Black Americans

Why are black Americans the most envied ethnic group in the world? What does the jealousy stem from?



They are the face of pop culture and thus they appeal to the lowest common denominator.

Just think of them like McDonalds and it all makes sense. Easily accessible, cheap and very popular despite having bad ingredients.

Why are black Americans the most insecure ethnic group in the world? What does the jealousy stem from?


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We think about them way more than they think about us. We bring them up out the blue. We have a kind of subconscious obsession with them. That is compelling evidence of some deep seated jealously.

Because if you're a black woman you can eat buckets of fried garbage and be considered "hot" at 400lbs really the envy all women around the world. And black dudes retire at age 16, makes me jelly as fuck!

I wonder why the Asian men have a higher preference to Latino women.

Cause we fuck all of your bitches.

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Myth busted

I think it has something to do with big butts.

This is completely wrong.

What are you smoking, user?
Very few people are jealous of any black person. The only thing they have going for them is Morgan Freeman



yes, please elaborate, maple syrup-chugging snowman

speak for yourself.
I live in an area where most of us are white, however, there are mostly black people at my school. We of the white community mostly separate ourselves from these black people because they are loud, obnoxious, and either oblivious to the fact that people hate them, or they know and just don't care.

>us niggers.
>not reknown world wide as laughing stock.
europe know it
asia know it.
south america know it.
hell, even african niggers know it.
but hey, whatever let s you sleep at night.

>sample base over 250k
this kind of sample size is holy grail level in term of sociology.

>They know and just don't care
Seems like your wasting your energy

> How come people with no accomplishments or ability to self govern yet get all of the benefits of first world western anglo living, are envied by some people?


black chick are the best. Asian are introversted literal parasites.

THe ONLY time I ever think about black people is when that Australian faggot shit posts blacked porn here.

All i hear is African Americans moaning about ''whitey'' all of the time, and then finding excuses to blame everyone but themselves for every shit ton stack of a disaster they do to themselves.

They also have a fetish for virtue signalling about slavery like they were the only people being enslaved, while at the same time claiming that Egypt was theirs. Not to mention the BLM retards claiming that they traveled to space.

As you've brought up the Topic on American Niggers, I must also confirm that they're probably one of the most annoying communities of people on earth. Don't actual Africans hate them too?

Can confirm Africans hate American blacks. Used to have some African dude frequent the auto repair shop I worked at because "we were the whitest in the area". It was a fucking treat every time he came in because he would rant about dumb thieving niggers with a thick African accent.

I can't bring them up because my work is 98% nigger
>im caged inside!!

typical bait post but, whats there to envy?

Man I never thought of it but why arent we meming the "wu wuz egyptians" into being the original slave owners? Lett hem claim egypt then they cant bitch about slavery any longer since egypt had slaves for like 2500 years.

Too be fair, I don't think niggers think about anything very often.

Dey gets de most gibmedats.

Slacker envy niggers because they can sit on their asses most of the day and engage in criminal acts the rest of it and still have the government shower them with money and resources. Productive people don't envy niggers, they despise them.

>Just think of them like McDonalds and it all makes sense. Easily accessible, cheap and very popular despite having bad ingredients.

As a black guy i like this post. This is possibly the best way to describe it.

They are the least evolved and easily the least intelligent and attractive of all (((human))) species on earth. By elevating and promoting mixing with earth's most primitive human-like species, jews have effectively turned them into a bio tool to use against their greatest rival in global domination.

tl;dr they aren't envied. The world is fed a false narrative with an agenda

When was the last time you saw white women or white men get an afro?

envied? Even your pic is a clear contradiction of that statement.

They retire to prison


>jealousy wow just wow. i dont envy them



Better athletes
More feminine looking women
Taken care of by US gov
Better fighters
Better entertainers
More culture
More interesting history
Better cuisine
Can't sunburn

Black people, really fucking stink.

It's like you don't shower unless you feel itchy.

Black people invented deodorant and started the practice of daily bathing.

