"british" leftists in charge of making nigger memes

british righties in charge of Britain more like,

God I hate Theresa May. How many more times do we have to try female politicians before we realise they just suck?

>doesn't know how to get free Sky with Kodi

>tfw your leader actually holds phone right side up

>Brexit: wanting to maintain sovereignty but still trade with people.

Not even once goyim.

You dont belong

This thread is brought to you be the colour
If only you cunts would fuck off back to normal land and soundbites Sup Forums could go back to being a comedy channel.

We did it for more years than you country has existed the EU and trade agreements has only really been a problem in the last 100. Mainly because the church mice were revolting and we needed somewhere else to plunder. I am sailing under a false flag don`t you know.

Phoning up Sky and saying you are going to cancel is a pretty good way of getting them to offer a better deal though.

Well I know it works on phone companies and Sky seems like they'd also follow that principle.

Sky is shit. Try a different telecom, there is about 5 other big ones and about 50 small ones.

Analogies are never persuasive, part of Dibertman's 101s

Go live next door to a retard and just borrow their wifi and watch everything free online.

Our greatest PM was a woman.

I keked so hard

>Hello is that Britain? We'd like to cancel your services but keep charging you for your subscription. Hello? Hello!?

implying anyone watches sky anymore, grandad


FUCK OFF. Maggie was a force a decline that is still ongoing. Just look how we have just been fucked over by the BoE lowering interest rates. That was down to Maggie and her deregulation policy.

>Go live next door to a retard
what's your address?


I love Maggie, but greatest PM? Only when compared with those who came after her.

SW1A 2AA look it up.


downer street? cheeky nip! our pols are fucking TWICE as retarded as you'res

You could always go a bit upmarket and try SW1A 1AA. I sail under St George.

Palmerston wasn't a woman.

But he did like to hang around in bars.

Had she taken us out of the EU/EC she'd have been absolutely great.

Of course the fact she had realised what it truly was and what it was becoming is one of the main reasons she was stabbed in the back by traitorous cucks like Heseltine and Howe.