Is gas still the most efficient way to exterminate a large group of people?

Is gas still the most efficient way to exterminate a large group of people?

Can we make genetic viruses that only effects certain people yet?

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>You are more likely to contract HIV if you are gay or a woman...
Sounds like they already did, and it targets the worst of society.

Water is more effective. Reusable and cheap.
It is efficient but not very humane.

ask bill gates

You mean drowning?

Take control of the institutions, get them to wallow in self loathing and open the door to invaders.

Logic and Facts will be good for leftyfags and sjws

Sup Forums needs to do a virology project out of this. A virus to cleanse them all. A virus to meme them. A virus to bind them all in Kek.

> german
> efficient
can you be more stereotypical?

The system works

The best virus to cleanse the world

>Is gas still the most efficient way to exterminate a large group of people?

>Can we make genetic viruses that only effects certain people yet?

Water will damage buildings, electronics etc etc etc. Gas is the best way to deal with civilians whilst keeping the infrastructure intact.

Porn and drugs are the best way to exterminate large groups of people goy. The best part is you dont even need to kill anyone.

genetic biological weapons are possible its the final solution

Remember the plague?
Or influenza killing millions?
Or even a firestorm surrounding a town and completely razing it

One word: sterilization.

Nah. If you're rounding them up anyway, and building large facilities to put them in, why waste resources and money?

Just build a huge concrete box and dump people in it via plane or helicopter. If they survive the fall, there will be nothing there for them, and they won't last long. If not, problem solved anyway.

Walls 30 feet tall with inward slopes, and a concrete floor, literally no way of escaping. The box is meant to contain the dead, and trap the living until they become dead through starvation/dehydration. Every so often you can just napalm the box to clear out the bodies, and start again.

weaponized sickle cell would be great

if you're going big a neutron bomb is efficient way to kill without really doing a lot of damage- but not very controlled, and not an excellent idea to use in your own backyard



If we inject a small amount of radiation into a small area, you can make everyone in it infertile without them even knowing.

Be a lot cheaper to just dump VX from planes all over.

I'd reckon a piping system that can douse the thousands of litres necessary to drown a roomful of people reasonably fast is really expensive

Pretty sure a big-ass concrete box is cheaper than gas. But, this is completely scenario-dependent, I'm not talking about killing towns of people, more like specific demographics.

> gas

If you're talking large-scale, I think a neutron bomb is what you want.

God bless America

Just a big hole, filled with water. Like drowning Sims.

Cost for a litre of water is around 0.003 dollars
An average human lung and stomach can hold between 4 and 7 litres.
So ((0.003*4)+(0.003*7))/2=0.016
Thats around 2 cents per person.

Lets break it down for zyklon b.

A kilogram of it was worth 4,55 reichsmark in 1943
One 1943 reichsmark is around 3,54 dollars giving us a modern kilo price of 16,11 dollars per box.
According to wikipedia one kilogram was enough to kill 250 normal sized humans.
so we have (4,55*3,54)/250=0,064 Dollars per kill.

Water is way more efficient

What do we all breathe in? No contaminate that with something odorless, colourless and tasteless, something that requires a very small amount to be effective and what happens?

Millions of people choking to death.. Your concrete box idea is a waste of concrete. You do as I say now, or I VX your mum.

Jesus you've thought this through haven't you Hans.

>airlifting people is cheap
Assuming we dump them from ground level and let them die from the fall, it'd have to be a very deep hole. Lostallhope gives 46 meters (150 feet) as the necessary height of a jump to guarantee death. Bodies are also softer than tarmac Then there's filing.

An average adult is probably a quarter of a meter thick. Your box would fill really fast. You'd want to expand it but as we know increasing one side of a cube cubes the difference of volume. Doubling the length of the hole (thus doubling base area) would increase the dirt excavated needed by eight times.

Bodies burn much harder than people think. Even then it reduces to heavy particulates which don't float away. A modern crematorium takes an hour for 50kg, which is about the weight of an emancipated prisoner. Napalm burns at only slightly less than a modern crematorium. The real problem is you'd need to start the fire below the bodies. Lighting the top layer absolutely wouldn't burn the lower levels

I'm a walking stereotype

>singapore education

Helium is only 75 bucks per thousand cubic feet. A 10 feet by 10 by 5 feet room would take 7.5 bucks with pure helium. Each person takes up about 3 feet so you can fit 33 people in there and kill them for seven fifty. It's lower in reality because you don't need pure helium to kill them. I suspect piping carbon monoxide from a burner is even cheaper

I also support the water method. No need for fancy boxes. We have the wonderful oceans. Can you plane, helicopter, or ship. I prefer ship. Walk the plank. No need for cleanup afterwards.