>Better athletes
maybe in your country
>More feminine looking women
HAAAAAAAAAA no. Actually the worse on the planet, and the ugliest behind abos.
>Taken care of by US gov
>Better fighters
not at all, in fact thy're one of the most cowardly races and prefer fighting in numbers
>Better entertainers
Nope. No matter how much your cuck media shoves down you throats.
>More culture
Fried chicken, NBA, Grape draank, crappy repetetive hip hop music and gang vioence?
>More interesting history
starving to death due to lack of IQ sounds great
>Better cuisine
enlighten me?
>Can't sunburn
can't swim either


>prefers some useless dumb machine you'll never see over delicious peanut butter

pshhh, are you even trying

The envy of all the world's monkeys.

>Why does shaniqua get to wear a weave and all I do is eat bananas and fling shit.

literally no one wants to be a nigger.

wtf is wrong with op?

Better athletes
>Most blacks come from inner cities with little education. Their own culture pushes them to be "ball players". Most whites move on with their lives with real jobs. Take a look at sports like Hockey, Swimming, Biking, motorsports (yes motorsports is tiring and requires physical fitness). Almost no blacks... has nothing to do with better and everything to do with the fact that an inner city can afford a basketball court pretty easily.
More feminine looking women
>You're probably comparing celebrities only here, and barely even then. Most black women in the US are uglier than the average white girl. Try again.
Taken care of by US gov
>That makes them more pathetic, not better.
Better fighters
>See "athletes" above.
Better entertainers
>Yet the majortiy of celebs are white in every "entertainment" category...
More culture
>From WHERE? They made most of it up following the American Civil War. Before that (less than 150 years ago, they had NO culture. Whites WROTE history.
More interesting history
>See "Culture" above
Better cuisine
>From WHERE? American BBQ? Ha ha ha ha ha... have you ever eaten anything ethnic from ANYWHERE? Chinese, Japanes, Thai, Italian, French, German ALL way better cuisine and not black.
Can't sunburn
>False Blacks get sunburned all the time. Ask one.

They are the reason the US dominates the Olympics
>female bodies
Are curvier and more feminine. Most white girls look like sticks.
See boxers
>better entertainers
Whites produce shit like Dane cook

I don't feel like addressing the rest, you get the idea.

will that machine lick the peanut butter off my balls? did'nt think so

They are the worst group
Actually if American black woman were treated like second class citizens the nation as a whole would be better.

The best part is... George Washington Carver didn't invent Peanut Butter at all! He invented OTHER uses for peanuts in order to make peanut farming profitable. Basically created products and a need so that poor black farmers could sell their crops of peanuts that he told them to plant. Their soils had used up all of their nutrients and he being one of the few educated blacks at the time new that peanut farming in that soil would grow AND re-nutrient the soil. Then went to work on inventing peanut products.


>There are people who actually reply to these shitty troll posts

Jesus Sup Forums get your shit together

>More interesting history
Fuck me cunt, you stupid or what?


You seem to have an extremely skewed view of reality.

> I must also confirm that they're probably one of the most annoying communities of people on earth.
Fucking this. She-boons need to shut the fuck up and stop singing and dancing in supermarkets.

y do u fall for b8, m8?

If single black mothers were not given support the country and penalized would be in a better state so would the community.

>They are the reason the US dominates the Olympics
No that's population. Why do you think China and Russia are up there too?

>Are curvier and more feminine. Most white girls look like sticks.
No, they have no calves, and their noses and face structure are repulsive.

>See boxers
See every other combat sport and martial art that don't punch your IQ away. Remember that street fights list seconds, not 12 rounds.

>Whites produce shit like Dane cook
don't even know who the fuck dane cook is

>I don't feel like addressing the rest, you get the idea.
Probably because it'd lead to you contradicting yourself.

Chinese eat dogs
Japs eat live shit
Whites eat rotten fish

Fried chicken
Mac n cheese
Are all awesome.

Mesoamericans first created peanut butter long before niggers.

Because it's not bait, it's a painful truth.

They do have a vey interesting history, would you like me to educate you?

Blacks have a disproportionately high amount of medals.
Black girls have way prettier faces than white girls

Kangs I tell you!...LOLz

>most envied ethnic group in the world
Yes I envy their poverty levels and conviction rates

In long distance running and 100m sprints.

white isn't a race, and to most people, Caucasian women make negro women look like apes


Oh yes, I wish I was warming my hands in a burnt trash can

Is that an expression of smug self satisfaction in pic related? Am I deciphering correctly? She has nice cans, butterface, yknow?