A message to the lgbtq(and whatever kind of nonsense you want to add)-community:

>A message to the lgbtq(and whatever kind of nonsense you want to add)-community:

Fuck you, fuck every single one of you.
You're the reason people hate gays, you act like society owes you something, you come to schools and talk about being gay or a tranny, it's wrong!
You have parades and festivals celebrating your sexual preference. Why? Just so you can show of that you take it in the ass?
Parents protect their children from people like you.

And dont even get me started on the trannies, fooling straight men to beliving that you're women. It's wrong! Fuck you!

t. a bi dude

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you sound like you got taken for a ride by a tranny. newsflash dumbfuck, just because someone commits a crime doesn't mean an entire demographic should lose the basic rights they deserve. This kind of logic is what feminists use to say men are evil and need to be controlled.

why post here, go to /lgbt/, Sup Forums or reddit where they are all jerking off to that degenerate shit

i'm not hating on every single homo in the world, just people who accosiate themselfes with the lgbtq movement

sage monkey heads


i was thinking this post isnt very swedish of you but then i got to:
>t. a bi dude
and everything was right with the world again.

Didn't get enough BBC Sven?

Aryan* and in our case White-Aryan Masculinity > Judaic Marxism and Christian-Judaic rules

*homosexuality or at least a lesser "man/man sex on the side" is seen in more cultures than those the White Race, such as the Turks, Japanese and India (Kama Sutra, traditional literature composed in a pre-Modernity society)

Not discussing sexual behavior on a politics board - when SJW Marxists and the New Left use sex as a political tool 200% of the time - is foolish

I'm gonna assume that's from the well known Folsom street fair (it's a meme in Swedish online forums too as a sign of degeneracy)

>american laws allowing this
>american economy stimulating this
>american Mickey Mouse head (not to mention that and other symbols used in the (((shadier))) pedophile stuff exposed amongst some of your Straight politicians atm, thanks to Wikileaks)

At least Sweden doesn't produce the (((jewish))) Anti-White pornography of that kind in our own country's economy, which is a slight silver lining

americans btfo'd by this post

>hate any type of degeneracy
>hate the lgbtq movement because of the degeneracy of the sjw nature of it
>dont think society owes anything to gays
>very right wing opinions on everything
>dislike immigreation and whatnot

it just happens that I swing both ways, men and women

Read up on Aristotle and his Male/Male sex society

>still had politics re: Family planning and households like any functioning civilization
>ranked Three Levels of gay sex - with ANAL SEX being seen as __the lowest___ of them (they preferred oral as more heroic/violent/manlier)

oh, and Aristotelian thought has survived via """"DEUS VULT""""" Catholic Europe, the Islamic middle ages and 'til today

>dont think society owes anything to gays
Yet gays are in the minority and must respect the majority

>what is "Samhällskroppen" instead of individualism
Any notion of a Gay Agenda, as expressed by judaeo-christian luddite americans, is silly because European civilization or at least the manfucking Ancient Greece would've been exterminated due to "no reproducing", following their logic

also that statistical figure of around 10% gai/bi _still_ holding strong - it's even calculated into the member base of National Socialist regime's Sturmabteilung by historian, IIRC (so any scenario of "Homo takeover ---> 89% faggots and too few babies born as a result of it" seems unrealistic)

>hate the lgbtq movement because of the degeneracy of the sjw nature of it
pic related managed to

>kill commie traitors and commie foreigners opposing the NSDAP
>advance through meritocratic means; police chief ----> Sturmabteilung Leadership
>approved by Hitler up until the Night of The Long Knives

>but at that point he had fought violently for ~2 decades, him and Ernst Rohm (both gay) killing more enemies of the upcoming NSDAP than Hitler himself during WW1 and the 'mellankrigstiden' years

Despite the mockery of him "having a girlish face on a truck driver's body" he

>was ripped a fuck
>outright killed tons of people during war years
>supported the Axis loyally 'til the very end
>... when jewish-led (((Strasserism))) ideology perverted the SA into Left-Leaning Socialism struggling against the NSDAP who were in power at the time

