then this is your chance of bettering yourself. now answer the fucking question!

As a collective what exactly?
Are you willing to kill for it? If not, then shut up. The corporations hold all of the power and unless you and an army are willing to seriously kill and die for it they're never going to stop. No serious change that ever happened in the world ever happened non-violently.

what question?
I am angry about elves

Well, he IS white, so I'm having mixed feelings.

wat do gans

hes had this explained about 8 times so far...

still not quite getting it. kek

I'm not willing to do anything, except discussing it. is everybody retarded here on Sup Forums? it's a simple question

>As a collective what exactly?
humanity. should we risk it, or should we try to prevent the consequences, even though we don't know them?

Climate change is natural. Mans influence is very small if any. Nothing carbon taxes can fix. Its a scam and politicians are either lying to you or are ignorant.

Yes lets throw money at things just because they might eventually happen and leap without looking. It works so well with everything else. I believe we were talking about covering the poles in soot in the 70s and we thought we were brilliant then. But that was to stave off a predicted ice age. Good thing everyone that wants to "do something" can't.

Politicians lying and ignorant? You gotta be kidding me.

hummanity and the elite/corps are not the same thing you fucking dunce.

what are you failing to understand here?

write a list of the top 3 things you are struggling with

People still throw trash on the ground when they're right next to a garbage can. People still throw garbage into the ocean. China and India still exist. Pollution isn't going away until people start giving a shit. If climate change is real and tied to that then we will start seeing change when it's too late.

You would need to prove you are serious first. If you believed the "scientists" (I don't consider climatology to be on par with real established sciences) then you would need to take out someone with a giant "carbon footprint" to prove to everyone you are serious. A charlatan that tells everyone else to stop using energy as he uses massive amounts just to move his eyebrow artist around the globe. Your mission, should you choose to accept it: Throw Leo into an active volcano. This will appease both Kek and the lesser climate gods.

>Sup Forums

Climate change is gradual, therefore reasonably adaptable.
It's nowhere near what is depicted in that hollyjew movie Day After Tomorrow.
If the sea level does rise, do you really expect people to stay on the zones that would be submerged in like 5 generations?
Or do you want to push immediate stop on fossil fuel dependent energy sources and let your oh so precious developing nations to starve and die because they can't have power and vehicles?
Environmentalism is a a privilege of being rich.
Those families don't give a fuck about climate change if burning coal is what keeps them from dying in the cold.

challenge: accepted!
He's a fucking faggot that wants to control what people say because of climate change, my question is merely a theoretical one. Take the risk or do something even without knowing what will happen exactly?

OP is kill

1.) Niggers
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3.) Jackie Chan

Back to front is redpilled but I just can't seem to break the habit

Will you commit to mass genocide and/or the complete and utter destruction of China's industrial strength? No? Then shut the fuck up. Your limp wristed tactics won't change a god damned thing if global warming is actually real. Sometimes I wish Trump would pretend to believe in it and then propose the real solutions, only to have lib snowflakes begin wailing in despair.