Mental Illness Thread

What did Sophie mean by this?

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>mind their own business
har har har

Anyone has the edits with Sup Forums as the father? Been looking for them for a while now.


he is absolutely disgusting

so damn ugly.

Absolutely atrocious.

I like how they make themselves into disgusting blobs so they fit the role.

I really, really, really tried minding my own business.

But then they started constraining my liberties with their faggotry and trying to impose their retarded vocabulary on me.

So when you say "mind my own business" what exactly do you mean by that? Unconditionally submit to SJW dictatorship? Lay down and die?

poor souls are subscribers of big pharma for life and therefore dancers on the stage of globalism

The ironic part is that the artists behind these is trans and is not minding their own business by pushing this shit.

>omg why can't you just mind your own business :(

So one day I was minding my own business when someone who "identified" as some fake gender stood in line behind me at Walmart. I turned to look just as a normal person would do. I didn't stare I just glanced and turned back around. Well you wouldn't believe what happened next. It started a fight with me. "Why are you staring at me?!" I wasn't I just gave it a blank look. "Seriously?! It's 2017 and your being transphobic?!" I've hated them ever since

>since no one's discussing it

I mind my own business. Don't come with this shit near my country and I won't give a crap. The world is full of various disgusting freaks anyway.

that's exactly what they mean user

Normies reeee

how the fuck can a 0.3% of the Population be this loud and obnoxious ?

"Mind your own business" is the most inconsistent argument ever. People in society constantly (and rightfully) spend time telling others to eat properly, exercise, have good manners, maintain healthy relationships, raise children properly, respect other people, protect the environment and respect property. There are behaviours that exist solely on an individual basis where there are no victims, like drug-use, drinking, self-harm, masturbation, overeating, extreme sports and unhealthy thought processes. We care about other people, so we try to prevent bad behaviour, even if it isn't our business to do so.
Literally not an argument.
As for this whole "people think my sexuality is a threat", "people are taking out their insecurities on me", "I'm being harassed" and "cis people are stalking me", well that is definitely an unhealthy thought process.

When 1% give them a platform

suspicious freg

You of all people should know how subversive tiny minorities can be


>eat properly and exercise
>this only affects the individual


Wtf I love hobbies now

This is precisely why everyone (including a rapidly growing percentage of the left) hates SJWs/progressives. This is a perfect example of the arrogance mixed with a lack of self-awareness, basic situational analysis and understanding we have to put up with every day as they infect all aspects of society with their "activism" (imposition/interference/harrassment).

I didn't say that
Also how does it affect other people

>harassing transfaggots is my hobbie

kinda cute
i've seen worse

Im sorry, I just have to say it. This is why I fucking race mix. I'll never be able to stop.




I want to cut off his dick while he's hysterically crying.

I honestly gotta say i love my bavarian Girls too much
(built like Emma watson, i know im lost)
but at least my lineage will stay bavarian

Assigned Male hasn't been updated since December...anyone know why?

They grew out of their phase


Because statistics.

>45% end up commiting suicide user.

>I will stuff you in the coffin with him


Why is it that all lefty jokes are always so forced

Scrapbooking is for fags

You know, just like with anything, I don't really care what you want to do, as long as you do the same. A problem with these "Gender Fluid" or "Trans" people, is that they find it 100% in their power to bash other people for their choices in life, yet they get SUPER pissed when they're on the other end.

You want to be identified as a woman, and you're a man? Cool, don't bash me for being a Straight man, I won't bash you for identifying as a woman. Vise versa.

>inb4 faggot

They can fuck off. Should listen to their own advice, mind themselves. Nobody cares if your a male/female/alien or whatever. I thought after 'changing' you'd keep it a secret that your got your schlong chopped or glued on, not tell everyone that your fake and have mental illness

is this one parody or fake? whoever guesses gets a prize

>parody or fake

meant parody or real

a signed male

Fucking chuckled.


Actually I tried to mind my own business, but (((she))) took it to far this time


>not actively making a fuss about something that doesn't affect me
>silence is collusion with the enemy

Pick one tranny fags.

