South brazil is third wor-

>south brazil is third wor-

Looks like a rural and suburban shithole to me.


Because yours is so progressive.

I bet they voted for drumpf.

ben fischbein

BRs have certainly come a long way

>tfw São Paulo


You are in no position to talk about ugly cities, also even a suburban shithole with barazilian environment is better than an upper class neighbourhood in Ontario

Sorry bud, still 3rd world

They even showed their support for Trump, based Hues.

Fucking kek

>south brazil
That's Norway, taco nigger.

It's actually Norway. A place called Ålesund.

Canada is literally a multicultural liberal utopia.

>reverse image search
>mexican intellectual

thanks m8

Zoom in faggot.

There is no such place here.

I mean, not even close.

Look, I used to believe in the "South meme", I even went there and planned to move in. But as soon as I got there, I've realized is just a meme. A terrible one. Everyone is race mixed, architecture is still terrible, all the annoying things about Brazil were still there.

Fuck the south.

third world doesnt mean poor country.

The expression first, second and third world countries were introduced during the cold war, when we divided the world in 3 categories, first world = NATO and allied countries, second world = URSS and commies, third world = the rest

All shops etc are moving to "moa", so Ålesund is becoming worse and more empty by the day, pretty sad.

fag OP be like
>look this is Nairobi, who says Kenya is third world? checkmate
pic related


Brazil is not wh-

I was this february in Rio and Angra dos reis, and I can say Sup Forums is exaggerating, my stay was pretty nice, people were friendly and I didn't get mugged or killed by a monkey with an ak47.