What aspects should a man be looking at when searching for a woman to marry?

What aspects should a man be looking at when searching for a woman to marry?

>Domestic ability
>Understanding of home economics

Virgin at 20
traditionalist-ish values
Isn't a whore and doesn't go partying and taking drugs etc
>preferably likes guns and such, with in an interest in national history

being able to take every inch of your cock

for you that shouldnt be an issue

Absolute sexual submission

>said the Swede


don't you read the news? only niggers in Swedistan


be the yin to your yang

Look if she has an intact, loving family and check if you can get along with them aswell. Girls tend to import and unload their full emotional wreck unto the relationship.

He better be white.

For you a woman that doesn't even know a dick can be bigger than 3 inches.

I don't see the point in marriage in the current year. Only thing that puts me off my gf is that she's not right wing but she respects my political views.

An actual bumbaclart poster. Don't see many of you guys.

I'm a simple man. My list is straightforward.

>Don't be obese
>Be a virgin
>Be faithful

Would she need to be able to poo in loo?

Certainly but her father would have to install the toilets as dowry

Don't listen to any of these virgin autists
As long as you and her do well together go for it
The biggest actual red flags are
>more than 2 tattoos
>attention whoring on social media
>has no girlfriends

Mine has only 1 female close friend. Has 1 tattoo and doesn't whore over kikebook.

Shall I marry her?

>virgin at 20

Come on user why are you into ugly women

Her parents

just live your life until you find a girl that is an awesome fuck and you get along great with

conditions apply : you need to be passably attractive, non autistic and have a good job

If you both get along very well and have dated for a long time, and you KNOW she doesn't have 5 dicks in her mouth, go for it

top fuckin kek

As a married man of 20 years I would say the most important thing, other than that you are basically good friends, is that you always have each others backs.
Even if you disagree with them, do it in private


to know if she is the woman for you
>-she doesn't get offended by your farts, she doesn't look at you like an alien and at most gives you a playful slap
>-she can cook food without giving you food poisoning and her cooking is better than you
>-she has some kind of pet to show she can handle the responsiblity of a life
>-She's comfortable in herself, showers daily and puts in effort to making herself look nice for when you go out together
>-She has her own folder of dank meme's, rare pepes, and reaction pics.
>-You can talk to her even-headedly about anything without worrying about her reaction.

pic realted

when nature blessed you with:
natural ugliness
smelly armpits
disgustingly horrible voice and culture
hairy as fuck even the women
and a shitskin

id kill myself if that ever happens to me

>I don't see the point in marriage in the current year.

No, because you´re a fucking cuck who can´t even get his own gf to align with your political views, an absolute necessity when finding the one to marry. Basically your gf is against everything that makes a marriage worthwile.
1) the nuclear family
2) traditional gender roles
3) the promotion of feminity and masculinty

I bet she is a busy career woman on track of schlomos next big promotion and sees kids as a barrier to achieving that corner office.

When it comes to girls, if they have daddy issues, are liberal or an aspiring career woman, DROP EM QUICK.

Best traits are: someone who embraces the traditional gender relationship between a man and a woman, someone who wants kids early, someone who is cute and someone who will listen to you.

> eating bread
actually retarded sub 100 iq, that meat also looks processed as fuck, lettuce? srsly? it is so bad compares to kale or spinach..

so, just die alone then?

It not hab benis.

never 4get

Here are the 5 factors that are most important to me personally.
>Must be at or below prime age.
>Must look up to man.
>Must be impressionable.
>Must be cute.
>Must be virgin.

I'd like to think I've never seen my bf run to the toilet to chuck up the food I cooked him.

> being able to take every inch of your cock

So, by that logic, OP could marry a man.

my friend fits all of those criterias... but shes a leaf ... but she doesnt do a playful slap but cupcakes me her fart :|

redrilled as fuck... shes not an aussie citizen tho :( so i coudlnt commit

Mudslimes may be filthy fucking savages that pray to Satan but they sure have good taste in women.

>Look if she has an intact

Intact what? Hymen?