People arguing that Homosexuality is a Marxist invention or that bi/gay people must be inherently against their biological gender is constantly BTFO'd by this and other examples, such as Imperial Japan, more mainstream homos as the intelligent Computer Science-guy Alan Turing (UK) and ancient Turkey

that's really fucking cute/cool
you know a lot about this dude

It's celebrated to make it more mainstream and normal. The downside, like black history month is that when they are mainstream and accepted that they will still want the privileges, the parades, the specialness

>when they are mainstream and accepted that they will still want the privileges, the parades, the specialness
this, that's what I fucking hat
the special snowflake mentality


>when jewish-led (((Strasserism)))

George Strasser = German NSDAP guy

His ideology stems from him meeting with Jewish intellectuals

the a bit too (((Revolutionary))) ideals of the Strasserites seeming a bit like

wait for it

(((Jewish Subversion))), aka Marxist tactics during WW2 in this case, to topple the already ruling NSDAP from their power

>that's really fucking cute/cool
>you know a lot about this dude
Ernst Röhm is the famous one; but there were reported gay orgies among the SA* so there must've been more than just him :^)

Look this Edmund Heines fella up, he's built like a tank which is impressive in itself since they didn't exactly have our Gymbrah culture

>It's celebrated to make it more mainstream and normal. The downside,
You forget one thing, UK poster

>Black History month goes mainstream
>Negroids losing their niggerness and AFRICAN KANGZ roots as part of rootless Melting Pot America

>(((New Left))) LGBTQ movement """""liberating""""" Aryan/White European homo/bi people
>All the focus on anal sex, mindless hedonism, pussified Liberal Values, emulating Heterosexual Family Planning*

*nothing says that gay men oughta get married in Traditional Church settings; this, not sex drives per se, is the way to demographically raze White civilization by attacking the institution of Marriage... Monogamy is a >>>Indo-European Trait

>but there were reported gay orgies among the SA*

*newspaper articles have been archived from the WW2 era Nazi Germany, I can't recall where to find them other that there are like 2-3 books written that mention this

keep in mind that they were ongoing at the time but NOT

>mass media photographed
>national holiday lmao (compare to (((Stockholm Pride))) and globalists like Mona Sahlin and Reninfeldt playing Kubb with Dildos)
>Deutschland still turned around their economy, installed Gymnastics Programe and got /fit/ --> fucked --> families bonding with babies born, no talk of demographic collapse due to Gay Agenda (afaik, correct me if wrong here)

>An officer whispered to Kempka that Heines had been found in bed with a boy as Heines emerged with "an 18-year-old fair-haired boy mincing in front of him". Another officer, named Schreck, ordered "Into the laundry room with them!" Neither was every heard from again and there are no further, known, first hand accounts of their fate. It is believed that they were shot in the laundry room or nearby.


Spartacus Educational (I think) is one of the sites with biographical info on him

Jewish Marxist (((Herbert Marcuse))) and the Frankfurt School

Reminder that marxist jews have accused the NSDAP supporters of showing sexual degeneracy as opposed to """""sane burgeoisie values"""""" already in the 1920s - they feared Hitler getting into power and tried to smear him as much as they could :^)

Dude you're literally just as mentally ill as trannies and other freak shows, McKill yourself or die in the coming race war.

youre putting words in my mouth dude, I've never supported any of this

here, this is what I belive in

>hate degeneracy
>while being gay
Pick one and only one. You niggers are fucking cancer and are trying to add "backing gays" to the list of things conservative men will tolerate when it's already fucking overcrowded by dumb shit like abortions and nonwhite immigration by so called "future patriots"
Stick a fork in a socket until the gay is shocked out of you.