And how would you fill a room with water reasonably fast? A 3 m cubic room would have 27,000 litres. Granted the people would take up some space, let's say 4/5s, that's still 5,400 litres you have to fill in. Then wait say 20 minutes before they drown.

What about just using a huge grinder? Then you could bag and use the waste product easily for fertilizer.

I thought this was due to Increased bone density due to the selective breeding of slaves to increase strength and endurance?

Efficiency is not only about cheap costs, its also about throughput per hours/minute. Suffocation takes time

Pool would already be full, just close the top at the edge of the water like a solid pool cover, afterwards open it back up (and fish out the bodies or something more efficient)

>1% of whites have an immunity to HIV
Really gets my noggin joggin

>Can we make genetic viruses that only effects certain people yet?

Yes we can. Check this out, everyone:

"Although it may take several decades for the process of transformation to unfold, in time, the art of warfare on air, land, and sea will be vastly different than it is today, and 'combat' likely will take place in new dimensions: in space, 'cyber-space' and perhaps the world of microbes.
Space itself will become a theater of war, as nations gain access to space capabilities and come to rely on them; further, the distinction between military and commercial space systems – combatants and noncombatants – will become blurred. Information systems will become an important focus of attack, particularly for U.S. enemies seeking to short-circuit sophisticated American forces. And advanced forms of biological warfare that can 'target' specific genotypes may transform biological warfare from the realm of terror to a politically useful tool." - Rebuilding America’s Defenses

The most efficient and cheap way was invented by Pol Pot. Basically you transport people to the countryside, give them shovels, they dig their own graves, then lie in them, and then you bury them alive (hence you save a lot on ammunition). The fucker managed to kill millions, almost 25% of the population like that.

Everything else is too costly and/or complicated.

>suffocation takes time
So does drowning, but air pipes in and diffuses practically instantly. If it's a deadly gas you don't even have to fill the entire room.

>fish out the bodies
You could line a net around the edges and pull them out using a large crane.

No doubt about that. Do you have a shit sense of humour and autistically fold your clothes?

I love how you mention genocide and instantly get detailed replies from Sup Forums explaining exactly how they would do it, and a serious and mature conversation (from Sup Forums of all places) emerges around the subject. This is fucking hilarious.

legend has it they already exist.

It seriously never ceases to amaze me.

OK everyone thank you for your replies I will take all of your thoughts into account.

Remember this thread in the years to come, you may have just contributed to history!

>t. LARPer

>Pol Pot

Very efficient Cambodian. Didn't over think it.

When civilization itself is threatened, sane and empathic people try to solve it in the best way. Regrettably it seems the best way is genocide.

Problem needs to be broken down into parts:
1) transport people to extermination site
2) extermination
3) disposal of bodies

#1 is most efficient if the people can transport themselves to the site of #2. Walk is good since it burns off calories, keeps tired, etc.

Before thinking about #2, it is important to think about #3 since that is the most difficult part of the problem. Once dead, bodies are extremely hard to move and dispose of.

Therefore, Pol Pot is genius. Walk them into jungle. They dig holes. They get in holes. Bury them. Repeat.

gas = maymay

gas was not used in the (((Genocide))), and it's continued use in text form modern day is purely a meme. for the low- intelligence one's like (You).

That being said, atmospheric aerosol injections methods would do the most damage, OP af tbqhfamalam
oh wait, they already do these every fucking day

Are are we the bad guys?

Sup Forums is a board of peace.

>Really gets my noggin joggin
that same 1% is especially weak against certain other viruses however. West Nile being a prime example.

Outbreed them and interbreed with them like a cell swallowing a smaller cell.

You don't need fancy bio-engineering, good old fashioned starvation is the tried and true method.

>not tying victims so they drown faster

>italian education

I suggest just building your camp near a cliff or chasm then just throwing them in. Literally free. Or, you know, just starve them. Put them out in the open under the sun. No water or food = dead in less than a week. Takes time but no costs involved.

And they really just digged the graves? They known commies are gonna kill them but they still digged the graves for themselves?

>Put them out in the open under the sun. No water or food = dead in less than a week. Takes time but no costs involved.

Not true. Huge costs with clean up of the bodies.

>They known commies are gonna kill them but they still digged the graves for themselves?

