Why Did Baby Boomers Throw Away 1000's of Years of White Evolution?

By voting for leftist policies which lead to white genocide?

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I dislike greatly da boomer babies

Historians will be asking this for centuries to cone

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exactly this

Boomers are unable to enjoy their time at LOW COST. For example, weightlifting, group sports, holidays close to home are all low cost recreational activities. But Boomers NEED to feel superior so need to have the best and most expensive of everything.


Because obviously they're trying to breed out OP's homosexuality. Do you think it's possible that they'll be successful?

Like. Go talk to one. It seems like their IQ is 50.

This man knows why.


>The USSR collapsed, but what they had set in motion continues destroying the west.

because they were the first generation to experience the effects of mass media i.e the electric jew or "TV". Think about it user, TV was a technological wonder when the boomers were growing up in the 50's and 60's and everyone was so entranced by the technology that they didn't question the degenerate values that Schlomo McShekelstein was pushing through genres such as Sitcom's etc. So they grew up not knowing any better and it's only with the introduction of the internet and the red-pilling of their children that they're even aware of how indoctrinated they are in the beliefs of cultural marxism.

Wouldn't a russian agent spread the shit most likely to cause panic and distrust. None of them can be trusted.

Have you seen "Blazing Saddles"?. It is essentially the entire jewish plan.

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Because white genocide doesn't exist and you're some shitty teenage memer

>the entire Jewish plan is to unite the underclasses regardless of race in the face of wealthy land owners that wants to leave everyone destitute and homeless in favor of enriching themselves

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>implying 1000 years of white evolution was worth saving

this meme needs to die

They were raised by the "greatest generation" who actually destroyed Western civilization in ww2

Because they are hedonist freaks who should have been shot once they hit 60 years of age

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Ironic, isn't it, how the generation called the "greatest" is actually the one who defeated Nazism and replaced it with the Jewish duality of Free Market Capitalism and Marxist Bolshevism, both of which benefit first and foremost their kike engineers

Evolution isn't real

The Civil War was actually the time in history were white ppl knowingly throw away thier place as top of food chain.

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A reality check: Republicans created first interracial laws, banned segregation, opened up Jewish lobbying groups, banned homosexuality from mental diseases and wrote law to naturalize Africans.
Republicans never were conservative, besides being shills for Israel, Democrats at least tried to be conservative in past. You are living in fruits of republican labor, since it was also Texas who first imported Mexican illegals.

Tricked by the jews.


This is bad... how?

Jewish baby boomers.
Is there hope for millenarian jews?

Thats why they are called Great

How about the common sense platform?
The bible calls the nigger a beast of the field, niggers are not human they're beasts. Why do you think they fail to imitate human speech? They're like a parrot, close but my quite there, something is off. It's because they're a beast!
The bible also says if you lay with a beast you and the beast have to be put to death.
We need laws forbidding mixing with niggers, and the bible also warns if the beasts population grows in number it will make our land desolate. We can't allow this invasive species in our land to grow in numbers! It's dangerous to our livelihood

Multiculturalism hates the white. Serves the jew. Uses the nigger.

Aka the movie "Blazing Saddles"

The golden age of capitalism


And jews


Baby boomers were stupid whores and druggies. The pill is the reason.

don't forget anti-european

They didn't knew it, though.

But it's really interesting how things began to collapse just after it ended: Just two years after WW2 India gained independence.

It was really a conspiracy, a betrayal by the rising subversive and anti-white, anti-european globalist elites, there is no other explanation.

It only became really clear later in the 1960's, with guest workers not going back, with multiculturalism and with the 1965 immigration act.


Under Eisenhower (republican):
>Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, 347 U.S. 483 (1954), was a landmark United States Supreme Court case in which the Court declared state laws establishing separate public schools for black and white students to be unconstitutional.

Under Ulysses S. Grant (republican):
Legalization of Africans into citizen:
>extending the naturalization process to "aliens of African nativity and to persons of African descent.
>The Naturalization bill was introduced by Republican Representative Noah Davis

>1000s of years
Gr8 b8 m8

Climate adaptation and intelligence isn't a product of natural selection. Get fucked.

Ok, is millions of years still 1000's of years?

>i cannot think: the post

It's this. Once boomers saw an avenue to make their lives easier they didn't care about the costs. What pisses me off the most about them is how arrogant they are. They fucked the west up but they attack and blame us millenials for not having it as good as them. They really are shit people.

It's good to make clear, basic posts like this because not everybody here is redpilled.

And last ones were incomplete and full of typos but at least they bumped the thread.

Seems to me that if they hated who's so much they would have left them to get run off or killed

Doesn't the movie subvert that narrative anyway by having Bart kill the wealthy jews at the climax of the movie?

I am listening to his first interview now. This man is a wizard at understanding how the regime and people worked.

>Brazilian is pro nazi

Really cooks the old noodle

yeah, it was funny watching the same thing posted 3 times in a row

The "Republican = Conservative" and "Democrat = Liberal" thing is a very recent thing, probably a product of modern internet polarization

yeah but I found it funny watching the same thing posted 3 times in a row


You faggots still dont get it huh? (((They))) know rapid change can be accomplished through war. They have tried for world govt (League of Nations, U.N.)each time they have engaged in a long protracted global war. People who go through 10-20 years of conflict will vote for anything that promises stability. You havent seen shit yet. When the war is finished you will beg to join any govt that functions so you can have some semblance of a life again. Especially this soft ass generation.

yeah, I found it funny watching the same post pop up 3 times in a row

Exactly. We are merely "Good Goys". They were "Great Goys".

