Scared white people

Why are white people deathly afraid of black people?

Very much not scared though

That guy was so scared of white people that he murdered 5 white police officers in an autistic rage lmao

>Implying there is something wrong with a healthy fear of feral animals

I am not afraid, i just don't want them around by bank account or bed. It's simple, i don't even want Spanish or Italians. You would understand that if you had actually African heritage or some honor.

t. nigger

>not even an e2
wew lad

he attended the nation of Islam gatherings and was influenced by that nigger Farrakhan.
the NOI hasn't been banned nor has it's leader been fined.
yet Tom Metzger was found guilty of some dudes killing a nigger.

Dude, black people are afraid of black people.


Because 6% of the population is black and male and commit over 50% of the murders in America.
Never relax.

Straw man
Things that never happened for $1000

Because fear is a natural instinct that keep us alive and alert to life threatening danger.

Blacks kill more white people than Cops kill blacks! ( and the whites are the victims unlike the criminals blacks).

>13% of the population
>50% of total murders

hmm, gee, I wonder..

Because they are violent, desperate and filled with racial hatred for the most part. How many videos does Sup Forums spam of people who 'relaxed' around blacks?

More like disgusted.

Because black people are psychos who attack at the slightest provocation

Ive called a black guy who was bullyibg me a dirty nigger. He did nothing. Theyre all full of bullshit and talk tough until shit actually happens. One of the weakest races in history. Right next to the jews.
Also woth there low IQ they often get their asses handed to them on a weekly basis because they dont know any better amd a white man has to put him in his place. Its sad really and its why blacks are such a sad race everyone whines for.
Theyre existense will eventually continue inbreeding with each other until theyre out of existense.

>deathly afraid

Knowing that something will harm you and avoiding it is just common sense. You do not walk into a fire, put your hands on spinning table saw, or jump out of a speeding car on daily basis. That's why mentally healthy people avoid niggers - they are pretty much a guarantee to harm you sooner or later.

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We're not