Are you ready for a red pill?

Most of you are celebrating Rockefeller death as he was this evil man who's done terrible thing.

Just tell me,when will you realize that a Globalized world is inevitably coming, and a one world government is actually beneficial as this will make us avoid many pointless wars. When will you realize that no matter who you elect nationalism is slowly dying because as Einstein said, it's the measles of humanity.

Denying globalization is denying the natural path of mankind progress. The early hunter-gatherers were living as small groups, and then agriculture was discovered and they started living in communities, then writing was discovered and civilizations started to form. Now the world is connected more than ever in history.

Do you realize that the average person (normie) attention span is now less than a goldfish? if you try to have a conversation to "Redpill him" within 9 seconds you will lose his attention and interest. The average person is driven by natural instincts and can be controlled easily by reward and punishment ( just like an animal ). That's why we need the "evil" elites, to keep herding the sheep, or society will collapse on it's own weight. giving complete freedom to everyone is pointless.

Now go and continue talking shit about Rockefeller while glorifying men like Hitler who destroyed the things that you believe in and made them taboo( Germany national pride, European identity and nationalism).

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is this bait?

>implying a global government would not eventually balkanize

Nice try, kike.


I didn't even read your post because it's pro-globalism, but there's like an 80% chance I've shot someone you knew.

Just saying.

fuck you my career is war

Found the virgin sociopath with way too much free time.

>Iraq flag.

Shilling from the New World Order from a globalist propaganda station and not even using a proxy. What is wrong with you OP? You might blow OPSEC and get 12 """""""""(((contractors)))""""""""""""" killed all in the same day doing something like that.

>when will you realize that a Globalized world is inevitably coming
Nothing is inevitable but death shill

Someday you're going to get blown the fuck up. Someday I'll kick your door in and shoot you and your family in your stupid Arab faces.

This is what the Communists thought. They wanted a revolution in industrialized Germany to carry forth the revolution started in the Soviet Union to the rest of the world, but the only Revolution that came was the National Socialist one.

There's a lesson there for all of us. People naturally gravitate towards their own ethnicity and culture. This is why communism failed and why neoliberalism is failing.

If globalism is natural why is it being forced?

I'm in favour of collapse. You can have your BNW "Utopia".

OP pictured

>a Globalized world is inevitably coming
then why are our Globalist systems failing?

Implying that wars are fought because of "Nationalism" and not sparcity of ressources and clean water and soil.
Implying that a Unified Government with NO OPPOSITION wouldnt just mass murder/deport People for "political reasons"
Implying one world government wouldnt destroy the thousands of traditions everywhere on the world for "Progress/their own personal Goals"
OP truly is deluded

>a one world government is actually beneficial as this will make us avoid many pointless wars.

Get ready for the civil wars then.

Gas yourself kike.

Rockefeller was a globalist degenerate fuckbag. You know it, I know it, everybody with an ounce of inquisitive spirit knows it
He will be replaced by the next fuckbag in the ancestral line, but nothing is inevitable; the next depression could see the house of cards collapse and a new feral dark age begin.
Recent events show just how incompetent TPTB are in predicting and altering the behaviour of the masses. I am not against globalism, I am against (((their))) form of globalism based around their unending enrichment down the generations and the enslavement of a dumbed-down shitmix population
When the house of cards falls, all bets are off and once again the Jews will be reminded just why they are despised through the millennia. The never know when to stop and say "We've had our fill"

Globalism will only be achieved when middle east and africa gets purged.

Because we aren't fucking equal. Not compatible. It's like look at this nice gaming computer, let's install 16 mb of RAM, that'll work.

That's why they try to make the rich poorer, and the poor stay the same. You see that's not working and now they are trying to blow up the financial system. Because certain countries have reached the end of this type of economy. It's done for. Now they'll just wreck it all together and start over. That's why they prolong the crisis instead of fixing it. That's why they just continue printing money, to water us down.

But this isn't going to work either. You see, countries like Singapore start to rise. Countries get more protectionist and eventually the Great Divide will come between poor and not poor. Race won't matter in the end. The poor will be the paria once again.

>one world government is actually beneficial as this will make us avoid many pointless wars
Nope, pointless wars are the goal to keep population under control. Unless you are Westerner living in comfy country you are not safe from these wars. Fuck him and globalist scum.

I know the notion of everyone holding hands and singing coombajah makes you cum gallons. But the sad reality is that people of different ethnicities have an innate fear of a different race. No amount of brainwashing will ever circumvent this. The globalists are trying to change human nature. Literally trying to change instinct that has been cultivated for tens of thousands of years. Cant beat nature pham.

Isn't all of Arab world, Africa and European genocide enough wars for you? What is this stupid meme that there is no war. We had 10000 wars in past and kept more racial/culture/language identity than with mass immigration after 20 years. We are fighting the biggest war yet: globalisation.

One less globalist scumbag...
Globalism is a failure. Diversity and integration is just a ploy for greater fatalities of bio-ethnic weapons. Don't mix, your Aryan progeny will thank you later.

Governments are the problem. Right after globalist satanist who want to rule humanity as gods.

Globalism would work if a majority of the world wasn't a cultural conflicted shithole. Hitler tried to achieve globalism that was aesthetic and culturally rich.

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> my will is good






Every attempt at a one-world government or multi-national, multi-ethnic, super-nation (or empire) in some form or the other has failed because it denies the nature of humanity and how we live. It's exactly why there never will be a one-world government or even if one somehow comes into fruition, it'll be a short lived affair. Rome fell despite it's powerful civic culture, the Ottoman Empire fell despite it's religious zeal, the British Empire fell despite it's highly adaptive and assimilating culture and the Soviet Union fell despite it's homogenised philosophy, efforts to erase all previous cultures and start afresh. Both the EU and US as a single 50-state union look on borrowed time as the same factors that usually break empires creep up on them.

Make people live in an unnatural state that defies their tribalistic nature and it's a doomed project from the start. People naturally gravitate towards the the familiar and their own and towards putting their individual or collective interests first. Once you have too many groups forced together and fighting for their own interests the grouping becomes chaotic and unstable. Nearly every empire or multi-national organisation in history has been successful while it was homogeneous or had an undisputed lead identity, but as soon as this crumbles under the pressure of accommodating so many new ones forced under it, things end up on an inevitable path towards division and collapse.

>different ethnicities have an innate fear of a different race
>this is what racists actually believe

Not everyone holds close to their wallet while going past a black guy, you know.

>Literally trying to change instinct that has been cultivated for tens of thousands of years. Cant beat nature pham.

Human nature became the way it is now through evolution. And it will change gradually through evolution in the future, in the same manner.