Risk - World Edition

Come on in.

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World risk with no bonuses :(

owain glyndwr

Is this better?

Poland red

Which map do you want guys?

Original other one is for ants

this one


Black or Green

One more player and we can start

We're doing one with region bonuses.

Kk still Poland Red

>Papaya tribe
>New guinea
>orange or purple

is Op kill?

mupdate 1

Anyone can still join.

Hey Faggot let's start

Were u the guy that did religion risk yesterday?

Fill Poland any Spill into Germany

(((Lebanese))) furry trannies
Location:middle easy
Colour: red

Fuck it's already taken, then iran is my location

This one
>Ice Empire

Red is taken any other color?

So is red

Roll to Take Papua and islands.
Yes, it is I!

Then brown

Fill Syria

Haha sick I was Polan there too, n in thread before urs.

ixed name

Boss Nigger

You're the guy in the Risk thread i made weren't you?

You were Soviet Union i think?

yup where do you wanna split there's still 8t to use



Other color



It was nice playing with you, bro.

gib East Prussia and Silesia

fuck it that dark red if that's available

Awwwwhh saved

U take West Yurop we no want no trouble.

Prussia and Sillesia is Deutsch clay


Fill Germany

Attack the Furry Trannies. May Allah Have Mercy on their Souls.

Damn Faggots

Fill rest of Poland Spill into Balkans

spread out to alaska

Hey I'm actually (((lebanese))) not just furry trannies! Continue expanding in persia

Take more Papua!
Spills go into Australia.
Trip update.

Ally?? In this time line Polska is Fascist like Italy.

Bitch you will regret about this

fill michigan, anything left spread eastward

alright. but do not touch Western Europe and Scandinavia.

We'll see about that, INFIDEL!

Irish National Front
Dark Green
Northern Ireland

OK u got it Fuhrer




Dark Brown

Lol 2numbers pali lol

Shall we have an Alliance O GREAT KANG

Fill Indonesia

We shall bix nood den brotha

But Leave Arabia to me.


Make me yellow since furtraps took brown first motherfuckers

I need an alliance fuhrer

deal, but I want Egypt for it is sacred kang lang


Keep it Brother for you are indeed a KANG

good, another member of the Axis.


Remember to put bonuses in name. Otherwise i will not count them.

Follow this link to join my WhatsApp group: chat.whatsapp.com/CfiuxNz2g9ZJ8ZgR0rcfpb

This is group has been disrespecting Pol , fuck shit up for them HURRY

Fixed name

fill the west of siberia for thath +4 bonus boiiii

Take more Aussie land!
Spills go to NZ

fill East Africa for I am might KANG

Fill last 3 tiles of Polish clay Spill South into Balkans

fill southward into kentucky and tennessee

Fill Goymany

Keep fucking the furry traps.I need myself a young goat boipucci.

Death to FAGGOTS!!!

Okay KEK and Hitler is on my side. ATTACK DAM ISIS. DEUS VULT

Fill INdonesia

Lets ally! Island-niggers should rule the world!

Irish National Front
Northern Ireland


Kek bless me! Australia and New Zealand!

Fill Tennessee, spread in the southeast usa

Fill all of East Africa, spill Sudan

holy shit it worked! if any spills go take Argentina!

Fill rest of Belarus /Latvia area then move South

Attack isis to the fucking death, i have no fucking choice

Keep raping furries

Fill Indonesia, spill Phillipines.


Alliance against the American Imperialists?

Fill Goymany, spill into the Netherlands


no politics only ice
fill more of siberia for that +4 bonus

US ISIS Cell waiting to be activated w/alliance?

Fine. I need one of you Westerners to buy my Oil.

excellent, currently activating other cells in the US

INF moves to conquer Southern Ireland and eradicate the snakes from our country.