How can people listen to anything but classical music?

I don't understand how people can like any other music than classical music. How is it possible? It's all so utterly monotonous and dull, just endless dreary repetition.

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You're absolutely right senpai there's no repetition in classical music

Fuck off with this autistic shit faggot

absolutely none whatsoever

>listening to anything other than Gregorian chants

>he doesn't like white people music

Before this thread gets deleted, reply to this post with some of your favorite classical music

congratulations for choosing the most pop-sounding "classical music"

Yeah this is autistic, fuck off faggot

depth ... golden age of music itll never die... most modern day music will be forgotten in a matter of decade or 2

my fave bit too mainstream

Why. Is it also cringeworthy and edgy dumbcunt fuck

Do you think that fifth grade kitsch on the right in your pic is somehow inventive? Lyrical genius? Neck yourself. I could write better verses than that (with a real meter) after twenty beers

Try black metal faggot hail satan

>he doesn't listen purely to medieval cantigas
nigger what's wrong with you?

If you listen to anything other than gregorian chants you are LITERALLY opening up yourself to be possessed by fiery sex demons. Don't say I didn't warn you...

I didnt care about classical music til I started learning sheet music and performance.

How can blacks even compete??

O Fortuna.

But muh retrowave/synthwave/retrowave

oompa poompa, fucking gypsy music. exactly what I meant when I said popular music and folk music is trash.

Your mom eats out of the trash, Vadge.

Liatening to any thing but classic country, bluegrass, and polkas.......pleb

that's like saying how can people listen to music if it isn't with instruments.
classical is the most versatile genre because we lump all solo to orchestral music, operas and anything composed that's older than 100years together

why would you save that picture?

>listening to music

Grow up, faggot.

>hating folk music
Shit like this is why your own people think Sweden has no culture and belongs to immigrants

In Ravel's defense, Bolero was just an exercise in orchestration and there's lots of evidence he had alzheimers when he wrote it.

Also Daphnis et Chloe is objectively the greatest piece of orchestral music ever written.

Tfw Virgin Mary is sitting on a throne with swastikas on it

that sounds retarded

Classical music is monotonous and dull and full of endless dreary repetition. Get on my fucking level.

Aces & Twos

that sounds horrible

you listen to that?

I've transcended the need for melody and structure, AMA

>Not playing at least five instruments

I've transcended the need for questions and answers, no thank you

Why wouldn't you?

your taste in music... i suppose i shouldnt be shocked people these days listen to a lot of trash music

have some class

I found it on 8 and its an aussie pic and it doesn't relate to your post and I'm confused

My tastes in music is better than yours to be honest fampai.

Folk music is the most red pilled because it is written by white workingmen.


i reckon you still havent found your identity..

teenage years... when teens still try to force themselves to social conformity even if they secretly despises their activities

I listen to emo music and jpop

I need music with vocals in it, I like the emotional attachment of it, I like to remember what I was doing at the time I was listening to X

>using the term "fampai"
>stupid anime picture
>shit music

Are all anime watchers this retarded?

give it 5 years or 10 they will start cringing at their past self

>stupid redditer can't understand irony and sarcasm

contemporary analogue electronic music is much more interesting than classical music. coming from someone who loves classical music. if you think otherwise, you're ignorant of the medium and probably think I'm talking about pop.

electronic has access to all sounds that classical has, + unlimited variety of sounds. the difference between performance based music and electronic music is more significant than the difference between a silent film and a full color film with sound.

>stupid autist can't properly imply irony and sarcasm.

>it's a "dumb burger stumbles onto the wrong website" episode

get a real identity weabboo fag... seriously you're like the next generation cuck

liking shitty music cos they think its "cool" its repulsive as fuck mate

Put up or shut up faggot.

>liking shitty music cos they think its "cool"
Nobody said or implied this, stop projecting desu

>posts Sup Forums shit that's irrelevant
>is on the wrong website himself (should be on reddit/anime or at the very least on with his other social recluses

I pointed out that your post was shit and you're this triggered.

Look my dude, I like playing a Bach fugue as much as the next guy and my clavier is well-tempered as fuck

Still, there are many angles and directions to flesh out music, and there are lots of interesting arrangements and sound design choices in modern music if you look for it - especially in electronically produced music (read: not EDM)

Folk Jazz, or something. White people music for other white people. I like classical too, but sometimes I need something more exciting.

It's a really nice picture?

>he's this triggered by chinese cartoons used as reaction pictures on a chinese cartoon website

The irony of it all is that you complain about animu reaction images on Sup Forums but you'll probably never complain about television reaction images on Sup Forums

mate thats you in a nutshell, ive handled people like you in the past... all same shit all same issues... subculture syndrome

>you follow certain subculture
>thinks its cool
>in reality its shit

>mate thats you in a nutshell, ive handled people like you in the past... all same shit all same issues... subculture syndrome
Stop projecting lad.

