What does he mean by this?

What does he mean by this?
What liberal experiment?
All our cities are fucking shitholes rampant with crime.

He means the white haven he lives in works great because he can't see the true shit just 20 minutes away from him.

Isn't that the liberal experiment?

Rural and suburban retards BTFO

Leftists invariably destroy anything they gain control over.

liberal cities are evil incarnate

>The liberal experiment works, that's why we need more federal funding. :^)

the mental gymnastics is strong with this one

Detroit, Modern Day liberal UTOPIA!

they specifically mean their white gentrified neighbourhoods not the ghetto.

Detroit really is diverse with its 80%+ black population

Living in a modern cosmopolitan city literally feels like living in a cyberpunk dystopia

>Be the left
>Complain that Trump will fail black communities and low income city dwellers, which are already in dire straits
>Complain that Trump says the cities are failing because they are liberal successes

This is a subtle way of saying that liberalism is an absolute failure

Hey goys, Detroit isn't a shit hole but instead its a liberal experiment that works.

The same with New York, Chicago, and LA.


Todd is that you?

You best keep on moving nigger, I have more liberal cities to design.

St Louis

and so on...fuck the liberal experiment.

>80+% black

new yorker here the number of degenerates here are INSANE

>all the rich areas are where whites, jews, rich minorities like Indians and Asians live
>the rest of the cities are like warzones, cops being shot, drugs, child prostitution, gangwars


muh education

our beloved beached

Cities work as long as they maintain their ability to sustain themself. I'm not talking about money here but rather the actual ressources needed to feed it's population and renew it's buildings. The moment this is not a given, a city will start to be a drain on any community that is able to sustain itself.

You can prolong this draining effect with efficient trade. It'll eventually lead to a very big and fragile system that's bound to go down with a big bang and in my opinion not worth it

> works
> A place where there are sectors that you are guaranteed to die in if you go at a certain time of night with any meaningful display of wealth

Malmo, Watts, and the Bronx would disagree.

>The liberal experiment works!
>Just look at Chica-uhh
>Just look at Washington D-uhh
>Just look at Los Angel-uhh
>Just look at--

Who's that? The child actor from TNG?

San Diego
San Francisco

Living in the country feels like an agrarian dystopia (like district 11 from the hunger games with less nigger slaves) so you aren't alone buddy

why do they do that with their trousers?


You have to take it as a whole, though. The rich white areas and the poorer and black/brown/homeless white areas.

A white almost always good no matter where it is.

>The liberal experiment works.

So Liberals are racists?
>Buy cheap because minorities keep property value down.
>Run them out of town.
>Property value is now sky high and only the rich can afford it.
>Keep minorities in low income crime ridden hell hole of city.
>Never go there.
>I love my rent at $3000 a month.

>can go anywhere you want
>can go hunting or fishing
>neighbors are friendly
>don't have to lock your doors

The only bad thing is maybe lack of jobs and having to go to the city for some stuff

Donald Trump doesn't demonize cities. The fuck is this guy talking about?

>unemployment, homelessness, crime, loneliness, drugs, third world shitskin migrants taking over parts of the city, bad air, living in apartments the since of a tincan

I see what he means. Cities are amazing.

If cities are such shitholes maybe you should tell Trump to stop stealing money from them so that he can send it all to his dumbass low-IQ military voters so that they'll keep supporting him.

Don't forget the omnipresent police force in cities, reminding you that our semi-totalitarian governments are the only thing holding our multicultural shitholes together and preventing utter chaos and anarchy. Seriously, if the NYPD disappeared from New York, within a week it would be a war zone to make south Chicago look like paradise

>Hi everybody Im a Leaf.
>I did the same exact thing in my country.
>Whoops, we dont have any money left, lets let half the country burn.
>Diversity will surely put out the fires.

Leaf, blow away, your country is in no way shape or form able to besmirch another at this point, maybe you should kick out your lead captain and replace him.

Good point. No sense of responsibility towards your community.

>Atomized populations
>Crime ridden
>Inherently anti-social
>Ethnic groups set up ghettos
>Catastrophically low TFR so can only survive by constantly drawing in fresh meat from rural areas
>Completely incapable of supporting themselves - are parasites upon the preexisting rural communities

Remember the old days when socialists/communists used to idoloize the rural worker and demonize the effete, cosmopolitan, urban populations?

>crime infested shitholes that are unsustainable without rural areas, toxic heaps, and carbon footprints bigger than some 3rd world countries
>liberal experiment working

If you live in the land of make-believe and everything is powered by magic, then it appears liberalism can work.

So much this. City people all voted for Hillary :3

>Liberal Experiment
I want them to live in Bridgeport or Waterbury, Connecticut, they are the most rundown cities

>liberal experiment
what? What the fuck is he even talking about? A city is a bunch of people living together, it's not a liberal experiment, what the fuck? Even ancient Sumerians had cities and they weren't liberal.


