The State of Sup Forums

Hiro said that we're allowed one thread per board to discuss the state of that board.

Let's have a discussion about the state of Sup Forums.

First order of business - what can we do about this guy? He is spamming every single Peterson thread with the same forced memes, and he's been doing it the last few days. Is this considered spamming? Is it bannable? Or is it not bannable? Here:

This board has become absolute cancer and needs to be purged to be honest.

What the hell is a Peterson anyway? Seems like spam in and of itself.

He's staying in one thread and all he's doing is mocking some dumb e-celeb. Who cares?

Remove shareblue shills, put IP blockers from known shills and their networks

Yeah guys, lets go over to and demand that hiro delets Sup Forums!

Mods only care about moderating hwndu threads

Ban all leafs

Yey or ney

remove ids bring back flag selection

Not enough mods available around the clock or those that are are allowing shit that has been reported for hours.

holy shit, kek

>what can we do about this guy?
ahm.... ignore him?
He won't stop as long as he gets (You)s.
And i don't understand his meme anyway. Seems like just one faggot who tries to force his meme.

Pls no.

They hate us cuz they ain't us..


what about the jordanian fag that has been spamming islamic shit on Sup Forums for 2 months ?

we should really stop this guy

his shitposting is getting out of hand

Can we get rid of user 5?


Pls dont tell me to poo in the loo

Too many redditfugees

underage spotted.

Also stop speaking like a nigger.

Never noticed him.


No, we should ban all non western countries. First to go is Turkey

Stop trying to turn Sup Forums into an echo chamber if you want one go to antifachan.

Hello Pepe's butthole.

Mods are fully compromised, JIDF even bragged about it on their blog before. The chance of this happening is 0

F-fuck you faggot

literally germany but worse
Poo goes into the loo

let us review the work of the mods.

This. There was a thread yesterday where the fucking Reddit mod came here and demanded respect. WTF has Sup Forums come to?

This don't work - my IP is blocked and I don't know why - fuckin sux
> innocent contributes get banned for no reason

> they make aussie look good


Perhaps ((that guy)) is actually a mod, and nothing can be done.

I wish I knew who keeps creating the BBC threads... how can anyone compete??

Lots of trolls, this is Sup Forums after all.
All the "Shareblue_sample_must_rename91.jpg" for example. I think the real problem is people from offsite that can't understand chan life.

It's the nupol nonsense, and the combination of Sup Forums having become absolute shit. Summerfags are coming, and that will only make things worse.

Shill Plague

people taking shill memes seriously are fucking cancer and worse than actual shills

Public mod logs when?


Also please think about it.
PEople keep talking about the shilling that is going on. If we cannot trust the basket weaving janitors, how can we trust anything?

>and the combination of Sup Forums having become absolute shit
This is actually one of the biggest problems of Sup Forums, that underage Sup Forumstards come here, because suddenly Sup Forums is expected to be the "cool and edgy" board.
And suddenly we have trolls trolling other trolls trolling themselves. It's exactly the state of Sup Forums from a few years ago.... if this continues, Sup Forums will just be about dick-rating, traps and interracial porn in the future.

Sup Forums is Sup Forums 2.0
If we can fix Sup Forums, we will fix Sup Forums. All edgy teens need to go back to Sup Forums, but they can't, because Sup Forums is just traps these days.

Trump shills are plaguing this board for those 25 cents dumb hats

100% yes Leafs are a plague to the pol ecosystem.

>All edgy teens need to go back to Sup Forums, but they can't, because Sup Forums is just traps these days.


/qa/ =/= /q/

it's a tricky one,
i have an idea, every time someone posts a JBP thread include a message saying not to respond to that guy, include a list of his shitty memes and his flag to identify him.
if we can ignore him (and others like him) by pointing them out from the start, it might help.
but idk.

In every single other board, the generals are absolute dogshit with the rest of the board being the place to get information.

But thanks to the absolute atomic level of shilling and sliding, the general threads have become the bastions and submarines floating in a sea of bloody piss. Complete reversal. There should be a mod just to manage the new threads being made that alternate between cuck threads and blatant b8 threads.

Or at least fucking ban that autistic Canuck.


