/frg/ Frogistani elections 2017

Yesterday's debate when like this :
>Hamon acting like your average left cuck with no arguments
>Mélanchon acting like le sourpuss bantz master with ideologies that would require firing billions down the rubbish
>Fillon waiting for people to be done and spew his status quo BS when asked
>Macron going like "I agree with muh opponents" before shilling and waffling nonsense.
>Le Pen going full-on redpill and taking ages to make her points go through and the four others teaming up to shut her down.

Who the fuck are you going to vote for, people?

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quads for madame

Le pen will win bro.

So damn close


how can I bet online?



as I said in the previous thread, fillon first and then le pen second. Macron is so fucking hollow jesus christ


Can I vote without my elector card?

Depending on your skin colour, since you're posting from France I could say yes.


Nope, you had till december to register

You need an ID

Muh waifu is going to win !




i think you're fucked, might try to ask at your local city administration just in case

She had better win, you French cucks had better not do an Austria or Netherlands on it, you get one chance to fix your shit, don't piss it away!

What will be their next plan then?


UK anons with an account to online gamble, what are Le Pencils odds?

>Abstention : 48%

By any chance, maybe someone has a link to an English translated debate?

How the debate went to me:

>Hamon was well prepared to argue over his main proposal of an universal welfare income but the other contenders didn't give a shit to that so in the end he just looked as a goofy-goody cuck from Disneyworld

>Mélenchon did a great job at baiting people and put some right punches where it was needed especially on wealth distribution. No one dared to confront with him.

>Fillon was frigid all along because he is currently involved in legal affais but he nonetheless succeeded on the economic field and tackled Hamon and Le Pen several times

>Le Pen always tries to red-pill people but at this point her closed-loop reasoning about Europe cucking France didn't sound clear enough, because other contenders were expecting her especially on secularism.

>Macron played on ambiguous matters with ambiguous perspectives all along, picking liberal ideas and according his voice with right-wing when he sees fit. He may be the real winner of the debate not because he's fundamentally right but because no one can catch him. His strategy is sound regarding that matter.

I was registered for the previous presidential election

Victory's forcast

I too would also like this, English subtitles, not an English speaker over it, I don't like that.

Satan has demanded it, you provide or die.

>that obvious shilling for Macron

Le pen will win, Kek wills it

Checked for France


Voting intentions first round

unless LePen hits 40%, we're fucked due to the frog system

>there are people in France who'll not vote for Le Pen

I mean why would they even do this

She's literally the only hope France has

More like this
>le pen went full on commie
>fillon went full on lolberty economics
>melenchon went fuller on commie
>macron went full on cuck
>hamon was there

Kek wills it

Best cattle. And a coal burning female to boot! Fuck yiss.


don't fall for this shit

fillon is the savior

Maths and the Republican Front are unrelated
She needs more than 50% to be safe

>fixing anything

Viva la pen
Madame president

Oh, apperatnly FRANCE 24 did a full English translation of the live debate
but i cant find the full recording, only cut up in parts on their youtube channel

my French culture teacher said Le Pen had support in the south of France because the old pied-noir racists moved there and want to kill muslims. is that true?

Aren't you tired of shilling you twat, you've been at it since last night

>backing commie economics in mass(melenchon macron le pen)

Le Penis sans penis

What qualities does Macrón have to be at second place?

You were literally closer

much longer my friend
also thanks for the (you)
and why is my opinion shilling?

Kekked at Hamon was there but opinion discarded

>repeats the same talking points multiple times in a thread
>is in every thread
>no evidence

You're like the German shill who disrupts any attempt to talk about the fairer sex on this board. Go back to cripplechan you subversive fuck.

>Le Poo can't even win the first round
It's over

Hot. Not a crypto. Destroys feminism like only a closet case nazi could? Nobody likes females except for the extremes. And britain doesnt. And france doesnt. You dont see any female italian prime ministers nor presidents do you


thanks for (you)s

>the south of France

South East maybe, the west was full leftist during a long time.

