Redpill me on high capacity magazines. If they're not more dangerous than regular magazines...

Redpill me on high capacity magazines. If they're not more dangerous than regular magazines, why did Breivik specifically order them?
Would his attack even have been possible without them?
Would a ban on high capacity magazines actually work and would it make society safer?

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Objects like this cant be dangerous by themselves.

Oh no let me reload my gun or switch to another gun so I can continue shooting. Banning high cap mags won't do shit.

Murderers rarely use that many bullets. Imaginary problems.

A 30 round magazine for an AR is a "regular" magazine.

All valid points.

If people are going to die from a gunman, the gunman will simply use more guns/magazines to overcome the fewer bullets problemo. It's called basic math; even mestizos are capable of that.

Why did Breivik use high cap mags then?
Breivik obviously did. How is it an imaginary problem when there is an actual instance where it resulted in the deaths of 70 people?

That's actually really neat. It's like a stripper clip for your magazine.

Breivik is /ourguy/ though fucking nu/pol/
Pic related is the real problem

Brevik is one guy out of 7 billion. Most murderers pussy out early into the killing spree which is why you often hear they get found with a bunch of unused ammunition.

Human psychology makes mass murder rare combined with the logistical difficulty of actually pulling one off, that the size of the magazines is basically irrelevant.

Flawless reasoning! I've been saying this exact thing for years, yet people laugh when I propose banning high capacity fertilizer and assault video games.



Civilians will always want military grade technology when it comes to everything and that includes high capacity magazines for their weapons because many feel that in order for a person to be able to effectively defend their country against foreign invasion which may or may not have the same weapon restrictions as them they will need access to the same equipment as the military so long as it is reasonable for that person to operate and maintain it.

All attacks everywhere would be possible even without high capacity magazines.
Columbine didn't use high cap mags only easily obtained legal firearms.
The Oklahoma city bomber didn't use high cap mags only easily obtained legal materials.
Also the two brothers that laid siege to France for 3 days because of Charlie Hebdo obviously didn't follow the laws of the land regarding high cap mags.
>why did user x specifically use high cap mags
Because they're easily obtained and the best thing for the job.
>would it have been possible without them
Of course.
>Would a ban on high capacity magazines actually work and would it make society safer?
No. You're just taking the power for the individual to defend themselves from criminals who don't follow the laws away and making it harder for a law abiding citizen to adequately defend their family, self and country.

30 rounds is not a high capacity magazine.

they're slightly nore practical, but nothing special
next topic: shoulder things that go up - yay or nay?


when did the 30rnd mag, something that has been used in rifles for over 60 years now as standard, become considered high cap?

you mean normal capacity magazines?

Breivik was on an island you dolt, he could've had the same kc with normal mags just bringing enough with him.

Standard capacity mags. High capacity mags were invented by the media.

This. The people on the island were fucked either way. All "high cap" mags did was make it faster.

We should limit law abiding citizens to 3 bullets. We should allow shooters to have a duffle bag full illegal magazines and reloads.

-Idiot leftist

What do you base this on? Obviously Breivik wanted high capacity magazines, and there were attempts made to stop him by some of the kids on the island. How can you be so certain that the result would have been the same had he been forced to reload?

An extended or high cap magazine just means you can fire off more rounds consecutively without having to reload. They're not anymore inherently dangerous than low capacity magazines. After all, it only takes one well placed bullet to kill someone.

It's already been proven that bans on magazines only impact law-abiding citizens. It's just "feel good" legislation. If criminals cared about the law, then they wouldn't be criminals.

breivik could have done the same with a single-shot rifle since there was nowhere to escape to

arm the kids instead.

Hey lets ban few dollars of worth plastic items! Nobody can manufacture or smuggle them!

it literally takes one second to reload, what difference does it fucking make?

He was lazy. Also 10rnd mags are usually crap.

Also carrying 30 10rnd mags versus 10 30rnd mags.

It's a ban on a technical component that doesn't really prevent the crime itself (shooting at people). People who intend to do that, will not care if "high capacity magazines" are banned or not. They may or may not use them.

