Just a pity he will not see a United Ireland realised - that will be a reality for my generation

Ar dheis De go raibh a anam

Tiocfaidh ar la

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>Romanticising an mi5 informant


I'll believe it when when there is credible evidence and is not just smearing rumors coming from dissidents

You're a royal subject, speak English.

My mother met him at the funeral of an IRA member a few years ago and was chatting to him and said he was a gentleman. RIP Martin McGuiness

>that will be a reality for my generation

Nor will you, faggot

I talked to a Tamil Tiger once, he was polite too. Amazing, isn't it, that terrorists can be well-spoken

If he were so great he would of kept up the fight instead of denouncing it. There'll never be peace in Ireland until we get true self rule and the nation is one. Which should be happening soon. I don't think he was an informant, but I wouldn't of trusted him, not with a public opinion like his. He should of gone down fighting after breaking the queens neck.

ach amháin nuair do mháithreacha anseo

>until we get true self rule
>American flag

Even death does not excuse catholic monsters of their crimes, Long live the UK which the Homeland of my family will always be a part of.


Shouldn't surprise you if you know anything about the troubles.


Yea. What bout it? Bitch

He, Gerry and the rest of the Provo's have sold out and betrayed the cause.
The true Republican movement the Continuity IRA (CIRA) and Republican SInn Féin (RSF) will continue the fight.

Your union is hanging by s thread

Dig your heels in all you want , you cannot stop the inevitable

Good riddance

I admit Protestants in Nothern Ireland as well as Scotland are fighting the losing battle in terms of cultural influence but that doesn't make the cause any less just, gods will must be carried out even until the bitter end if needs be

>Sup Forums suddenly loves Marxists
Really makes me think how little education you have.

>Will..I I mean m.must


You say this from a place with all the economic security the union has given you fenian scum

go on home british soldiers go on home
and you've got no fucking home of your own

I feel only happiness as i am just in my convictions

and a fucking gangster, the IRA was basically a norn iron mob

>I talked to a Tamil Tiger once, he was polite too. Amazing, isn't it, that terrorists can be well-spoken

'Minds me of the time I met Nelson Mandela. He was so eloquent and smiley I all but forgot he ordered white to be burned to death just a few short years before.

I don't want no UK or EU.
I want United Independent federal Irish Republic.

Well I am glad your not a cuck.
I would say, simply stay away from Ireland and Irish affairs but it's too late for that now. Your nation will burn. But I'm glad your still standing up for what you think is right.

Won't happen sweetie xx
Fuck off plastic paddy

How would my celtic brothers feel about a celtic union? I'm Scottish btw we can kill the anglos together

I think it's more a case of people on Sup Forums "breaking character" in these threads and not roleplaying as rightwingers.

Wishful thinking. It's been so long since NI has been joint with the south that it's becoming less linked to culture and more to economics.

>Ar dheis De go raibh a anam
>Tiocfaidh ar la
People talk shit about dutch but give these diablo runes a free pass

Terrorist got what he deserved

I guess you could call me a plastic paddy. I was born in Ireland but grew up here. So fuck me for having pride in my heritage and supporting my kind. You fucking idiots have no leg to stand on and are forgetting recent history if you think americans are irrelevant in Ireland's matters.

Why is the nationalism of Catholics considered left wing and trendy but ours considered backwards and racist?

We will wait and see , I'm quietly confident

To die of an illness in old age ??

USA IS 46.5% Protestant and 20.8% catholic why do they support the IRA

If you really supported your kind you would do all you can to prevent conflict and stop your kind from being blown up. It's all fun and games blowing up Brits, but you cry foul and murder when Brits retaliate.

McGuinness is dead and Gerry will soon be arrested for child rape, just like his brother.

Considering the IRA was infiltrated from the inside and basically dismantled by the UK? He was facing imprisonment for what he did, the only way to stay out of prison was to be an MI5/MI6 plant. They got a shit load of information on attacks/pre planned movements, organisational structure, personal information etc etc etc.

MI5 cucked the IRA hard, hence why they all shifted and tried to go down the peaceful route, because random attacks/prolonged conflict wasn't an option anymore because of the influence MI5 had on them.

It's pretty well known lad, I know some plastics/nutjobs like to pretend otherwise but get a grip. You should be thankful that MI5 did this and prevented further Irish lives from being taken and in turn, prevented further British lives from being taken.

End of discussion.