You're right OP, you should be banned for shilling some e-celeb faggot like Peterson. Same goes for Varg posters.

this is why i left Sup Forums years ago

shit used to be fun to lurk and post.
no more lulz to be had. Sup Forums is the closest that comes to it but has been going down hill after 2012 elections.

It would be great if the OP of any thread had some kind of visual identifier with their thread specific ID. Scrolling back up to highlight all posts made by OP is not fun when you're already over halfway through a lengthy thread

>going down hill after 2012 elections
I have no fucking clue where you get that idea, 2012 elections were hardly a peak time for humor aside from Ron Paul shenanigans. Zimmerman arguably was Sup Forumss peak if only because of the colossal amount of hysterical OC that was made, with none of the heat that getting as invested into the 2016 madness got us.

But the big change is that Sup Forums is now a player in political affairs, not just a observer. Not only were we in it for 2016, but we will be in it for the Mid-terms, and 2020, and all the movements worldwide.
Our COMFY era is over, now we have a never ending war with shills until the Globalists run out of money.

Nice try Reddit

Generals shouldn't be allowed save for a few exceptions. I see a new god damn /general/ being made almost every day. This isn't lebbit. You don't make sublebbits. That isn't how chans work. Just make a normal god damn thread.

That said, moderation on this board is virtually non existent. Stupid spam like "Sup Forums BTFO!!!!!!" and "wow... powerful...." shit should be bannable. It isn't bringing anything forth to discuss, it's Sup Forums-tier spam yet the mods always allow it.

And that Communist general should be banned too. I hope all commies hang, but if they want to have their thread whatever, but every time I go in there, there is absolutely no discussion. It's the same 3 commies spamming memes and everyone else just calling them commie faggots. No discussion, just shitposting on all sides. If they wanted to bring support to their cause they'd fucking engage people but they never do.

2008 elections were a next-level shit parade. After that, I became immune to everything.

If only I had thought ahead to somehow organize 20GB of accumulated memes I could be posting fresh nostalgia right now.

i have hundreds of thousands of pics saved ever since i lurked here(2008) if i had to sort all that out it would take me many many years to do so.

anyone even remember raptor jesus?

I disagree, generals are a necessary evil on other boards if only to keep the usual people who want to talk non-stop on one subject and get really incestuous about it in the one place.
But on Sup Forums they are arguably the only thing holding the board together in any sort of cohesion.

Syria General, Trump General, brit/pol/, these are the engines keeping the hate machine focused and pumping.

And I love Communist General because it always turns into a top quality Memeball thread.

I completely agree on the spam though, I swear 3/4 of the shit we accuse of shilling is just ironic shitposting, but ironic shitposting is still shitposting.

>Mods are jidf
Aaaaaand yet so much nazi bs on this cancer board
Your brain. Use it once before u die, yes?

bring back the glorious old days of raids and epic trolls

>Syria General, Trump General, brit/pol/, these are the engines keeping the hate machine focused and pumping.
That's why I said few exceptions to generals. There are some that actually deserve to exist, but I swear I see a new /general/ pop up every few days, only to die and go away forever. They should be deleted because it's just some faggot who cannot into chans and doesn't know to just make a normal thread.

There are lasting subjects like the ones you listed and there are typical subjects a thread or two could be made on and then they die.

>Ugly color combo
>Red circle isn't even centered
You have the worst country flag of all time.



So I once looked it up and apparently the red circle is off center on purpose so that when you actually fly the flag in the wind it appears to be in the right place.

You learn something new every day...

Is that why Portugal's flag is all fucked up too? They must have some really high winds there.


Actually, /qa/ = /q/. Not on or in purpose but, in content.

I think Sup Forums is doing well. The recent US election has brought in an influx of new users and all the pros and cons that come with it.
Discussions are good, the topics vary, and there have been some good happenings. Some of the problems come from the fact that Sup Forums is too easy to troll but that is due to the influx of new users.

I personally think we can get rid of Trump general becuase the election is over. We didn't have an Obama or Bush General so why should we have a Trump general?

Because that worked so well the first time

This. Anyone who can't identify a troll at a glance probably doesn't belong here.

Opinion on Hans?

Somebody please do something about the autistic spanish commy general threads...

those threads are pic related

Why? It's emphasizes how much of a failure Spain is.