Television pictures usually have some meaning behind them rather than some obscure, non-human, esoteric autisic anime character. People who post TV related pictures on this board usually aren't shit posters either, unlike leafs and anime posters.

kek your kinds are the reason why we psychologists are cashed up

i bet you'll have depression in the future thats when shits like you come crawling to us in hopes to fix you LOL

>off-topic reaction images are completely fine when it's something I like
Great to know.

Bluegrass is the ultimate redpill you utter faggot

I like how we're just casually telling him why he's wrong and he's genuinely offended and upset to the brink of rage.

God of Sound Tier
J. S. Bach

Divine Inspiration Made Manifest Tier

U Cheeky Cunt Tier

Notice Me Beethoven Senpaï Tier

Oh Shit Nigger What Are You Doing Tier

A E S T H E T I C S Tier
Ralph Vaughn Williams
Edward Edgar
Antonin Dvorak
Bedrich Smetana

Hero We Deserved Tier

Fucking Ruined Music Tier
Arthur Schoenberg

>usually have some meaning behind them
>id est, relevancy.

Any other user feel like they're growing out of music?

I don't know if I'm just depressed or what but I haven't found good music in years. Youtube, Bandcamp and Spotify have increased the music available in all genres tenfold, but as a side effect it has also made really good music almost impossible to find. The whole music scene is oversaturated with mediocre shit that I simply don't have the patience to listen to. Everything I find is just harmonic and rhythmic noise with not much emotional impact and lackluster production value.

I've also been producing and playing heavily for almost two decades and familiar with the limits of digital soundscapes you can create. There's nothing truly novel left to hear. Even electronic music has hit a ceiling a few years ago. In terms of aural & tonal quality, it won't get any better sounding from here onward. New concepts may be created, but they will be based on the ideas already existing.

Gay and pretentious as fuck

Classical is the real deal

Great to know my folder of Bane reaction images are more Sup Forums relevant than my folder of smug anime girls.

So you're basically a nigger?

>not listening to based gypsie Balkan music

>not liking a wide array of genres

Wasn't Ravel dying of some sort of brain disease that makes you fixate on repetition when he wrote this?


I see you decided to FAG UP, nice choice shill

You sound like a raging faggot

>make ironic post and post dissonant shit music
>Dr. Phil wannabe starts projecting onto me

>God of Sound Tier
>J. S. Bach

Fuck yeah

This sounds like murder and autistic internet faggotry

Beatles were abaolute shit. They are the one direction of tgier time.

So you literally just pretended to be retard, congatz man, you just won the troll game, how do u feel

>studied music at uni
inb4 waste of time, I know
>class full of pretentious cunts
>all make stuff like this

I felt like an outsider for being the only person who liked actual music in a music class

>just endless dreary repetition.
Not a fan of canons and fatigues, I see.

Killswitch Engage, or The Empire Must Fall. It's Trump approved

This. The Beatles were a glorified boyband. Better, more interesting stuff came from the 60s.

>pretending to be retarded
I made it pretty clear I was being ironic the second Burger king and Kangaroo started autistically screeching at me desu and it went over their heads.

Listened to bathory today. All the classical swedish folk music i need

>my noise is better than your noise

i dont think he's truly offended, more like his ego causing him to reply to us. he's still at that age, my colleagues at the university calls it "conformity stage" last stage of subculture syndrome... before they "pop" and realized their existence.

its common for teens and young adult, most of the patients who suffer the same pattern/issues have varieties of problems during their adolescent years.. ive counselled a couple of guys before emos, party goers, etc etc all struggling with their uni all depressed

if you like classical, you might like progressive rock.

this song is so reminiscent of classical music, i'm confident you'll like it.

classical music is not really a thing. it's mostly a term used by fedoras with no understanding of music history who want to brag about their superior cultural taste.

symphonic music (what you probably mean) is fine, but it's usually missing a huge part of the human vocabulary of sound and rhythm...

also, electronic instrumentation opens up whole new universes for sonic exploration. the great composers of yore would literally cream themselves at the chance to play around with a modern synthesizer. especially Bach- that guy was a tech geek extraordinaire.

tldr: OP is a faggot.

move out of the way faggots

>I made it pretty clear I was being ironic the second Burger king and Kangaroo started autistically screeching at me desu and it went over their heads.

haha none of us are screeching at you relax...

I was once 14 too

True /slam/ hours

>He doesnt enjoy japanese city pop
lmao gay

It's plain boring, not much left to describe it