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Seriously why is it always a Canadian behind these posts? Do you think its just highly motivated small team an Cancuck left wingers or is it a broader problem with Canadians at large?

I don't get why Aussies have the rep as the top tier shitposters because they have nothing on the Leafs.

i recognize that gay blowjob

Pretty meaningless to me. They're just distilling the white race into a more intelligent, stable and attractive group by removing themselves from it.

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How can people look at pictures like this and still continue to believe in "human race"?! That nigger is so clearly a completely different species when compared to the coalburner. And that poor mulatto is just a crime against nature.

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I dated a black woman for three years, this sort of stuff doesn't bother me. Her mom was white and her dad was black, it did not scare me.

Sorry, I have absolutely no allegiance to my race, or any other race for that matter.

Stop responding to bait LARP threads.