Fuck off. It's very easy for you to sit from afar and proclaim a misguided romanticised desire for a united Ireland. The reality is far from it, just one generation ago NI was virtually a warzone, and if you get your wish we could go back to it. You yanks are categorically MUCH worse than the nationalists here.

I measc Laochra na n-Gael go raibh a anam dílis.

>800 years of direct English rule



Hope the murdering fucker is burning in hell.

How are northern Irish people different to people in the republic culturally ??

Im calling complete bullshit, we are a small Island with shared cultural, sporting and entertainment institutions (with one or two exceptions)

I would say there are regional differences sure , in the same way someone from Sligo might feel there are differences between themselves and someone from killkenny, for example

The act of union only came in 1801 - how does that work ?

Back stabbing prick. Shook whatever was left of his hand with the Queen and was pals with Ian Paisley. Absolutely nothing matters to these people. It's all a big game.

English people overwhelmingly want both northern ireland and scotland to piss off and leave. You are a danger to the english public and you selfish fucks not voting out are just going to get people killed for shit they don't care about.

We have much more important issues going on in our own country, england to be worried about bored benefit parasite scum.

An independent england and the rivival of english nationalism will give us an infinitely higher chance of survival you can continue voting in the IRA party and scotland can vote in whatever gay far-left party they want and we'll go for an english nationalist party the 'little englanders' will rule and northern ireland will take their share of the british middle - upperclass cuckolded panzies infesting england as will scotland along with the pakis and wogs they've forced upon the english people.

England for the english, brits OUT!

The entire system will be changed in all countries after the break up of the UK but you selfish cunts are too busy milking the english tax payer to vote out.

Hope your whole family burns in hell up the fuckin Ira.!!

>Mac is dead, Adams is a kiddie diddler

Former is a blatant traitor. I don't believe Adams is. But if he was, you can always look back to your beloved John mac and know your side is innocent of that crime. Ha
I support my kind being free regardless of the costs. As would any self respecting man. I will take what's mine in this life. Freedom is mine. Freedom or death. My brothers agree. Do you not want us to be free? What are you trying to do, cuck us? That's ironic.

I see no issue with any of that. Oh, and I go to ni frequently.


I was referring more to the difference in "culture" (used loosely) between Catholics and Prods in NI than differences between NI and the republic. For example, you won't find many Prods playing Gaelic. The prod right wing vote is also what's keeping things like Gay marriage at bay. I mean, I agree with you in that I am not saying we are entirely different peoples, but there are clear cultural distinctions.
I see these posts frequently, but it's less of a common sentiment IRL. The Conservatives are staunchly pro union, and even Labour isn't hardline anti union. You can fantasise about a english hard nationalist party rising to power but I don't see it.

I'll see you there you fucking murdering scum.

>I travel to NI frequently
Of course you wouldn't see issue with any of that, you won't have to deal with any of the repercussions you plastic paddy fuck
At least those espousing nationalist sentiment here would have to live with the fruits of their labour

toicfag ar la


Didn't know Rockefeller was Irish

Oh no I will, I'm migrating there lol. I'm going to study and ultimately live out my days there. Right after I finish getting my personal arms collection smuggled in. All your points have fallen short fyi

Most of the american tourists in england are IRA funders looking to attack the english public and gain information. If you glassed ones face off you'd be fighting the IRA vs brit battle as it's clearly a fight between the irish, american and english public somehow.

But that's if you're a unionist and want to fight that battle I certainly don't. Fuck the uk and a british identity the celtic nations are dragging us down and helping destroy national spirit.

English nationalism is the way to go we'll have contact with the celtic nations but not much and at a safe distance.

I don't bloody think so m8

If this is true then it's not quite so bad, all I can say is that you're clearly affected somehow in the head if you're moving here. It's not quite as bad as the shithole it's painted to be by either southerners or English, but I wouldn't choose it if I were moving somewhere.

Burn in Hell.

Did you also support FARC, PLO, PFLP and Baader Meinhoff?

Yeah well being proud of where you come from to the point of wanting to live there (such an insane notion lol) would be mental illness in your case so it makes sense why you think that about me. I don't care if Ireland is literally overflowing with horseshit and aids monkeys, I'd still move there.

Free Palestina!

Celtic Pride!

No not at all. You can tell me what's wrong with that, idc

I picked up some Barry's Tea at the grocery store. Can I participate in this thread?

