The best leader of our time

Why is Sultan Erdogan, the most based and best leader in our time ?

Let's take a look :

>btfo's Putin by literally shooting down their army plane, Putin spergs out a bit, but still after a few days bows down to Sultan Erdogan and goes back to his cuckshed.

>absolutely btfo's the whole Dutch country, this pathetic excuse of a country got completely btfo by Sultan Erdogan and there is probably more sanctions to follow, he might even order their German pets to nuke or annex that shithole.

>cucks Germany into oblivion, despite Germany being forced to pay billions of dollars to Turkey as """"""donations"""""" which is kinda modern infidel tax, all Germans are forbiden of making fun or drawing cartoons of Sultan Erdogan or they will face jail time.
Also Turks in Germany are above Germans as 1st class citizens.

>European Union and all the countries within are all literally kuffar vassal states, forced to pay him billions more of euros as """"""programs""""" and """""donations""""" or else he threatens to release all the migrants conquer Europe and the best part is, despite them paying him huge amount of money(which we call kuffar tax), he STILL lets MILLIONS of muslims flee to Europe, which is now 100% certain that all of Europe will be muslim in 30 years max(only a braindead fool would deny this).

>Uses USA as their modern janissaries, it's actually hilarious, Sultan Erdogan has many NATO/US bases and nukes in his country, which makes them modern janissaries who protect their Sultan while he keeps them on a leash and btfo's whomever he wants with their """""""services"""""""".

What a brilliant mastermind, truly the Saladin of our time.

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Sultan Erdogan (pbuh) will lead the righteous on a crusade against the infidel. He will have my strong arm and my rifle, and we will reclaim all former Ottoman clay!

Death to european fascists! Long live the sultan!


I for one, bow down to my old Ottoman masters.

t. islamic t*rkish diaspora

t. Vilayet of Wallachia

spoiler alert... poland will btfo the turks

If they get past our German dogs first.

easy germs are cucks

spoiler alert: this time were on the same side and we will genocide germans

>same side

You keep getting btfo'ed by Germans or Russians no matter what pussies.

according to george friedman's (CIA consultant) book, the next 100 years, poland and turkey really will be superpowers after russia collapse by year 2040. but they will be rivals, not allies.

erdogan is really redpilled and based in his own way. of course this makes him enemy of europeans since he is muslim and noneuropean.

>Poland superpower by 2040

eww giving away europe to shitskin...

Where's the antennae though?

>nuke by US and russians

i think this will happen soon id love to see it

oh sry, didn't understood your post at first.

>. of course this makes him enemy of europeans since he is muslim and noneuropean.

Europeans however cannot fight their wars, Western Europeans are literally cuckolds who can only drop bombs and nukes.They were protected by slavs, but after 500 years of raping, now half of Balkans is muslim and rapidly expanding, if you compare Albania and muslim Bosnians have more births then the whole other Orthodox nations combined and our yanisari NATO are helping us btfo the rest of Orthocucks from Balkans, then Western Europe is next.

They might have nukes and bombs, but in 10 years we will have boots on the ground and none of those cuckolds are ready to fight man-to-man war, what they gonna do ? Bomb their own cities ?

Sultan Erdogan is truly ahead of our time.

Turkish rape babies sperging hard: The thread


nukes in all major islamic cities :)

History corrected!

Keep this up and i will report you to the police, 20 years in jail aren't that much, but we need you wagecucking and cleaning Turkish bathrooms.

oh, so you will nuke every single European capital ? :)

That will sure work out great for you.

why not... all european whites will live outside the europe

middle east and europe will be nothing but dust

all americans and australians will be redpilled as the result of your "conquest" and will btfo everyone

50 years later after the radiation dissipates... anglos will re-colonise middle east and europe... all the sandniggers are btfo'd

sounds like a good ending to me

>all americans and australians

and what are Americans and Australians ?

You used to be Anglos, and now you are multicultural shitshow, bunch of prisioners, """""""businesman""""""""" and migrants, to what will you swear fealty ? Which God will protect you ?

Land of the free ? hahahahahaaha, you will all fall down like a house of cards.

australians are pretty much whiter than any europeans by ethnicity...

doubt the turks will take over europe... putin will btfo the turks before that happens

Well actually you are the ones cleaning german bathrooms desu


t. Serdare
t. Toniblerim

Kill yourself fucking nigger-tier subhuman Siptar
Sve dzamije u oblake lete

>putin will btfo the turks before that happens

Why didnt he do shit when we shout down his plane and killed his soldier ? Because he knows his place.

When Turks had bathrooms and baths you savages were still figuring out how to light a fire.

would love to see turkey get partitioned... mmm lands to armenia... lands to kurdistan

id love to see that then reconquest constantinople

he needs assad in power first... plus back then turks are "allied" with nato

i dont think erdomeme is anymore :)

now putin is allied with the kurds and assad... after ISIS id loove to see war in turkey

Russia can't do shit because you cucks will be throw to defend us, you are our yanisari our meat cannon ;)

You can try tho.