If the speed limit is x km/h, banning faster cars would solve it? Sure it would make it somewhat harder, but there is no real way to prevent people from upgrading their cars. And ultimately what you want to prevent is people running other people, not people going to point a to point b at a certain speed, or simply owning a fast car for the sake of it.

Obviously you want laws, most of us know that driving past certain speed is a danger. So the law makes that knowledge an imposition to the people who are not wise enough not to do it for the common sense. With guns, you need laws too to regulate explosives or anti-air missiles, etc... But 10/30 capacity magazines makes little difference and if you have a right to defend yourself (not in europe obviously) you may need more than 10 bullets in certain self defence scenarios, lots of handguns nowadays use @ 15 bullet magazines, criminals don't work alone and they don't care about laws, so you are outnumbered, outgunned and scared. Maybe you needed those 5 extra bullets but instead now you die because you needed to reload.

xcuse me? the bullets are lethal not the mag. just sayin.

A weapon is only a tool. It cannot function without human intervention therefore OP is a faggot.

An experienced shooter can change mags and be ready to fire between 1 and 3 seconds

They are not more dangerous than regular magazines because they do not alter how the firearm operates. A cartridge chambered out of a regular magazine and cartridge chambered out of an extended magazine do the exact same damage.

>Would his attack even have been possible without them?
Absolutely. He had all the time in the world before the police showed up since they were a bunch of pussies about it.

>Would a ban on high capacity magazines actually work and would it make society safer?
No. Crime statistics wouldn't even notice a difference desu.

>Eurocucks afraid of intimate objects and mean words.

>Redpill me on high capacity magazines. If they're not more dangerous than regular magazines, why did Breivik specifically order them?
More efficiency.
>Would his attack even have been possible without them?
>Would a ban on high capacity magazines actually work and would it make society safer?
No. Breivik did nothing wrong. If everyone of us took after him, we'd make the world a better place.

That's a standard-capacity magazine, dipshit.

Liberals are idiots. If no magazine was less than 600 round capacity, a shooter would be easier to spot and more inconvenienced.
If you looked like this fag, no-one would shoot up a school

They're for convenience.

A reload done properly takes

reloading a semi-auto rifle that feed with magazines doesnt take as long a muzzle loader.
do you really think that, IF he would've had to perform an action that takes under 4-5 seconds more often than he did in reality it would've made a difference, against scared unarmed people?

Ah yes intimate objects
I remember when my mother was murdered by a fleshlight

This video starting at 1:45.

Magazine limits do fuck all. Watch the whole video for a complete redpill on magazine restrictions.

You only take 3-5 sec for reload, unless you are an autist you don't need more than a 30rd mag

Can Breivik really be considered an experienced shooter? He had no military experience and had little if any experience in hunting. Even so, is 1-3 seconds an unreasonable time frame for one or multiple individuals to overpower a gunman? The two boys who attempted to attack him were only a few meters away from him when he shot their friend.

>implying exterminating some 80 libshits is a bad thing...

>tfw you are you own strategic cover

>intimate objects
go back to

>can breivik really be considered an experienced shooter

Well, he's certainly an experienced shooter now.

Is there even such a thing as a standard capacity when it comes to detachable box mags?

I mean 30 rounds is pretty common for 5.56, so is that the de facto standard? The anti-gunners seem to think the standard is 0 rounds.

You don't need crazy skills to pull a trigger.


But that's not high capacity. Those are standard.

Regardless, what high capacity magazines did Breivik order? I've never heard of this.

The scenario presented in that video is a single individual with a firearm being attacked by a single or multiple assailants without firearms. In the case of Breivik, it's the other way around. That video shows that it is easier to overpower someone who is forced to use a low capacity magazine. So overpowering Breivik would probably have been significantly easier had he not had the American magazines.
We were discussing reloading magazines, not the shooting in itself. Clearly more experienced shooters who have reloaded more magazines will reload magazines more quickly, and the question is whether Breivik actually is that experienced.

Are you talking about reloading the magazines themselves or swapping mags in a gun?