"DOES SHE HAVE AN INTACT?" Takes a look. YEP!!!

get her over to study, if it works put a ring on her.

shes already here as an exchange student

and do her farts smell like kitten kisses?

sounds like dead weight to me.
what you really want is a clone of you that is into guys and has a loli body

Time to prep to your mum's Lebanese boyfriend, Convict. Off you go!

ever smelled a rotten pumpkin?


They do, don't they.
Is that a problem? It just sounds logical to me.



aww.. hope he at least appreciate the fact that you cooked for him... my last ex never cooked

a sweet yet rank flavour?

i think every guy wants a clone of them in a loli body that is into sucking dick 2bh

Never? Isn't it a useful core life skill necessary for survival?

who care if its shit cooking and you can do better and she buys shit ingredients and has zero knowledge on nutrition and you cant eat the garbage she makes because it contains literal shit you have banned

But then you realize that you want to be the loli clone of your self thats in to guys. Then you murder your self in a fit of jealousy.

lol mad af

If her mum is hot and great to get on with.

The communicate with her, tell her things that you don't want to eat? She's not a mind reader. She's just being nice and cooking you a meal.


airhead.. hence why i left her xD altho shes nice af very kind stereotypical anglican she deserve better

this altho i put up with stuff that she lacks and she does stuff i lack good teamwork back then

My fellow based kiwi.

My partner is this all in a nut shell. She doesn't know what a dank meme is, so I'm slowly teaching her the ways.

Another important factor is to make sure her family likes you can vice versa. You don't want to be the one that tears up the family. Also, if she bakes you a cake weekly is a good sign

it would be quicker to tell her things i can eat 2bh
>eating more than 10 types of things

that's pretty autistic. like legit autism

good man

Such a weird way of putting it. But desu I think you're right probably.

yes, thanks

is it a thing? like is it the texture of certain foods? The flavours? Or are you a /fit/ lad?

Get it on with the mom?

>What aspects should a man be looking at when searching for a woman to marry?

you should be looking for a woman of equivalent fiscal status

you should also be hiding your wealth and arranging your earnings in such a way that you produce no income

that way you will know if she really likes you

He is a skinnyfat basement dweller

1 - steak
2 - fish
3 - chicken
4 - egg
5 - spinach
6 - kale
7 - avacado
8 - pomegranate juice
9 - lemon
10 - maca

Trips of truth

An intact hymen.

At least they wont cheat on him Dad.

>no dairy
GOMAD isn't just a meme

>>has no girlfriends

I have got 3 avocados a couple days ago as a present, but they're still hard as shit. Any tips for getting them to a point where I can eat them? I tried boiling one for a couple minutes. Works, but it tastes disgusting afterwards.

gomad is srsly a meme tho
im white as phuck and when i did it by day 4 i had horrible stomach pain

>more than 0 tattoos

you just leave them for a few days, i heard putting them in a brown paper bag with a banana will speed it up. sounds like broscience

you actually drank a gallon a day? holy shit, nah man I mean like a good glass with breakfast nice source of protons/fat

Let it sit with avacados

>putting them in a brown paper bag with a banana will speed it up.
That sounds retarded as fuck, but I'll give it a try.

Bananas that are already spoiling can speed up the ripening of other fruit near it

it was bit over a gallon
2 of the 2 litre whole milks a day

He shouldn't marry unless he lives in a place where wives can be bought, and can be killed with impunity for cucking their husbands.

If you have an internet connection, you probably don't live in such a place.

it's true

you can microwave it or oven

leave it out of the fridge for a few days.

>avocados as a present
>tried boiling one

This is the greatest shit I've seen in a long time.

I'm not sure if it's real or not but I'm gonna help you out.

Put them in a paper bag for a day or two and they should soften up. You eat an avocado when you push gently on the skin and there's a little give.

Then slice it open take out the seed. Get some fresh lime juice and salt and put it on the avocado. Just a little of both. Now eat it. Or you can make guac, but I don't think we are to that point yet desu.

you must have been shitting buckets

Reading up on it now, it does make sense. Crazy how God programmed all those little life hacks into our world.