How do they know that they are going to be killed? No one told them that. They think they are digging a ditch.

weaponized autism.

This. This is the way to go. Radiation as well as chemical.

>weaponized autism.
sure sure. It's nothing more than grade 7 algebra.

>This is the way to go. Radiation as well as chemical

Break it down into the steps.
How are you going to get people to go to a place where they are sterilized? Remember, different methods for M/F. And once sterilized, they will be talking to others about later - how do you get those others to the sterilization area.

Why not just have trains made of big cages, make the train capable of going under water, then create a track which passes though a large body of water like a lake etc. you can just load em up on the trains send them on their merry way.

>train capable of going under water,
how do you dispose of the bodies?

It never has been, The best way to do it is how its being done in Africa today. 12% of the idiots have HIV, keep sending aid so they don't build an infrastructure to feed theselves and build leaking wells for mosquito larvae to flourish and spread malaria.

How did he bury them alive? Wouldn't they scramble out?

A virus that targeted Denisovan DNA would just wipe out Australian Aboriginals.

Kick-starter anyone?

theres got to be some mad scientist working on a gene virus out there.
Remember the geezer who tried to make a death ray in his van?

Arc furnace. It's what they use to destroy asbestos and other toxic materials now.

Leaves nothing behind

>How did he bury them alive? Wouldn't they scramble out?
shoot them if they scramble out. It gives them a false choice - bury and possibly live, scramble out and certain death by bullet

>Arc furnace
and how do you get the bodies from the railcars to the the furnace?

You've made it far too complicated and too much energy used. Worse idea than gaz chambers.

Why are you bringing up the WORST terrorist attack in europe that we will remember to the exclusion of all others OP?

What was her name again? I have forgotten.

I remember the names of (even one?) of those other victims, we all do.

This but 100 times the size put them in alive.
dispose them thorough a pipeline into the sea.

Doesen't work very fast. Even with all the chemicals in our food any nu-male is physically capable of having children.

Energy is free and unlimited. Electric furnace, electric train

The lake is stupid.

Herd undesirables into side-tipping rail cars, dump directly into a central arc furnace. All rail lines in the country lead to the final solution.

If you want to be an ethical faggot you can electrify the side-tipping railcars so the contents are stunned before they get tipped out into the arc furnace.

Joe Cocks

>people mock German for using water as his mass execution method of choice

>he's actually done the maths

I bet you get turned on looking at engines, too.

The fucking names

garbage day!

I've thought about this before. Gas never made any sense to me which makes me doubt a lot were ever killed with gas.

Bullets do work.

Simply putting people in a large dry field with wire and landmines along with guard posts around the edge would also work. No water means they will all die within a week.

Water supply would be my option, but not for drowning...Contaminated for consumption.

Release as many as reasonable into the Paris catacombs and seal the exits. Voila.

Are drugs degenerate if I do them for soul searching and shit?

Odessa catacombs are a good place too.
We have a ton of abandoned holes in the ground that could be utilized in this manner.
Without the tools to burrow out if the exits are properly caved in or otherwise sealed, the chances of escaping are virtually none.
The total darkness and generally tight spaces will drive them insane within the end of the first day, growing hunger will drive some into cannibalism, speeding up the process even more.
After 2-3 weeks, you can either forget about the whole location as it is now a mass grave, or reopen it, clean the entrance up a bit and then repeat. There should be enough room on top of the corpses to walk on.

Time also costs money.

Seems to me like drowning people would take a long time, and then you have to fish them out. Whatever process you use requires the effort of loading bodies and moving them around also.

I propose using a cliff with a drop leading to a metal floor. People can be pushed off in large groups head first, smash into the floor, and then bulldozers can scrape them up into piles. If possible there would be a road another level lower than the impact zone and that way the bulldozers can push the corpse piles directly into the back end of waiting gravel trucks for removal.

Discover what the gene the jews have and goys dont.
Find a very lethal virus and modify it to attack the people who have the jew gene.
Then somehow influence as many jews as possible to only breed with other jews, strengthening the jew gene.
46 years later, after most of the jews have the enhanced and more prominent jew gene, release the viruses in Washington, Jew York, Los Angeles, Texas, as many places in Europe Russia as possible, and all that is left in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.
The ones that survive somehow will have their 6000 year old jew web of money, evil and satanism wrecked to shit.

Get to work if you are capable of anything.
I wont because im not capable of anything above mentioned.

>Never waste
make fish pellets
Never waste

shoo shoo johst ghost

Like they were just doing in northern Europe?