I was making a joke but it went over your head. You don't need to be a hunter or a soldier to reload quickly. Bubba can do it in his back yard. I doubt he would've bought his weapons and not attempted to use them at a range at some point, or just in his yard if he lived on a plot of land (don't know much about his personal life)

Alternatively even if he wasn't shooting them at all, he could've practiced, detach, attach, chamber, shoulder in the comfort of his home without making any noise at all until he got it down to instinct

>That video shows that it is easier to overpower someone who is forced to use a low capacity magazine.

No it fucking doesn't, it shows that lower capacity magazines doesn't make the impact people like you tell us it does

Swedes....physicaly assaulting someone...............give me a Moment guys
my sides

>the question is whether Breivik actually is that experienced.
apparently since he managed to pull it off. talking and speculating about it wont change the history

Here we got the regular swede, a scared cuck

>Would a ban on high capacity magazines actually work and would it make society safer?

no, it would raise the black market price on them and make them easier to get

My freedoms trump hypothetical scenarios and criminal action.

tying everyone to a bed a feeding us with a tube would be safer too

That's exactly what the video shows. That's the whole point of the video. Only in their scenario, the person being overpowered is a good guy.
They were Norwegian, and 2 boys from Chechnya did attempt to attack Breivik but failed after their friend was shot to death.
I was asking whether he was experienced enough to change magazines in 1-3 seconds as it was claimed that experienced shooters can do.

This is what I was going to post.

It's not hard to reload a magazine. Especially if you own a gun legally, you can do training at home with empty magazine, no I think the hardest thing for this kind of shooting is the stress and pressure that can make you do fails movement and acts. If Breivik succeed in his killing it's because he was prepared, he hated his enemy's, he thinks he was doing the right things so he had no hesitations when pulling the trigger. Also drugs can help.

>That's exactly what the video shows.
Nope, you're just fucking retarded.

There is no "scenario" in the video. All it shows is the time scale impact of reducing magazine capacity.

Result: It's fucking nothing

Breivik did nothing wrong

We can't form our gun laws around statistically insignificant occurrences. I have a 40 round magazine. Some people have 100 round drums.

Shooting is recreational. It's boring to sit down in the middle of your session and load. It's more fun to have big magazines that let you shoot without interruption.

That said, a committed shooter can drop a 10rd magazine and have another 10rds in the gun in under 2 seconds. The average person with no experience can do it in 4.

Literally no one is going to count shots during a rampage and bet on the person not having a secondary pistol.

Also, here's a question. If the Sandy Hook shooter had a bunch of 30rd magazines, why did he instead choose to only use 15 rounders?



At 10:26 you can see the runner getting very close to Christie when she's reloading the magazine.

In the conclusion it says
>They DO make it harder for civilians to defend themselves from violent criminal attacks

This is obviously based on the proximity the runner reached to Christie. Despite the overall time of firing the 30 rounds being approximately the same, an assailant can still get in close proximity to the inexperienced shooter while they are reloading.

If we substitute the shooter in this scenario with Breivik, and the criminal in this scenario for the children who wish to overpower Breivik, it's clear that the video implies that it would have been easier for the kids to overpower Breivik had he used low capacity magazines.

>That's exactly what the video shows. That's the whole point of the video.

No it isn't, chech the last fucking slide before they start talking

>Does it take significantly longer to fire the same number of rounds from smaller capacity magazines?
>Does the need to change magazines sooner in a mass shooting create opportunitues to tackle the shooter?

>2x15 round magazines: 20.64 sec
>3x10 round magazines: 18.05 sec
>5x6 round magazines: 21.45 sec

>2x15 round magazines: 22.90 sec
>3x10 round magazines: 25.51 sec
>5x6 round magazines: 26.93 sec

Even at her slowest she's still sending one round downrage every second. When exactly are you going to bumrush her? Besides, only a retard fires all the rounds in the magazine before reloading, i.e you keep one round in the chamber as you reload.

>30 rounds is high capacity

No a ban would not work, but it would make me rich by creating a demand for black market mags.

Sure. You would have stopped him if he had a 10 round mag. I'm getting tired of you so called hero that say if I only I was here to stop the attacks!!! No you would have run away like everyone and anyways you can't see if he have a 10rd mag or 30.

