WSJ: We must not go the way of Japan

The result, say immigration restrictionists, is plain to see. Japan’s crime and drug-use rates are famously low. Life expectancy is famously high. Japanese students put their American peers to shame on international tests. The unemployment rate clocks in at 3.1%. All this is supposed to be a function of a homogenous society with a high degree of cultural cohesion—the antithesis of cacophonous, multiethnic America.

Japan’s population shrank by nearly a million between 2010 and 2015, the first absolute decline since census-taking began in the 1920s. On current trend the population will fall to 97 million by the middle of the century. Barely 10% of Japanese will be children. The rest of the population will divide almost evenly between working-age adults and the elderly.

But whatever their other benefits, “pro-family” policies won’t reverse the demographic trend. Only large-scale immigration can do that, and the Japanese won’t countenance it. The flip side of cohesion is exclusion. The consequence of exclusion is decline.

Without immigration, our demographic destiny would become Japanese. But our culture wouldn’t, leaving us with the worst of both worlds: economic stagnation without social stability. Multiethnic America would tear itself to pieces fighting over redistribution rights to the shrinking national pie.

Every virtue has its defect and vice versa. The Japanese are in the process of discovering that the social values that once helped launch their development—loyalty, self-sacrifice, harmony—now inhibit it. Americans may need reminding that the culture of openness about which conservatives so often complain is our abiding strength. Openness to different ideas, foreign goods and new people. And their babies—who, whatever else Mr. King might think, are also made in God’s image.

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The logic makes no sense.

>shared values
First, third world importees do not share our values and we do not force them to assimilate so they never will. Second, greater diversity equals less trust and more conflict, which will lead to ethnic conflict and destroy our democracy.

But what does any of that matter when there is a buck to be made amirite?


Japan is overpopulated. Your slide thread is started on a faulty premise.

Dont worry, i saged

His logic is extremely shitty

>Bret Stephens
Oh wow, Sup Forums must be wrong for once. This must be a shabbos goy
>turns out he's a Jew
Of course

Why is Sup Forums always right.
sneaky kikes trying to change their names to sound less heeby

>Japan is basically a utopia
>Japan is also anti-immigrant

What the fuck is with these people?

basically "without immigrant then who is gonna pay for my social security?" the article.

>More people automatically means more economic growth.

Well goddamn; someone call Bangladesh and tell them the good news!

>economic stagnation


>This paper establishes that, contrary to a range of theories
including recent ones on demographics-based secular stagnation,
there is no negative relationship between between population aging and
slower growth of GDP per capita. This is a major puzzle for several theories that have become very popular over the last several years.
t. mit egghead

Every fucking time. Sup Forums is always right.

Especially with the expected rise of more automation and more intelligent AI. There won't be need for humans for jobs so why import more humans?

And here we have two conclusions:

1. The third world has the capability to "post-industrialize" like us, and their birth rates plummet when they meet our standard of living. Effectively all we do is kick the can down the road instead of solving the root problem: how do we deal economically with stagnant population levels?

2. Third worlders are incapable of sustaining a post-industrial western society. We get our population growing, but turn into a third world shithole in the process.

ffs just give me my ethnostate already

>Climate change and overpopulation is a serious threat and must be curtailed.

>If we don't "other people's babies" then our country will tear itself apart.

Why is Sup Forums always right about the Jews?

kek, every time

"GDP growth is more important than your culture and people, goy."

Fuckin JEB!


Immigrants don't pay taxes. They don't pay bills. The vast majority become either drug dealers or taxi drivers and live on the dole their entire lives. The only people who make social security viable are the middle-aged white folk who have decent incomes and pay more into the system than anyone else. Immigrants can't prop up a system they won't take part in.

I used to believe the jewpill ironically but it's every fucking time. Like clockwork.

>We wouldn't want to be like Japan
>Brazil is what we aim for

I hate this meme of "Japan is utopia" when it actually is a horrible place to live. Spent half of my life there and I guarantee you that people there are not happy at all. Wages are so low that you can't afford to get children, you can't even afford to buy your own property or house. In addition, to be able to feed yourself, you have to work for more than 50 or 60h per week. Some even more. Paid overwork? Forget about it.. you work your ass off, often even on weekends without any extra payment. Paid day offs are about a week and even then lots of Japanese rather go to work instead because they fear a bad image if they disappear from the office for one week. And indeed it lowers your image. Same as if you decline to join their weekly Izakaya evening where they drink alcohol until late night. Dare you if you don't want to join.

You might think that at least their working culture is efficient as they work a lot. No it isn't. Meetings are nonsense shit talking to meet regulations. Employees spend lots of time just talking with coworkers, playing the Wii U or surfing the web. That leads to even more low wages as companies try to surfive. I met so many older men who lost their job because the company run out of money and since they are too old, they don't get any other job. The family leaves him and let him rot on the street in Shinjuku. And no they are not allowed to beg strangers for money.