La La Pen
Great success for french
Viva la franc
Viva la pen

>Abstention at 48%

I don't know what that word means because I don't speak French but unlike your dumb ass I can infer its' meaning, and there is nothing as redpilled as apathy huh


Hopefully she will get two lumps of coal. Like her daughter does

You were literally part of the USSR

Haha yes :))

After being fucked this hard by Sarkozy and Hollande.

doesn't address the subject, like a commie

Only because they were invaded

Yeah so he knows how bad left wing bullshit politics is.. Take heed of his warning!

She's not really a communist, but the French republican model can work, unfortunately they opened up the borders and allowed their welfare and work areas to be completely fucked over.


Yes, thats why i hate communism

kek's a faggot praise moloch

ohhhhhhh, nice
wonder how much non English speaking anons will get the double burn?

Maybe a little, support for lepen in link to geography needs :
> medium populated area
> 15-20 % mudslime

High density zone means either lots of mudslime voting left or lot of lefty voting left

is...is that a "black'ed" joke?

Media + propaganda + educationnal system that learn french kids that the UE is fucking good.

I mean yeah, she is not a commie but a socialist, a more radical socialst but still

or a christmas one?

My bad, it's the pol influence that made me think that

A socialist with a side of nationalism perhaps?

reroll for quads

Yes, but her economic plan is nonsense

Why are you mentioning nazis?

Honestly guys we should all vote Melanchon. Le Pen represents the old France and Melanchon is the new glorious and multicultural France that we should all strive for! I know I will be voting for him when the time comes around and we will all do the same!

Le vote for Le Pen.

you mentioned socialist with the side of nationalism
Thought you would call nazis socialist
and how she is a light nazi
misunderstood ya post

Alors oui. Je bosse en mairie, ils ont peut être pas encore reçu les cartes électorales. Sinon, ils les auront le jour du vote et tu y va avec ta carte d'identité. Mais va en mairie ils te guideront sinon

There is strong culture war against lepen but worst is against her support and voters. You needs to hide the fact that you support her or you will loose friends and might loose your job.

Lepen having so many elector is portrayed by the medias as a problem, this opinion is not considered valid and it needs to be corrected. Not discussed, not debated, no negotiation plain suppression of the ideas and people supporting the ideas. This is a culture war.

Which candidate has the best project for the country?
Who has the best qualities to become President?
Who understands you the most?

poll results

Gee I wonder why.

Same polls that predicted a Juppe landslide

>talks shit about Macron for being a banker
>Says it's okay for not to hunt jobs
>defends the unemployment as they are holy
>promotes protectionism for agriculture
>there are people on pol who unironcially want to elect her RIGHT NOW

Holy shit, you're right. If not a closet commie, then a fully open socialist kek

My head hurts when Macron speaks.

major political parties opened their internal elections to non members for the first time, this led to unexpected results

She won't win, and France will take in millions of refugees!


Still, the pollsters knew this

oh yeah, and screencap this for the day she loses

include me in the screencap, your commie cunt lost

probably couldn't get representative samples since they weren't sure who would actually vote, i dunno

>this opinion is not considered valid and it needs to be corrected. Not discussed, not debated,

You need to stop with the victimization bullshit. How her opinion is not considered? It was discussed and debated last night.

Le Pen has the same amount of media coverage as other candidates. Her valet Fillipot is often seen or heard by several broadcasts.

I agree with the "LePen-shaming" her voters have to face at work or withing their circles and that isn't okay, but you cannot reasonably say there isn't coverage over her ideas.

But they could have asked what is your likelyhood of voting

My main point is about people supporting her, politics is a sensible subject but openly supporting the FN might alienate some of your friends much more than any other candidate.

Regarding the media coverage, like the law requires there is equal coverage but neutrality goes into the drain most of the time.