Facebook faggotry, need a ID photo

So I was locked out of facebook because I use a fake name since I don't want to be harassed, lose my job, stalked and/or have my family attacked because of my opinions which I express on facebook under my fake name. Some faggots have reported me and facebook want me to verify my name with an ID card, drivers license or any card like that and since I don't want to use my real name, I have come to ask Sup Forums for help. Is there anyone with photoshop skills who can make me a fake photo of a ID with the name: Tokhaar Gol and use the face in the picture for the photoshop pic.

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create a new account. create several. use them like burner phones. don't use a profile photo it triggers the id query algorithm.

>create a new account

Doesn't work, inevitably Facebook bans the IP from creating new accounts or signing into them.

Download GIMP, take a photo of it ID and shoop it

>that flag
Why should I help a muslim shitskin find white women to rape?

>Download Gimp and shop it
I don't know how to shop it, that's why Im asking for help.

IP changes like every week. Mine does. When I get banned from 4chin I just unplugged the router, plug it back in, bam, new IP.

>Muslim shit skin
Dude, Im not a muslim. I just pretend to be one since muslims can't be called racist in Sweden.

You need ID to use facebook now are u serious?

Also, why do you bother with it, just delete your account it's full of horrible people.

Same thing happened to me OP. It's pretty gay I'm not gonna lie. I sent cuckybook a few complaints that they're being faggots.

What provider do you guys have up there?

I could try. What do modern Swedish ID look like ?

>What provider do you guys have up there?

Rodgers has a monopoly. They rodger their anus without lube. In canada it's cheaper and faster to mail a drive with the data than to send it online. I've been to canada it is a nightmarish hellscape for the poor who make up 70 percent of the population. You won't see them in their propaganda.

It dosen't have to be a Swedish ID, since I pretend to be a foreigner you could use pretty much any ID.

I used to do this, but once I became politically active AT&T coincidentally decided to send me a new modem and assign me a static IP, which I assume is just to make it easier to route everything to some government black box somewhere.

Jokes on them, because I quickly found out how to break the firmware and change the MAC address to get a new IP.

Go to blackhatworld.com and look it up.


I just make a new fake account


Here ya go. I hope it helps!

u need facebook for tinder zzz

Not OP but the same thing happened to me and I just tried making a new account. They still say it's locked out and I need to upload an ID. I need to create another fake email and try again. These niggers make this difficult.

Send them this

Wait is that poster real?

Shit OP, I'd help but I don't got my laptop on me. Try

>cucks who won´t stand up for their beliefs crying that their fake accounts get banned for shitposting in forums where you actually need solid arguments rather than memes

Autistic retards

Shouldn't you use a Swedish VPN so he can even use it?

I'm on it

I can't help OP but I have a question

Do you think it is more normal in Europe to do these weird tactics to hide your identity and thoughts? Things like secret messages, excessive sarcasm, or talking about analogous situations... etc. I feel like some European people I know have adopted this almost like a means of survival

Yeah buddy

I just used another burner email address I had and that worked.

>using kikebook

How old are you?

just make a new account you tard

you will get fired for speaking your mind on social media


I don't get it. You guys keep browsing that site and eventually they will tag you with an RFID chip and then you get zapped when you don't vote for Zuckerberg. Just look at his fucking face, you're giving that cunt money.

>lets just sit around Sup Forums in our filth jerking each other off being upset about the world
More people need to be like Sven

Shit man, projecting

I only use it to red pill normies. It's not my fault that Kikebook happens to be the easiest way to convey things to large groups of people.

That and the fact most websites make you comment using your facebook.

Reset your ip and get a new fake account


you cracked the system. im going to hack the american goverment now. and when the news comes out i will just unplug my router, and i will one up you by getting a new router (when you get new router the new IP becomes IP 2.0 which is better) HHAHAHEHEHHE

28 years


Yes and its its wise to do so. You will lose your job, get attacked by media and many of your own family members will even alienate you, if you have the "wrong" opinions.

>Just look at his fucking face

Here you go

Do you want AIDS or something? Can't you just go to church and meet women there?

You're part of the problem. It would be better if you leave that place alone and let the normies become so blue billed they die of a heart attack once they get mugged the first time. The place should be so boring only soccer moms and copyright lawyers visit it.

I think I can make it a bit better though

top kek

Could you make it a bit better? The name kinda sticks out a bit. But thanks, I really appreciate your help.

>Facebook bans the IP from creating new accounts or signing into them.

it's called behind seven proxies

Here's the original


>having a static IP

How do you even? Hell just on Sup Forums alone I have to reset my IP (+delete cookies) to unban myself a few times a week.



church makes my skin burn

Fuck Facebook.
Fuck people who use it.
Fuck social life.

*tips fedora*

>You're part of the problem. It would be better if you leave that place alone and let the normies become so blue billed they die of a heart attack once they get mugged the first time. The place should be so boring only soccer moms and copyright lawyers visit it.

You're not wrong, but what else am I going to do to entertain myself at work? I work in IT and have automated like 90% of my job so I have large swathes of time I do nothing.

Just so you know, you should probably be prepared to unplug the router again.

Burst out laughing user, thanks

Enjoy that ban for ban evasion tbqh fampai

Learn something, read a book. Facebook is literally a threat to humanity. That fucking guy with the technocrat agenda who sells your social data wants to become president. It's basically already that you can't get some jobs without a "heahlty" facebook account. I don't want that freak to have that kind of control.

Have you tried not using Facebook?

New try

lol I can't just read a book while I'm at work. At least shitposting makes it look like I'm doing something.

Read an ebook, listen to a podcast. Anything but facebook. If I would own a company I would ban facebook in the first place because you lose like half your productivity.

*tips Starbucks double mochaccino with extra syrup and cream*

Thank you so much! I will use it and hopefully they won't notice anything.

isn't this shit major law breaking

Facebook can go fuck itself

I literally photoshopped my own driving license and they rejected it.

>breaking Somalian motor vehicle ownership law

you must know that after 2-3 weeks whey would send you "You havent posted for some time" mail with a link that would bypass the id verification


>Facebook bans the IP

kikebook has a official onion site.

I dunno man somalia and sweden seem to be very close.