Honestly fuck off on the magazines. Our government is afraid of us and I like it that way.

As for it making a difference in deaths the only constant factor I have noticed seems to be location. The worst incidents are when the gunman chooses a place where people cannot escape. Schools and that nightclub.

Outside of that is Cho who somehow managed to empty 17 10 round magazines which doesn't help the high capacity argument either. Also he used a handgun and not a rifle.

breivik did nothing wrong, he only killed communists and communists deserve to die.

10 round or not as soon as you hear the gun shot and especially if it's a big caliber like 5.56 or 7.62 you will shit your pants and try to get as far as possible from that noise. Hero like OP are in the wrong.

>5.56 and 7.62
>big calibers
maybe for a Californian, but people would run at the sound of gunshot anyway, the size of the cartridge is pretty much irrelevant here

'not more dangerous'
If you know how to use a gun, I'm pretty sure being able to shoot more times before you have to reload is definitely more dangerous.

>If they're not more dangerous than regular magazines, why did Breivik specifically order them?
They're easier to find and cheaper than lo-cap mags.

>Would his attack even have been possible without them?

>Would a ban on high capacity magazines actually work and would it make society safer?
Nope. There are so many in circulation, especially in the US, that this would be impossible. With the advent of 3D printing, a ban would fail miserably for any determined individual.

30 rounds is standard capacity. Stop memeing.

The worst incidents in the US in terms of deaths all went on for a quite a bit. They are not wrong when they say a good guy with a gun would have stopped this shit.

Fuck the idea of scared shitless random people somehow rushing a gunman between magazines. People can be fast as fuck switching them.

This. Cho had a 9mm and a .22 and I dont think he used the .22.

How does Brevik always seem so charismatic?

Happy people are naturally charismatic and people are happiest doing what they love.

>They're easier to find and cheaper than lo-cap mags.
Except that isn't the case. He had to specifically order them from the US. He risked them getting stuck in the customs (which would have resulted in smuggling charges) and spent considerably more money on those magazines than if he had just used the standard magazines available in Norway. Clearly, high capacity magazines were very important to Breivik, important enough to risk his cover being blown and his 5 years of preparation being wasted. But people still claim it's an unimportant detail. Why would he go to such lengths to get these magazines if they make no difference?

fucking finally fuck nu/pol/

I'm never buying a second hand gun again.

Also let's see him do that after he's fired a few rounds.

I think the right terminology is "high capacity clips"

Ban assault fatties.

They are more convenient but looking at the stats on mass shooting they do not make much difference. He may have personally valued them but honestly if we look at it objectively it was stupid of him to have them shipped like that.

Also how the hell did he have to get them from the US. Seems to me he would have been much safer getting shit from eastern Europe. Ive heard black market shit is easy enough to get in Europe. He would have been better off going on vacation somewhere in the eastern end of the Schengen Area.

I am seeing how he valued them but honestly it wasnt smart for him.

because if you're going to have fun anyway, you better do it on your own terms
that aside, it's been proven time and time again that banning standard capacity mags does fuck all to the time spent putting bullets in front of you, the most time is spent aiming anyway
hell, he cpuld have pulled off the Utoya highscore even with a nugget and stripper clips if he were prepared
he only picked those mags (again, STANDARD CAPACITY) because they're slightly more practical, if he really wanted a to shoot a lot without reloading he would have gotten a drum mag
>b-but muh numbers
yeah, good luck convincing a group of scared kids to zerg rush an armed opponent, that would be really easy

For someone that is not well trained, reloading can be cumbersome and slow. Especially when under stress. It's not like a video game where every reload is perfect.

I must not be well coordinated since I've tried many reloading drills and I can never get it down like they do in video games. Trying to do it quickly always leads to me messing up.

this looks flawed
despite the fact that the timings between shots are arbitrary the mags are stored at the most convenient place

30 round glock magazines is standard capacity?

He is probably from Nevada.

>shoot the kids that aren't running away
>time to reload
>if one of them run at you its a kid vs a fully grown man that was ready to kill

Pls sweden. Dont report me to ofcom.

Breivik wasn't pressured though. He had all the time he wanted to use the island as his personal shooting ground.