Friendship is also interesting in Japan. There are literally no people who have friends that they meet one or two times a month to hang out, go eat, talk, etc. They have "friends" who they meet maybe once a year and that's it. They consider them as best friends.

Can the Wall Street Jew not think one step further about what will happen to housing prices, and by extension, marriage/birth rates once the older generations die off in Japan? It's going to go back up to 2.0, replacement rate. This is just an ordinary consequence of coming out of a period of massive population growth (they weren't called the Baby Boomers for nothing). So rather than just settle down for a little bit and wait for things to return to normality, they're saying it's better to import and give welfare to millions upon millions of Arabian sand dealers so they can prop up the illusion of economic growth and make an overpopulated dystopian future an inevitability. I've got a better idea, maybe instead of playing "let's guess what the Earth's carrying capacity is" (or ecological poke-the-bear) maybe we should just let the population stabilize so everyone can keep their living standards, ethnic and cultural homogeneity and hopefully lower taxes a tad while we're at it.

Alternatively the Wall Street Jew already knows this but just wants dumb goyim to not think about it and instead continue the darkie invasion and Jewish supremacy (thanks boomers!)

But immigration won't really raise wages will it now

look how the US practically lost any common sense and REAL conservatism

now even the Bush family turns out to be in favour of cosmopolitanism

Are they wrong generally?

Japan is literally set to die off. Suicide rates are high. Yakuza control much of the government and businesses. Police look the other way to keep that crime rate magically low.

No one is going to check these quads for Jeb?

Woman there are often the reason why they don't breed anymore. They noticed that in a single life they can have more money for themselves with less stress. If you are lucky enough to find a traditional woman who wants to raise up kids, then she is going to controll all your money. You work, the money goes to her bank account and she uses it to feed the family and buy stuff. Sounds ok, but once you stop earning money because the company kicked you out she immediatelly kicks you out as well. The reason why many men are also not interesting in getting children. It's a risky game.

What else can I say? Weather is awful, nonstop earthquakes and a expected mega quake that could destroy whole Tokyo, etc.

Only good thing I could think of is the service culture and food. There are also some beautiful nature spots. But guess what, you can mainly see Chinese and Westerners there because Japanese don't have time to travel there.

Definitely not. But the last months I noticed that Sup Forums really believes that Japan is utopia.



What exactly are the """values""" Americans share? Greed? Obesity? Hedonism? Consumerism?

I hate when Jews change their names to better hide in goy society

Kill yourself

Sup Forums is never wrong

Yea no thanks, we don't need anyone here, fuck off we're full!

>Sup Forums really believes Japan is utopia

Not the case, at least from what I've seen anyway. Back in the 70's/80's when it was on top of the world during the massive growth and expansion of industry it would've been good, but the stagnation is happening because it has a large population and very minimal natural resources plus a rather overbearing government. I fully predict that within 20 years the birth rate will be back at 2.0. It has already stopped declining in the past couple of years with minimal changes to the government and immigration policy. It's just because of dying boomers/older people than boomers (forget the generation name)

Have I destroyed your image of Japan that you have from animes?

Your entire arguement is invalid due to the fact that Nips are godless heathens while 70%+ of Americans identify as Christians and therefore have a duty to procreate.

If America was homogeneous we would actually have a healthy population growth without immigration.

Neck yourself, rabbi.

Every single thing you just wrote was nonsense. Amazing.

>Yeb talking about other people's babies
I feel bad for him sometimes...


The Japanese, living on an island nation where more than half the land is not arable etc somehow manages to expand to a population of 120 million with all the social issues caused by a population of that size in such a small area. It's only natural that the current generation of Japanese are less likely to have large families etc considering the lack of space etc.

>m-muh christ

Christians couldn't even stop fighting and slaughtering one another while they were trying to kick the Muslims out of Iberia at the same time.

No. Freedom, the constitution, small government etc are all real American values that the kikes will never destroy.

Like clockwork, Sup Forums was right again.

thats all due to overpopulation though

mass immigration would exacerbate the problem not fix it


Jeb has always been a cuck

>The native population isn't having enough kids

The only reason depopulation is bad for governments is it means less money to spend on entitlements anyway. Take away the entitlements and it won't fucking matter, and may actually be good given the consequences of overpopulation.

Yet they had so many children their population increased regardless.

Atheism and a fall from grace is the death knell of white people.

Every fucking time, but you degenerates always pop up and destroy nations from within like turbokikes.

>implying Japan isn't in the best situation

Let the old people die off and resume the baby boom

you forgot my favorite meme

>there are too many people and too few productive jobs because of automation, we need a minimum basic income for every citizen now

>we need immigration for the labor that none of us want to do

Japan is betting on more automisation instead of importing third world savages. Sounds like the safe bet.

>complaining about being overworked

Up until 1965, our values were derived from and at the apex of Western Civilization.

Since then, Cultural Marxism has wrecked the psyche of the American people. It's tragic

Really makes you contemplate.

