It's great being black in a white neighborhood

It's great being black in a white neighborhood

>White boys won't DARE start a fight with you

*intimidates whites boy*

>You get to fuck EVERY white girl within a mile radius with your beautiful black...

*cuts to interracial sex scene*

well british people love the bbc. So I am not suprised that this kind of show exists

Fucking hell, they deleted a lot of /po/lack comments

remember you paid for this with your license Nigel

Phew, and I thought America was cucked.


finally a show that be speaking truth, showing who the real masters of Britain be


Let's turn the tables and make a show about being the only white in a black neighborhood. Much different outcome, I guarantee.

The day will come.

The days of the White Males are over. More and more shows with BBC are gonna pop up. Enjoy your time being on top White Bois for the end is near

Remember you're paying for anti-FN documentaries and leftist propaganda on France 2.

This is just some YouTube thing. Not a real thing show.

Not a Real to show*

Please tell me this isn't paid for with taxpayer money

On the bright side, when the Muslims take over this will no longer be tolerated

Fuck *TV show

haha it got shitcanned before it could even air

seems like there weren't enough cucks to stomach that nigger egofest

Fuck this pullshit, I've already been conditioned into having sexual submissive thoughts when I see this shit(from (((Sup Forums))) and (((them)))).

How do we prevent our youth from turning into weak cuck boy faggots? I've already fucked up my sexuality(because I always felt inferior to other men and thought that everybody had a bigger dick than me(which was bullshit)).

Why do black Brits have such retarded nasally accents?

What the fuck Iceland, you're supposed to be the good one. Migrate to Sweden you meek fuck

I fapped to a black shemale getting railed by an old balding guy last night. I'm already too far gone senpai.

But you still, deep down, know that everyone thinks your sub-human scum

You faggots have been viral marketing this cancer for over a year.

They're trying to get a bunch of assblasted comments and views in order to game YouTube and get free promotion.

You fuck with them more by not going to the video at all.

I think if a video gets a high percentage of dislikes it gets buried from normies trying to find it and is also incapable of earning money. Let alone more dislikes than lokes.

technicaly no since i dont have a TV

I've never seen a video's comments get censored so hard

Fuck off, no it doesn't.

Confirmed accounts like BBC get special treatment, plus they pay to be put higher in the stack. The only thing that matters is the view count and the free advertising they get from Sup Forumsaks shitposting on the video.

The best thing to do is let this thread die and discourage anyone from watching this cancer.

To that end I'm not bumping the thread anymore.


It's a preview of a Tv show that's meant to come out this year

Unless no station buys it, and the fact this pilot has been released to the Internet means that it almost certainly has been bought by a to station.

So yes this will very likely be on our screens.

I'd rather it get disliked to hell so that everyone can see this shit won't be accepted. And trolling all these dumb niggers with our comments.

Its like the people making this shit want to start a race war, to drive racism and violence and destroy everything their supposed allies worked so hard for. The most dedicated pollack couldn't be more effective than this if they tried.

Kek approves that the weak white traitor needs to be a slave to Ahmed.

germany is way ahead of you in the propaganda racket.

you have to pay even if you dont have tv/radio/Internet.

yep...and if you 'miss' a telly licence payment some nerdy weakling shows up at your door pretending to be hard and threatening you with a fineif you don't let him in

>white british men are paying a license to produce this

Wow, OP wasn't joking

Really rolls my film

our people voted to do the same not long ago, have everyone pay - including companies. and it got passed because they baited the people with a very small cost reduction that can be reversed at any time. shows human greed. yeah, let others pay for your shit. socialism yay

I know exactly what you mean, my teenage years were shitty for absoulte bs reasons. It drives boys into anxiety and loneliness, each confined to their own little hell.

Your sexuality is not lost yet. Cut out porn. These niggers posting cuck shit on Sup Forums probably don't help you.

It makes me sick to think of my grandmother paying for interracial cuckold propaganda because she wants to watch her Romy Schneider films.


white people are fucked

fuck off, we're full

Why you're allowing this shit?

original and insightful. 10/10

Europe needs coups.

Damn, white girls just line up for a taste of that BBC.
How can whitey even compete?