Like, you try to talk to that dude and he'll unironically tell you all about how glorious communism could be.

I actually kind of like it in a kick the dog sort of way.
The one-cuck crusade from that Canadian autist against Peterson is far more annoying spam.

Yeah but it still gets 200 replies even if its all shitposting

Eventually he will get tired with arguing.

You mean a reminder of why Spain failed, but is that not the exact reason why we should do something about it

Peterson who?
seriously who?

Hope you're right ruins my morning mood

We post gore and redpill threads. Ban all, youtube gamers discussions and also ban Kek threads. It's funny when Kek actually wills it instead of just spamming him to care for our trivialities.


How about you kill yourself instead, degenerate?

We need these new rules added.

1. No porn, gore, etc. unless directly related to a political event
2. No social media screenshots from irrelevant people, only from major or influential people related to politics (should be a global rule really)
3. No posts about dating, mating, sex, relationships, breeding unless directly related to a political news story, that belongs on 4. No posts about LGBT unless directly related to a political news story, that belongs on And the current rules must be enforced more quickly and harshly, especially the Sup Forums tier thread rule


Personally I fucking HATE "knowledge bomb" and wish his shitty larping would end. Please ban this fag, he never says anything that comes true, checks out, it's just his faggy tabletop discussion, and need for attention.

The shilling has gotten out of hand, to be honest.

where would "redpilled" posts go if we prohibit LGBT threads? I mean, its is an idea started by transfaggots

I think porn/hot girl posts should be banned from OPs. Not politically relevant, and used by shills to attract horny NEETs(95% of Sup Forums) to slide threads

You can't deny this. If you see a qt3.14 in an OP you click on the thread. We all do.



This is true. Being a red board, needlessly lewd things in the thread should be allowed, but there's no legitimate reason to put it in the OP.

check the current rules, shareblue. its already disallowed.

Archeological threads.

Pic related was the state of Sup Forums last time I checked. Clearly it was then, and, I expect, still is, completely overrun by Shareblue shills. There was a good image near the top of this thread about exposing shill posts, I think that is basically the final solution. Mods, for whatever reason, and not to criticize them but merely to speak honestly, don't seem to... they're not going to save us. It comes down to individual, based anons taking it upon themselves to do what's right and needed.

I'm filtering 20-30 threads at any given time. Filtering is something I never planned to do, but it was either that or leave. Over half of what gets filtered is nu-pol shit, they've done to the board what jidf could only dream of.

oi veyy

>Turning a News Group into a Gossip Corner
>Topic dilution is not only effective in forum sliding it is also very useful in keeping the forum readers on unrelated and non-productive issues. This is a critical and useful technique to cause a “resource burn.”
>By implementing continuous irrelevant postings that distract and disrupt the forum readers, they are effectively prevented from being productive. If the intensity of gradual dilution is great enough, the readers will stop researching and simply slip into a “gossip mode.”

Sup Forums - E-Celeb Gossip

>We didn't have an Obama or Bush General so why should we have a Trump general?

Probably because Trump makes national news twice a day at least

>ywn perform another raid on Habbo Hotel like the old days

pools... closed.......

its fucking reddit

Peterson is reddit big time hes like fucking Sargon or whatever else eceleb. Also Im not saying he is a bad person but he def acts exactly like reddit and id wager a lot of the "red pillers" over at reddit love the guy. So they bring him over here.

These threads are long gone from the archive at this point, but just to give you guys an example of the sheer volume of off-topic E-celeb shit/slide/shillposting that was going on, here's all the ones I noted in a one-hour timespan last month:

E-Celeb Gossip Threads on Sup Forums between 6:55 PM and 7:55 PM, 2/24:

>hey guys heres a report of the last time i looked at the catalog
>so yeah basically this thread is worthless because of the mods

wow thank you for the deep and meaningful contribution

What the hell is Sargon?

The cancer that was killing Sup Forums has no chance against these I guess youtube whores.

So why has /qa/ been overrun with anime shitposting?

It actually was a meaningful contribution, though. It shows explicitly what was wrong with the catalog (and therefore Sup Forums itself). Plebs can study it as a resource to learn how to spot slide threads, and it serves as physical evidence of what's been going on. I have plenty more to say, too; I'm just getting started, user.