In my country the greatest generation killed the Japs coming to take our land, then had heaps of kids.
Unfortunately the boomers had fuck all kids and sold the place to the mainland Chinese.

Because of sexual deviant Jew puppets like Marxist Lucifer King.

Plausible deniability

made a pretty penny too my boy

American poltiical parties:
Democratic-Republican_Party (winner)
Federalist Party (loser)
Democratic party
Whig Party
Whig Party-->Republican party
Democratic party
Republican party-->Zion party
Democratic party-->Mexican party

Niggers can't have citizenship they're a beast of the field, can my cat have citizenship? No it can't it's an animal

They should have deported them when they had the chance. Nowadays they import Mexicans, same problem, first illegal, then they will legalize them. USA had a lot of illegals, not just Africans before they legalized them in 60ies.

The Bolshevik Revolution and some of its aftermath represented, from one perspective, Jewish revenge. During the heyday of the Cold War, American Jewish publicists spent a lot of time denying that—as 1930s anti-Semites claimed—Jews played a disproportionately important role in Soviet and world Communism. The truth is until the early 1950s Jews did play such a role, and there is nothing to be ashamed of. In time Jews will learn to take pride in the record of the Jewish Communists in the Soviet Union and elsewhere. It was a species of striking back.

This. These people feel entitled to everything at at the cost of others, even future generations.
>Hui dui, I'll have 4 cars and three houses while living in public housing and voting for the Commies and not having children, I'm so smart

I'm not pro-nazi, nor anti-nazi.

I think both WW1 and WW2 souldn't have happened, and i'm acknowledging the fact that after WW2 the political, economical and academic elites of the West betrayed their own peoples and their cultures, ethnicities and civilization.

Meanwhile, they kept everybody distracted with lazy utopian ideals, technological development, consumer goods and sexual freedoms.

Whites are now a self cucking organism. Half of whites are scared of the other half, which is scared to be lumped in with the first half. You spent so long claiming how civilized you are and did nothing wrong, that you forgot that you were actually just the best at being savages. The civility only mattered amongst yourselves. You created a system of self cucking betas, breeding every generation more beta than the last.

Boomers didn't start this. The Jews didn't either. You did this to yourself. You let your supremacy lead you to believe you were above savagery, when in reality being the best savages, is what made you supreme.

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I see Sup Forums as whigs, is that right?
too radical for our own good

More like white and black. Ethnicities only exist in Socialistic countries, since there you have universal healthcare and every child gives blood and this is how they determine you race among other physical examinations, they they sort you by ethnicities into culture towns.

To understand that you would have to add the humble and global outlook of the future that these souls posses
>drinks caviar champaign

Fuckwit uni-pez got taught world is over so no more water, lets use up all our inhertid reasources while clouding it in mass love and understanding.

These are the type of ppl that shaped the future we now live in.
Make a nice sound and people will follow even if its a meat grinder.

Apperantly if you rub your dick it feels good, world peace everyone.

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I bet you did old man! After all, a CCP member on the run from the party will buy any dero shithole in Sydney for a million if it helps get him citzenship.
And we just know a Chinese commie who got rich exploiting pesants, graft and polluting the Chinese landscape will make a wonderfull new 'Australian'.
>I bet a boomer like yourself would love to have him over for a barbie, what a great way to virtue. signal and show your boomer pals how 'progressive' you are!

No fuck off leave Mel Brooks alone

ah, personally I don't care as long as the price is right, i'm moving to Taiwan later this year to spend my hard earned dosh anyhow.

I don't think Sup Forums understands what was the core of those political parties and even American history won't tell you. But basically civil war happened between pro-British crown people who got benefits from British empire and their opposition of less Anglo-Saxons who wanted their own industry, trades with Europe. What was considered conservative then is not necessary conservative now. I don't think USA should have conserve British Empire, their more on mixed side white settlers of non-Anglo had the right choice to fight for USA, but later they were wrong when they thought every migrant is welcomed.

good goy.

Aus had a similar (but no war) thing when we brought in the Europeans. cunts go on about the white Australia shit but that's why we're full of wogs and even Lebanon were considered part of Europe then.
not really on topic.. anyway
I do see the thing about labels and how their definitions change, a lot of what is seen as conservative 50 or so years ago was liberal

Quady-quads confirm!

Feel better, Pedro-kun?

South was basically British and North was German, you could simplify it as that. So Germans wanted to kill Anglo and then no wonder WW1 happened. German Empire and Anglo Empire had long rivalry, but it's all Zion on long term anyway, besides WW2 where we had Hitler, who wasn't like his German Empire WW1 leaders. Hitler could be compared to those who fought against British in USA and later those same Germans could be compared to Merkel, because they had no limits on migration.

hmm, didn't know that the south were predominantly brits.
makes a lot of sense now

Seriously this. It's just consumerist nihilism.

fucking this

> 1 1000 years of evolution is almost nothing

> 2 is it really throwing away if they are just avoiding complacency? pain is an excellent teacher

We don't care if you're mixed race, shut up

> muh safe space for white people :'(

It isn't a safe space for brown people. or jews

The greatest generation realized in the late 60s early 70s they messed up on some of that civil rights BS. It was too late though. No one else was able to destroy the great society.

just for white guys who live in their parent's basements

Aren't baby boomers literally the main reason why Trump won,tho?

A large margin of those who voted for Trump were people who were 50-65 years old.

That and libs hate Hilary so much a majority of them stayed home