>living in London UK [Melting Pot shithole]
>HIV HIV HIV [a modern disease VS homosexuality going back in Ancient World or even pre-history]

>predatory shit most people don't do anyway, just like most heteros don't end up Serial Killers
>the obsession over Trauma, Suffering, Disease
>a bit like (((a certain religion))) focusing on the trials of a chosen people who gave us Marxism and razed Tasrist Russia ~100 years ago

Try again JIDF

You're still mentally ill. Prepare for a shock

>Trump's most hardcorde voters - the ones most align-ble with White Nationalism, removing (((Globalist Swamp Contents))) and so on - did not even WANT this guy as a VP pick
>since he's GOP material

>1 post

Gays are subhuman. Possibly u r subb

Yeah, just like "most" muslims don't actually suicide bomb. Doesn't mean I want any of them near me or my family.
Why won't you fetishists just die?

>Why won't you fetishists just die?
This thread, or at least my posts, is not about sexual fetishism or fetishists but about politics and sexuality - can't you fucking read

so finding people attractive is a fetish?

>Why won't you fetishists just die?
Apply this retroactively and you'd exterminate say the entire Super Bowl stadium in 2004 (Jackson nipple slip) or moviegoers worldwide (Jewish-led (((American Pie))) comedies seen just about everywhere including judaic actors and jokes centered around degenerate modern-American christian sexual morals)

But again not talking about fetishes ITT :^)

But it is. You're making the choice to ignore healthy urges to reproduce with the opposite sex in favor of sodomy and hedonism with other men.
Anything that isn't missonary with the opposite sex is fetishism desu tbqh. Anything from anal to feet to furshit, and including gay.

>Two replies to the same post.

>You're making the choice to ignore healthy urges to...
You're sounding like those peddling (((Social Constructionism))) now


>missonary with the opposite sex
what if it isnt even sex user?
what about cuddling, hugging and whatnot

i'll be honest, dick in ass is pretty fucking gross

>You're making the choice to ignore healthy urges to reproduce with the opposite sex
Your ideal civilization would be that of Africa with niggers overpopulating their countries?

btw, en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Altruism_(biology)

Chill the fuck out, faggot.

>>very right wing opinions on everything
>>dislike immigreation and whatnot
Beware of Sverigedemokraterna then

Their policy of Open Swedishness ("Öppen Svenskhet") allows for further non-white immigration and settlement in Sweden/Scandinavia

>when (SD) and Dansk Folkeparti and TrueFinns all want to enable some Motion/Law about banning """"""""right wing extremism"""""""" to cuckservatively please the Mainstream

not even a joke, anyone claiming an Ethnos for one of the Nordic/Scandi peoples (see Jimmie Åkesson on "m-m-man kan väl inte säga att etniska svenskar likt de som invandrade på inlands-isens tid existerar idag"' cuck rhetoric (his political background lies in MUF - or "Moderata Ungdomsförb." back in his youth))


see 1:15

>if non-white section of Sweden (or our neighbouring Denmark/Norway/Finland) gets big enough

>what is Netherlands DENK PARTY with Pro-Turkish Ethnic Politics in their government now

Well considering the years of persecution in many countries and in some cases particular regions within those countries, I'd argue society does owe them reparations. We live in a very litigious society, after all; it's only fair.

calm down sweetheart. Want me to rub some honey on your thighs?

>But it is. You're making the choice to ignore healthy urges to reproduce with the opposite sex in favor of


In the current debate around influences on sexual orientation, biological explanations have been questioned by social scientists, particularly by feminists who encourage women to make conscious decisions about their life and sexuality.

>particularly by feminists
>particularly by feminists

You sir are a cuck


that's a rare fucking flag damn

I found this meme, it sums up the hatred for "Normal homos" who are right wingers

Who hurt you, user?

no idea

>"Normal homos" who are right wingers
There are none, you just ally with the right wing to protect your degeneracy from the muzzzies.

Aristotelian and Platonic society accepted (but not endlessly tolerated etc) homos; was neither muslim/judaeochristian/abrahamitic or left-wing