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Not all Europeans are White

>having ancestry = pure blood

> roach
> white

The more east you go into russia the more mongol it is.
Fake and gay.

nice divide and conquer
fuck off kike shill

Slavs aren't white nor you are, Tyrone

>more European than germany, sweden

Pathetic nord cucks

Only scandinavians and our spawn are white. This includes lots of other peoples

Argentinian white is this true?

not one bit

Russia and Canada with their huge landmasses distort that image. Some of the darkest blue areas have very sparse populations.

eh... yes and no
just because there's more mongols doesn't mean there are any less whites

Yes, most argentinians are white

this shit is actually retarded
using this logic
>one man moves to antarctica
>he is of european descent
>is the only person there, so 100% of people living in antarctica are of european descent
>uses this to argue against white genocide

there are lies

there are damn lies

and then there are statistics

>using a retarded color scale so you cant tell how little there really are


>tfw so white you are considered European in everyone's list
>despite being in Asia

r8 whiteness plebs.

What dispute? We're Semitic

No one in India fake.

you are middle easterns you faggot kike.

Fuck off non white shit.

That's my point I'm brown

The shitty color grading makes it look like more than it actually is. If you look at the USA a lot of parts are only 50%.

I didn't know Colombia and Costa Rica were that white

is there any whites left over that never went back?

What happened to you Morocrael?

>1.3% niggers and going down
>0.03% muslims
>portugal is not white reeee
>falling for the barbosa meme

gtfo kike shill

As if half breeds count as white


nice argument there. also ive been to Poland, most depressive country i've ever seen, no meme.