It's a mental disorder that comes at the cost of a sense of humor.

That's gotta' be fake. What gave it away was the denouncement of heterosexuality as a part of the life-giving process.

Should have tried to keep it more subtle than that.

Real,what do I win?

sad reality
how come pol has become the paragon of good in the last years ?

I was walking down the street minding my own business when a woman asked me if I could spare $10. I said no, since I am a poorfag. She said "You transphobic piece of shit."

I then looked at her and realized it was a dude. So I looked him square in the face and said, "Oh shit! You're a guy! Sorry bro! Us men got to stick together!" and handed him a $5 and a cigarette.

Confused the fuck out of him.

dessverre er den ekte

>mfw it's real


pretty sure thats real.
you can smell the reek of cancer coming from it

Its real.

Psychiatry should really be covered by insurance at this point.

I love how feminists are starting to disassociate themselves with transfags because they realised that men can acquire all the benefits of being a woman they manipulated so hard for in today's society just by dressing like one.

I'm Popeye the sailor man
Killing fags with my bare hands
With tits and a dick
You're still not a chick
You'll pay the price for being trans
Toot toot!

Nei det går faenmeg ikke an...

>Mind your own business but also listen to everything I tell you to do, shitlord
>Ask how allowing a mental illness to become normalized and allow such freaks into the same bathroom of your daughter is an issue
>You're a jerk (Fine, but at least I'm not a faggot)
>Find a healthier hobby than resisting degeneracy that would affect your life

No way

A dick in the butt.

>mind their own business
Kinda hard when someone is in your face screaming about their preferred pronouns

r a r e

Never mind the DSM IV lists transgender as a mental illness.


>Shut up.


a stunning and beautiful trans woman just won the international weightlifting competition. what do you bigots have to say about that?

soz bro it's real.

everyone who got it right gets a pat on the back

I just want a 2 meter long jacked 'trans' woman to compete in wrestling at the Olympics, and then watch the shitstorm that ensues.

You get kinda hard for that too?

rofl who the fuck asks for TEN DOLLARS as a homeless holy fuck
my parents never even gave me more than $5 or $6 dollars for lunch as a kid.

not true, it just moved to tumblr (surprise, surprise)

Reminder that faggots given the option of either renouncing their ways or death or becoming a transmonter will choose to become a transmonter.
This is what happens in Iran where faggotry is illegal but transmonstrosities legal.
Conclusion: transfaggots are the high-end of the faggot spectrum disorder.

Is there actually genuine/unironic Nazi manga/anime from Asia? If so, linx?


>Why can't people just leave me alone
>it's none of their business
>I'm not hurting anyone

>oh btw we need the state to make it mandatory to "teach" your 4 year olds that my mental illness is totally normal and actually a great thing they should aspire to.



Damn, that's sad on a whole new level.


pic related

I think most guys that go trans are trying to get the social support they never got as males but women don't even acknowledge they have. It's unsurprising actually that homeless trans guys think you're attacking them for being trans when you don't give them their female support they believe they are entitled to as a woman.

>screaming at your friends because they used the wrong pronoun once
>hating your parents because they did their best to raise you into a autonomous human being of you own gender
>obsessing your own sexuality to the point where you have no hobbys that are not related with being trans


>tfw i honestly don't know who's jewing who these days.
I'm so happy I'm in my fifties and will die soon.


There is that anime gif people post here regularly of the fash girl asking Canadians for their visums and then shooting them. I don't know what the anime is called though.

I love these memes.

Funny you should post this. As little as five years ago I was a huge sci fi, fantasy and comic nerd. The SJWs have so thoroughly infiltrated and corrupted everything I used to enjoy that I've basically rediscovered model railroading as a hobby. From what I've seen so far, the only women who are involved so far are wives of husbands who are really into it and kinda ambiguously butch chicks who are even more autistic about the hobby than most guys.

so apparently trans can produce asexually now

Lol what the fuck

Transsexuals are really fucked in the head.

Youjo Senki

Most trannies are narcissists or histrionic

I used to be a phone phreak and enjoyed coding when I was young. Same.