>tfw my tweet calling him a cuck isn't visible


so how did the nips ever grow to a 100 million to begin with? are you trying to tell me they were less "xenophobic" in the 20th century before multiculti propaganda? as i see it, it's because of the modern worlds retarded (((service economy))). all jobs are disappearing from the country sides or smaller towns/cities to the metropolitan area's that are expensive as fuck to live in, especially if you are supposed to raise a family on a working class paycheck

The irony is that a smaller population is great news. Automation is going to erase so many jobs, you're not going to believe it. Measuring productivity by population (the bigger the better) is an obsolete model.

>more like Japan

remove Fluoride from your water
so then dumb cunts in Australia will think about removing it here

>The Japanese are in the process of discovering that the social values that once helped launch their development—loyalty, self-sacrifice, harmony—now inhibit it.


Does jeb bush actually not realize that every group besides white people votes monolithically democrat?

Yeah but how is having more people in the country going to help anything? You're literally describing what happens when too many people are in a small area.

What is the end game? You can't grow the population forever. Automation is going to replace jobs and you want more people to support? Why do liberals think it's a good idea to base an economy on a pyramid scheme?

Overwork is not a big problem in Germany. Most people work 40h in average and even if they do a few hours of overwork they either get paid for it or extra paid-day offs.

>implying I'm an atheist

I believe in god, but I think Christianity was created to weaken the Roman empire. The reason why the wealthy Jews at the time wanted the Romans to suppress Christianity (and execute Christ himself) was exclusively because they were making money off the oppression of their own people. Emperor Constantine was the death knell for the Roman empire.

He's complaining about not getting payed for extra work and bad work ethics. Could there even be a more German post?

There would be no problem with our birth rates if Africans weren't being fed by cuckstianty run charities.

Yeah but a declining population would cause real estate prices to go down and decrease the sales volume of consumer commodities which would be another shoah.

Jeb Bush is a cuckold who deserved to lose.

every fucking time

Jeb is such a fucking cuck, wow

How? Populations always wax and wane. Japan is super overpopulated. There's simply no room for people to expand large families. After ww2, some ~90 cities were burned to the ground and millions of people were dead because of the Americans firebombing and nuking population centers.

Of course there's going to be an explosion in growth when land is cheap and freely available and of course it's going to grind to a halt when everything is expensive and there's no room. This is natural.

>But whatever their other benefits, “pro-family” policies won’t reverse the demographic trend. Only large-scale immigration can do that
[Jewishness intensifies]

hahaha his surname made me doubt it but the part I quoted was just too Jewish for the writer not to be a kike

Daily reminder that Jeb Bush's children were drug addicts and he needed therapy, after that he married this Mexican woman and now he thinks just because she's so small and not on pretty side that it will last forever, this love. We will see about that. He's forgetting he is rich.


That's the Jewish media and hollywood pushing that anti-freedom anti-consequences communist garbage onto kids. They're trying to take away your right to defend yourself and your right to speak your mind.

Third-worlders are mentally children. They like the idea of a "father" in the form of a controlling government, so they'll vote for that. Low IQ people are inherently anti-freedom.

Lol that's not a pyramid scheme, that's a startup... oh.

That's gaijin's Japan.

I meet friends on every week.

Jeb Bush's kids need to be sterilized.

>that feel when the hell i'm going through for immigrating to Japon is exactly why i want to immigrate there
Kinda guilty to dilute a little the last human country on Earth, but i don't want to live in a doomed hell anymore.

>Only large-scale immigration can do that,

yeah let's send Africans to Japan to get fukushima death, brilliant idea

Japan is done, they're all dead, they will be having zero children there soon enough and nobody else will be having any children there either, they all have to leave

Japan has to go back

to China

>demi digits

What do you mean by this? It's merely a cohencidence.

Bush doesn't care because he is corporatist cocksucker.
The reason why Japan population is in decline is because they have retarded workplace culture and 16 hours a day shifts, and thanks to globalist fucks like Abe they now have to have two income households.

Bullets. Bullets for every progressive scum is the cure.

>implying there aren't many times more homeless people in the US

>die off
it's literally just the overpopulation problem solving itself

It will stabilise when they're down to 60-80 million

>implying I said the US is any better

Where there is smoke, there is fire.

Population follow a sinusoidal curve. Not really. Yakuzas are dying, no young blood want to get in. True, just look at the massive amount of videos showing looting rape and murder during fukushima- OH WAIT :DDDDD

Japon isn't perfect, but compared to literally all others countries, it may as well be.


Jeb's still upset no one bought his guac bowl.

Wasn't Japan kind of ahead of the curve with manufacturing and such?

Maybe they're ahead of the curve with this, and have already reached the 'We don't need more people on earth' stage.

Is Japan doing Quantitative Easing and such like America? They're using Negative Interest rates, and apparently their economy's recovering.

With jews, you lose

it's Jewish (((logic))), it's designed to achieve unstated goals under the guise of trying to achieve the stated goals.

what a surprise


So they talk about how much better homogenous societies are then say the only flaw is that their population isn't rising/being sustained? Isn't overpopulation a problem? Don't the evil humans cause global warming simply by existing?