Pls help

What's it called when you accuse someone of doing or being something you're guilty of in order to generally confuse the audience in a discussion?

For example, when leftists now keep tossing around the term "safe space" to describe any right-leaning online community, even though they're the ones who invented the concept.

I know there's a proper word for it but I can't find it.


> Implying...


It's called "being a lil bitch", and when you see someone doing it, you say, "stop being a lil bitch".



Ironic given OP's image.


It's simply not an argument. You're not discussing content or policies at this point. It's irrelevant.

It's literally just another disinformation tactic. We have an image of commonly used disinformation tactics floating around, I'm not sure this has a name since it's not an argument and just really dumb.

I guess you could use that, but it's not the one I'm looking for. There's another that's less psychoanalysis and more argument/logic/philosophy. Thanks anyway.

I've been reading about gaslighting, but I don't think it's the one. Seems tied to the context of relationships rather than discussion.





Considering its intended use as a term was specifically for sjws, you could call it a tu quoque fallacy.

projection or whataboutism


Hypocrite, Hypocritical, Hypocrisy


Projection, but there is also the more fancy sounding Tu Quo Que. It is the "You do it too!" Fallacy.

Jewing. They're Jewing you.

I think it was in Mein Kampf or something but I remember a quote that was something like "As the Jew hits you he recoils as if struck."

the Jew cries out in pain as he strikes you

Yes that's it. Sums up the left's tactics perfectly.

>Don't judge people based on their looks
Lol he has small hands, what an orange bastard, stupid hair
>Respect people's ethnic backgrounds
Lol drumpfkins drumpf drumpf
>Be the adult and take the high road
srsly we need to just genocide white people

Everything they say they stand for they turn around and do the opposite, while also berating us for doing it. The Jews spent many centuries refining the technique and now have passed it on to their transsexual goyim army.

This is the one. Thanks!

Tu quoque logical fallacy

It's technically called the Reverse Double-Jew.

Side boob brap
Fishy brap

Pots, kettles, etc.

Your specific example is called projection.

This is the most frustrating shit with leftfarts. My question is do they do it on purpose or are they rly this stupid?

probably a bit of both