Gun control works

Gun control works.

Look at the UK and safe gun-control countries like Mexico-- there has only been one hundred mass shootings in Mexico in the last three months, and we have managed to not mention them in the mainstream media. Even in china--- these mass-executions are hushed up in the western press. Guns are problematic and need to be controlled.

>inb4 criminals have guns so we must have them too.

Maybe it does but good luck getting them out of the hands of people who don't want to give them up

Those crips and bloods guys I hear you've got will probably be at the front of the line

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source on OP's pic?

Be honest and just say you only want the government to have the guns.

>leftist weasel words.

one last selfie before death

UK has rampant crime and the average person has no legal right to even protect themselves if they are a victim of it.

The left are rarely, rarely honest hans Brinker. When they lie to the right (us), they lie openly and talk down to us, when they lie to their own side, it's like a code, and the leftists 'get it' they understand the true meaning behind the lies.

Sometimes they tell the truth though, just to keep us off guard I suppose.

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>guns are problematic and need to be controlled
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Polan I hope you are not advocating for a disarmed citizenry?

Plus-- In Mexico is the sad city of Juarez, where countless young women are kidnapped and "??" well they don't know I guess, they just disappear from the Earth forever.

trust in government, turn in your guns.... right?

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>Look at the UK
Except in the UK they went from guns to knives, and now from knives to acid attacks. Not really a fucking improvement desu

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NO - gun control doesnt work, you fucking dildo

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Chicago is a disaster.

The problem with Mexico and Chicago is that they are not white.

White countries with guns were fine until jews like you ruined them with brown people.

Nice try, kike.

Did you even read to the third line of the OP message Nigel? I don't ask you to read the entire OP post, just three lines??

I agree.
Also thanks to gun control, terrorists can't get their hands on automatic rifles.

It's not the guns, it's the people.
Mexico, as displayed there, is a country full of spics, a lesser race, prone to random violence and debauchery.

It's the same all across the West; the savages go committing most of the crime, leading to "muh control" in order to further put down the white man.


Mexico doesn't has fun control, they only have anti-gun laws. Likewise 90% of Americans are Christians and only 2% registered gays, yet you somehow produce 100% of all gay porn on planet. You get the picture. It's not the law that matters, it's the enforcing of law. Your government laws are enforced on middle class, but not on rich people. USA arrests some low-connected criminal distributors, but never fixes the major key players.

We had one half breed throw a grenade at police officers.

Outlawed SA weapons - have been making an appearance; despite automatic ban from 1916.

AK47s, M9s, M10s, Tech 9s - The UK does have a gun problem - its safe to say; the UK is no-where near as retarded as the US or the degenerate countries to its south; else we would have alot more.

2 pakis killed a black man the other week - papers tried to say it was because the coon killed a white man, whilst driving - pakis killing a coon cause of a cracker? Kekekekek

Drugs. Coons control crack, pakis control heroin.

You see - English arent retarded, we rarely shoot up the place and when we do, its few and far between (Charlene Ellis, Letisha Shakespeare)

Usually, its by capable people - who can aim; Raoul Moatt, Derrick Bird, Dale Cregan etc

Just because this isnt the US shithole with every other degenerate retard armed, doesnt mean every shooting is going to be fear porn.

How can a "highly evolved" country like America - have so many fucking retards? School shooters? Nursery Shooters?

Best thing for the AmericaS is to nuke itself - no one, not one single fucking person in this god-forsaken shithole would miss North, Central or South America - itd be doing the world a favor; no more spics, retarded Americunts, or cancucks; plez Muurica, dew it.

Are you being funny, or just really retarded?

What about those Charlie Hebdo shooters? the fuck were they using?

How are spic girls like?
Are they good marriage material?
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>UK has rampant crime
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So sick of these same retarded threads with the same retarded arguments going in the same retarded circles every time.

If people have access to knives and swords, everyone should have one. It's common sense to have a balance of power. If one person has a sword and the other doesn't, the balance is off.

So if criminals have guns, why shouldn't citizens have them? Jesus christ why can't we just have common sense laws.

Marriages work in Mexico because they are all same brown, poor and low IQ. If they weren't poor it wouldn't work any longer, since wife could leave. Doesn't means they are happy. Point being that it doesn't matters which bean you marry, they are more or less the same.

I just wouldn't go to Memxico to get her. Gun control there has made the country extremely "safe"

With your close proximity to East Europe, you should go to Polan or Russia to find a white QT.

Warsaw uprising.

Worked so well in Britain they now have a massive knife problem that is far worse than the previous handgun problem!

Don't take a life, bin that Knife!

They would have even bigger problem if they also had guns. Their knife gangs would still be gangs.

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They were just trying to talk sense into those filthy infidels.
I hope you're not suggesting there is anything wrong with the religion of peace or vibrant urban youth.

>gun control laws
>laws for criminals

Punish law abiding citizens with more red tape while the criminals and govt keep arming up ignoring your red tape.

Not really, most of the gangs couldn't shoot.
They can stab though and stabbing is free compared to bullets.
You don't need an ID to buy 'stab ammo'

>he doesn't really believes in that shitpost



Not sure you are trolling or serious think that islam is peace or sort.



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How's that cant own a plastic spoon / hate speech laws / allowing niggers to migrate and live off taxpayers working for you? Before you answer remember you could go to jail for antisocial behavior and antisemitism

>English aren't retarded
>Explains how he let niggers and dune coins into his country AFTER seeing what diversity™ entails from the US
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