Why is he doing this?

What reason could Trump have for bringing Invanka into the fold? Is it something to do with deep state?

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More like "deep throat"

>Is it something to do with deep state?

Partially yes. He needs advisors he can trust. He can trust Ivanka, and he can't trust anyone from the establishment.

Ivanka's training has begun. Soon, she will take her father's place and become America's rightful first empress

46th president of the United States Ivanka Trump

I like Ivanka's rump

Stop being a fucking autist

It's just a dad who wants their kid to have work experience

Grooming her for her run in 2024

>and she will get access to classified information

Prove it.

she's his connection with Russia, you can tell by the name derp

Wow its almost like he respects the opinion of a woman and wants her around to advise him?

First female prez

She will honey dick the old bastards on Capitol Hill.

Liberals should be happy. She's far more progressive than her dad. She can also keep the shifty Neocons away from her dad

I can't wait to enjoy those liberal tears when Ivanka is first female president.

Have you ever heard of a man grooming his heir, she is the one who is probably taking over his empire when he departs. You might even see an Ivanka presidency.

First woman president

This kills the Hillary.

Ivanka is the bridge to The Barron.

Ivanka will be first female potus in 16 years

First woman president incoming.

Ivanka is civilian and a woman, but she couldn't do any worse than Hillary Clinton, at least when it comes to computers,emails, and being a decent human being.

tfw almost Jared's trips

This is what I'm guessing. I don't think Trump will be physically able to run again.

>Ivanka becomes the first woman and Jewish President


Pure nepotism. Something daddy Putin does.

3.8 years

Why wouldnt he do it? Would you trust (((experts))) od your own blood?

a jew woman has acess to the nuclear codes and the alien information

let that sink in...


Ivanka is not /ourgirl/ don't be fooled she is shit and thinks the wage gap is a real thing

That would be a beautiful kick in the Eternal Jew's face desu

Ivanka Trump will become the first female US President in 2024. Barron Trump will become the youngest US president in 2044.

She is her favorite. Melania may be a model but I found dificult for Trump to relate with a women who barely speaks english. Ivanka is the girl you can discuss politics after fucking

implying she has any say in adult male matters like wages. she's a sponge to soak up any attacks Trump might receive.

I wouldn't be surprised if she takes a role of FLOTUS as First Daughter, and you know comedians will have a hard time not trying to draw a conclusion that Trump is in love with Ivanka and she is his mistress. this will backfire on them.

4D Chess is in progress

My kids are adults now. I raised them right. There is a comfort and trust in the advice they give me. They have no ulterior motives, I've spent my life with their best interest at heart. My kids will challenge me in private if they feel I'm wrong, but never say anything bad about me in a public way. I imagine Trump feels the same way.

Are you honey dicking me?

she's actually smart like her dad rather than her siblings
Eric - looks retarded
Don jr. - posts on Sup Forums
Tiffany - total weirdo
Barron - too young

>wanting a young woman libshit as your president

It'll never happen. She's too progressive for the Republican Party and she's a Trump the Democrats would never accept her.

Is the 'I'm with her' slogan copyrighted? If not the republicans HAVE te appropriate it just to piss of the liberals.

because he trusts her

She's his Monica Lewinsky


H doesn't realize that nepotism is a bad thing.

Oy vey goyim, don't trust your family! Nepotism is terrible! Just ask my uncle Morty ova at CNN!




She won't get elected because of the Jewish part, (((they))) don't want to show who really controls the usa.

Surrounded by opportunistic backstabbers.

Hires someone whom he has molded in his image for 35 goddamned years

Ivanka for 2024?

It's only logical, deep state BTFO.

Yes we all know merkel has the codes

>strong woman gets in a high position
>people hate it
Why? I thought people wanted this to happen lol

> the girl who will be taking over his business is also a girl he trusts to advise him during the presidency

Color me shocked

Lefties aren't genuine people so they don't understand genuine trust



The left always project

They need to hold women up and give them special privileges because deep down they really think women are inferior and this need the state to interfere

>le deepstate meme
How about "no" you nigger?




she may be trump's daughter but she's still a woman and therefore unfit to lead anything but a beauty pageant

>implying she wouldn't just be a proxy for Trump to keep making America great while also bonding with his daughter

female lead just leads to more ''we can do it!'' feminism shit

not to mention that ((Trump)) signed some crappy thing to get more women in STEM. More '''positive''' discrimination to males I guess.