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Gunax lbh.

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The fuck is that in the pic.


Just went over this thoroughly, its nothing, sorry guys.


But in all seriousness we can't let Trump get the nuclear codes

This. Sorry guys.


What is this thread

I don't understand!!!

I don't understand!!!

The thread where you get gangbanged.

tired now, goyim

sleep now.

time to sleep.

am very tired.

just lay down.

It's those Pilsbury crescent rolls with string cheese, pizza sauce, and some pepperonis. It's something lard-ass Americans treat themselves to when they walk more than ten feet without eating a sandwich or hotdog.

pieces if a puzzle

or a bot is leaking

spaghetti code

Refresh your mind. There will be people that will derail. Remember that ironic shilling is still shilling.


I thought it was a sweet. Like a crepe with marmalade.

It's too late now. Thank you for your consideration.

Who are you referring to?


It says what it is in the filename. But I can see how you thought it looked like some kind of desert.

Whoever is listening. But it seems like no one is alive anymore.

Yes, hello?

Wow, OB is massive vaggot :DD

This is totally a fucking bait thread despite pizzagate threads

Fuck off, the mods should fucking ban this thread, I reported it and I hope the rest of you do

Oh I'm sorry it was too complicated. If you don't follow the steps to communicate, I guess reporting is a good idea.


yeah, I'm bored too.

Found the shill. Worried you'll be found out there Podesta?

What do we, with little knowledge about it, do with it?

Post boipucci

Im assuming this thread is just a pysop? I don't know any of the shit means it's about pizza gate???

>found the shill
I support Donald Trump and I want Trump to kill all Muslims & Niggers

Am I white now?

Checked. Some pictures can be out of context and contain more than thousand characters. Even sentences.

Just ignore shills and don't respond to people that are raiding your board currently is what I want to say. Also remember that bad things don't go away. Report threads that violate the rules of this board.

Partially, yes.

Is op a shill? Or does he have a message

I am OP user.

What happened to this board?


Apparently we're being raided by leftypol, CIA, CTR and another shitty group at the same time.

user, this isn't cicada level stuff.

This is why I'm trying to not share what I'm using to communicate at the moment (you might remember using it a long ago). But if not it's fine. Just make sure you ignore shills and report posts the violate the rules of Sup Forums and saging this thread.

Undeveloped pizza sounds like something I def dont want to see.


>Just make sure you ignore shills and report posts the violate the rules of Sup Forums and saging this thread.

Done, you are reported


For you:



A bump has been deposited in your thread.


I understand what it is....I dont want to see it


This seems like a good time to bump

For those asking, this picture shows a voting ballot that was for hillary Clinton that was never counted, mashed up into a paste, covered in period blood, frozen sticks of semen, and the nipples of oppressed Syrian women.


YA THINK YOU'RE HOT SHIT DON'TCHA? *beats pizza slit.

Fb nalguvat arj tbg yrnxrq? Orra njshyyl dhvrg fvapr sngureubbq, pbzr ba onfrq yrnx zna! Jr arrq fhz unooraavatf!


>blumpf won
No babycakes, Hilldawg won by millions of votes. Fuck drunkf and fuck white people.

notto disu shittu again


Nevermind, it seems like the tool won't work on this website anymore to carry on the communications. There is no need for this anymore. My plan has failed and is embarrassing.

I tried to help.jpg

it's fucking embarrassing that it's still so easy to b8 you redditors