>Irish Nationalists
>willing to fill their country with Muslims to somehow spite us
Just like the SNP.

What a fucking joke these fucks are.

Nothing at all...

Labour is the working classes third most popular party and i'd imagine that's because of immigrants and liverpool being counted as working class it's a dead party only posh gay little 'brits' care about it it's irrelevant to the english people.

Anyway the system will change liblabcon will become irrelevant the uk will be utterly destroyed. England isn't going to vote out one of the celtic fuckers has to pull the trigger.

English nationalism is on the rise. Eton boy. The english people got us out of the EU not union loving 'british' people living in england. That is the sentiment IRL.

English not british. We want our freedom.

England has 3 million Muslims and you have the gall to have a go at Celts.

hmm? I do live where I come from. It is you who is split culturally and is in denial. You're more or less from america, not here. You never grew up here, and america is a nation of immigrants so you're much more similar to them. Even the way you type makes it obvious

Just looked out my back window there, massive crowd building in the bogside


Good because the politics of the old IRA is retarded. They were smart on some things, but just wrong when it came to how to govern themselves. A democratic republic is obviously the best option currently.

>Ar dheis De go raibh a anam
>Tiocfaidh ar la
Schlorbin florbin gloppa-gloo!
Literal niggers pretending that they are human, the Irish need to be the first to go.

I get your point but I disagree with it. I'm irish, my mom was born in Ireland, my dad, my grandparents and there grandparents. I was raised in the us but I always longed for moving home. If I'm not irish enough for you that's too bad but it means nothing to me

Millions of ghettoized Muslims that nobody asked for and could easily be removed given the political will.

Meanwhile, in Ireland all minority groups are romanticized because "muh opression".

How are you going to move past that slave morality bred from thousand years of submission and inferiority?

B-b-but Marxism is good guys!

Sinn Fein pushes this liberal agenda because it makes the DUP look like bigots. Most ex-provos despise SF anyway.

Who said we were human? I would never.

I don't really give a flying fuck mate.

>we're only pretending to be communists
Pull the other one.

Feisigh do thoin féin, a bhitseach

>The Norman invasion of the late 12th century marked the beginning of more than 800 years of direct English rule and, later, British involvement in Ireland.

>In October 1171, King [Henry II of England] landed a large Anglo-Norman army in Ireland to establish control over both the Cambro-Normans and the Irish. The Norman lords handed their conquered territory to Henry.... Many Irish kings also submitted to him, likely in the hope that he would curb Norman expansion... After Henry's departure in 1172, Norman expansion and Irish counteroffensives continued.

Basically, Henry II of England sent an army to Ireland, conquered many of the cities, and the local Irish kings submitted to him.

This had the backing of the Pope:

>This military intervention had the backing of King Henry II of England. Pope Adrian IV had authorized Henry to conquer Ireland as a means of bringing the Irish church into line.

Fair enough but the plastic paddy thing isn't just a Sup Forums meme. You will 100% be seen as a yank. I knew a lad in grammar school who moved over here when he was like 10 or something from england, and he was viewed as english even years later.

Becuase the UK aimed it's policies at england. Look at tony blair the celtic supremacist who committed an act of genocide on the english population. English nationalism is far-right where as celtic nationalism is far-left that tells you everything you need to know. You are jealous england is being forced to have all the muslims you want them for yourselves and england will give you your wish.

English pride, english are the most likely to say only whites can be english haha!! To be irish or scottish is to be black or brown you have given up your identity.

You are more likely to be killed in the name of socialism then hanged outside parliament for complaining about muslims in scotland/ireland than among the english.

74-100% of white islamic converts have been ginger it's in the genes.

That's a good thing IMO.

How do you explain ulster scots



Tar agamsa, a dheartháir.

>united Ireland
>because the UK annexes the southern mongrals when the EU collapses and the war starts.
Get fucked potato niggers.

That did not account to direct rule from Britain though , it simply changed lordship from Irish to norman / Anglo control

Ireland had a parliment and was run largely autonomously from Britain prior to the act of union - albeit an Anglican dominated political system

Poor kenny RIP in peace

If you want to pretend to be irish that is fine but don't expect us to go along with your delusions.

>Ohya, Ireland's going to be united to due to the collapse of England and the Eu in general. Get fucked potatos.

I had me a laff

The man was a peacemaker. RIP.

What about them?

There should never have been any peace. The Brits should have gotten a fuck out, this man didn't go far enough