Actual albonigger here. Guess we have some turks Skanderbeg forgot about hanging out on Sup Forums.

Back in the day you were still shitting behind your tents in the steppe

WRONG hungarys PM is most based

doubt it...

trump will defend turks

trump has only 1 ally... israel... i dont think war with russia benefits israel... LOL

ww1, good times... we won the war

we became stronger

turks became weaker


that clown has no effect whatsoever, he won't do shit.

You know what Skanderbeg means ? You are no Albanian if you support him, no matter what they brainwashed you.

You know what happens to his statues in macedonia and Kosova ?

he wont do shit if you get attacked by the russians LOL

besides turkey is too weak to actually wage war... 0 production... when ammos runs out vehicles all destroyed turks will be fighting with sticks

I know that those who spit on his statues get the shit beat out of them by based Mirditors. Now fuck off to your containment facebook page (the osmanshit or whatever it is called). Skanderbeg is one of the pillars of modern albanian identity. That is what Skanderbeg means.

nice fantasy kid, keep dreaming while your mother and sister are fucked by Turks.

For a place who calls themselves "redpilled" you sure are delusional.


Just look how they got BTFO'd in syria


You are brainwashed, idolizing slavshits come home Albanian man or die with them.

dont think that will ever happen :)

turkey is too weak... underequipped and relies on zerg strategy

they're really pushing putin to the limit.. russia alone can vaporize turkey with nukes

no clinton to back turkey up...

Gjergji is the albanization of the name George. Iskander was given to him by the Turks. You are the brainwashed one.

imo the greatest mistake erdogan ever made is demonizing the germans and the dutch...

he had the natos back... but he insulted them LOL


Literally kill yourself you genetic waste.


actually people like him will accelerate the issues and will redpillled everyone up when wars happened in europe

people like him will benefit eurocucks in the long run

>truly the Saladin of our time.
But Saladin was Kurd.

>Earth ruled by superpower roaches, poos and polacks.

Kek. Ok.

>Can't take a small town from ISIS for 6 months now
>Wants to conquer Europe

gayroach worst army in the world confirmed

Indeed but this motherfucker is sulling our reputation by calling Erdog*n a good leader and insulting our national hero. If he were within vicinity i'd most probably strangle him with my own hands. On the other hand he could be like that half-turk half-syrian faggot that fancies himself Croatian

Are you the Lezhian who participates on /natsoc/ threads?

This reminds me at my school time, where we used to shit besides the toilets and laughed at the kebab headscarf whores that had to clean up the shit.
There actually WAS a Mehmet in our parallel class who got bullied so badly because his mother was a cleaner in the school that he went down to Hauptschule. Kek.


Nice. I usually hang out on /sg/. Last weekend I used my autism superpowers to geolocate some moderate beheaders. It was pretty fun, though tiring as fuck.

Nice, nice. Think you can geolocate op so i can pee in his doorstep?

lol, his sorry ass was saved by the warning Russians gave him on the upcoming CIA coup, if anything he's Putin's bitch now, he owes his life to the Russians

If he is stupid enough to film himself doing stupid pro-ottoman shit, then I will gladly do it.

He likes Erd*gan so i think he quite is.

Want some bad news? Search 'TheOsmanlit'/The Osmanllit on facebook or jewtube. There's ~30.000 of these faggots hanging about. Not much, but considering how cucked or uninformed the secular/christian part of our population is, these guys are enough to cause some unrest, should they recruit some with actual brainpower. What a fucking waste.

Hes not a toothless dog but i think hes overrated and his country is suffering from big economic problems

no it couldn't possibly could it

I fucking know of that place, worst of all i think i think i talked to one of the admins in a group. He was pissed at my praise for George because, wait for it... he killed thousands of Turks.

>i think i talked to

You think or you know? Did you talk to him IRL and then connected the dots, or did you just contact him on facebook because of the page? Would be pretty ironic if the admin of that page lived in Lezha.

Turkey has an amazing 5-8% GDP growth, like all the big populous third world countries as of late.
It has another problem, namely that half its population doesn't want to be part of the country and want to dismantle it.

I think, he kept going on about how evil we were and how the turks brought "enlightenment", that sort of disgusting shit.

Lol I couldn't even point to your country on a map. BTW who is this guy, is he white? If not I don't care.

But was it IRL or internet? Turks brought nothing though. The Vilayet of Albania was literally a backwater province until Turks lost everything else of worth by the mid-end of the 19th century. Then we were half-important.

Many individual Albanians led successful lives under the Ottoman Empire, as many descendants of Albanian refugees led successful lives when living in the European Kingdoms (we have at least 2 Albo Popes, teh Stratioti, from whom the European powers copied the light cavalry tactics were majority Albanians, Vienna's subway was projected by an Albanian architect etc.). This speaks of our capabilities as a people, not that Turks somehow helped us.