If it weren't for those damn suburbs the city wouldn't look like a nigger infested crime pit.

It would just look normal.

remove shark nets

>same person with different colored shirts.

>Good examples of cities

If you want the full Blade Runner effect, live within the city limits of LA

>black people in water

what is this fuckery

Logic is racist, don't you dare to bring up that shit you nazi.

>everyone sees a shrink monthly and half of the working force is popping pills just to keep the bad thoughts away

Sure is a wonderland.

If not trolling, it originated in American prisons. It meant that an inmate who was saggin was willing to take it up the ass. Now a bunch of gangs have adopted this as something

>the liberal experiment to make everybody a welfare leech works
he isn't wrong

Only the rural and suburban retards voted for Grumphy.

Would love to see stats on how many Americans in the workforce/university are using psychoactive drugs or seeing a psychiatrist

Me on the left

Yeah, Trump really demonizes NYC.

What liberal experiment? Building gay night clubs for hipsters while there is a crap ton of homless methheads running around in the city?

Since when does Trump demonize cities? He's like the embodiment of Manhattan.

fucking not at all. its like a breath of fresh air.

I wish.

>what is the shallow end


Agreed. I live in the Japanese countryside. Everyone's so nice and awesome to each other. Fresh air all the time.
Had business with the head company in Osaka. Sea of the best dressed fucking uncivilized cavemen I've ever seen. City people are so fucking disgusting.

lol are these supposed to be good examples of cities? I'm in Toronto and this place is a shit hole.

Cities are literally the worst thing about the United States. The rest of the country outside of maybe parts of the rural SE are god tier.

>this delusion
I think we are at the point where people literally think higher incidence of mental illness, violent crime, etc is a good thing.
Everyone deserves to die.

Is there any right-wing, white, cities that are much better?

What is he thinking?

The liberal experiment wor-

Salt Lake City is fairly large and essentially a white paradise. Granted it is filled with Mormon faggots it is white nonetheless. Not much crime at all and that's with a now sizeable spic population.

This gif

If it reaches 100% it would be hella diverse. Without whitey in the way they will probably develop their in space program.

>High crime
>High poverty
>Lower quality of life

Tell me how the liberal experiment worked?

He talks about how Chicago and Detroit are failures.

I hate cities and city-folk desu.

I was always curious about the aftermath of this. I just can't imagine the niggers not chimping out after that.

Just look at New York in the 90s before the NYPD went full police state, or any of the liberal cities for that matter.

Objectively true. Shitcago is a murder zone and Detroit is hilariously fucked up.

this one was too easy.

American cities are the fucking assholes of this country. I've been to most major cities in the north east and they're all shitholes with 40+ year old crumbling infrastructure with garbage all over the place. That's not even taking crime into consideration. Compared to European cities of the same calibre it's pathetic.

This. Slav cities even are beautiful in comparison.

cities are cesspools


Dick Wolf please go.

>living in anything bigger than a quaint town or village
City-dwellers are quite literally the first to die in any SHTF scenario, every time.

Suspension/expulsion of the white student, apology from the principal for racism and slavery.
I'm just guessing but I bet I'm more right than wrong.

Today I learned that in Dane land, Waldo wears black stripes

I am!

Fucking kek

Try living in London.

He means that you have been brainswashed into believing that cities are "fucking shitholes rampant with crime"...meanwhile, if you look at per capita crime rates, pic related, theres not so much correlation. Meanwhile, you have also been brainwashed into thining that cities are net takers from the system, while the reality is that cities pay much higher rates of tax and are cheaper, per capita, to maintain from an infrastructure perspective than sprawling rural areas.
basically, cities are working much better and are prospering more than rural areas at the moment and this has been totally spun to deceive retards like you


oops, pic related

That's 2 out of 1000 cities. I doubt the guy used detroit and chicago as examples of the liberal experiment being successful. He created this shit out of thin air just to go after trump and praise seattle. He committed a tin man fallacy

Why do niggers stand on top of desks? There's that .gif of a bunch of niggers dancing on their desks and some white girl pushes one of them off her desk. What is it about being on a higher elevation that appeals to niggers? Is it a WE WUZ thing?

you're being fed and supplied by rural areas, you paying taxes with you graphic designer diploma won't mean shit without rural folk feeding you

I live in NYC. Its a shithole full of runaways and degenerates. 9/10 are dishonest. A disaster of a city.

It hurts

Hearing my dad talk about how Camden was actually habitable in the 50s/60s makes me sad too. Now driving through it every house looks burned out with hordes of ricans and niggers.

i'd like your source thank you