Mass effect Andromeda Lead Animator

"It also doesn’t help that the lead facial animator for the game has been revealed to be an online cosplayer with no Video game experience."

"How did the facial animations end up so ass, though? Well, maybe it has something to do with the fact that an inexperienced cosplayer was chosen to be the “Lead Facial Animator” on this project. While [Allie Rose-Marie Leost] does have some background in art, there’s zilch on her résumé when it comes to, ya know, making video games."

>be young male
>spend half of your youth learning to draw and work in 3d software like Maya
>the job you want gets given to cosplayer with no experience whatsoever

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Just kill your self

why do you care? there is no food in romania nevermind vidya

>be old woman
>spend entire adult life grooming yourself for political power, choosing your friends carefully and eventually securing a Democratic presidential candidacy nomination
>the job you want gets given to a real estate magnate with no experience whatsoever

>facial animator
I'll bet.


>experience: very experienced

Who cares? I wasn't planning on buying thus regardless of how good animations were.

Where have you people been, every bioware game has terrible animations.

let them learn the hard way
Mass Effect is getting ragged on so fucking hard right now, it's literally requirement for every youtuber to make a video about how janky it is

I've met both brits and americans in my life. I always find it weird how you can actually have a normal conversation with an american but the bong gives you nothing but smugness.
>Muh Britania rules the waves
>Romanians go home! Pakis and Mudshits and refugees welcome!


>very experienced

Holy shit if I put this on my resume it would be shredded in a heart beat

this, fuck biocuck

I have a lot of normie friends who are buying this shit on launch day.

These were the same people who were always talking shit on ME3's ending (because le quirky gaymer xD)

I've showed them all the shitty animations, models, dialogue, etc, but they don't care because
>muh lore
>muh story
>muh bioware can do no wrong

They're probably only going to play it for a few hours too then shelve it. Mindless consumerist scum

How in the living, breathing, shitting fuck does a AAA game company hire this skank to LEAD ANIMATION on a AAA game title? Is she hot enough to get jobs by sucking dick? Is Bioware that desperate to be SJW?

All they had to do was make an ok game with Multiplayer that had those random boxes like in ME 3 and they would have had a goldmine on their hands. Now they just have a dead franchise.

You can only control yourself. If they want to spend their money unwisely, it's no concern of yours.

did you show them the gay Krogan?
the story hasn't been good since 1 and sort of 2

amazing this game cost 44 million

>compensation: any
Well there ya go. You can pay her with cock and cum. She'd be my animator too.

Many Brits have a negative perception of Romanians because you guys immigrate here. Obviously not the case with the US.

Anyway, I don't think Romanians are necessarily all bad. That big parliamentary building you have, built by that dictator Nicolae something, is pretty cool.

basically shes an amateur that did a few shit jobs before. shes 24 how good animator could she be?

and she got a job on a triple A game developing company that many hard working people dream off and never accomplish.

she got it not because of merit, but because of quotas, sexism, you name it

>pic related

I know right?

What pisses me off is that the 3d models ARE ACTUALLY GOOD QUALITY! So they had good people working on them.

But in such a big company modelling and rigging+animation are separate departments, usually in different countries. So you just need one retard at the end of the pipeline to piss on the work of 30 people before them..

>buy Samurai Warriors 4 Empires instead
>enjoy a much better game, story and facial animations despite it being a PS3 game port.

What are you talking about? While he wasted his youth learning to work in 3d software, this industrious little lady learned to give head so good that she just got a job she's demonstrably unqualified for in a field she has no experience in.

Just imagine being one of the few cis straight white males who worked their whole lives in order to score a job with a AAA gaming company, then your "boss" is this 24 year old bimbo who's never done anything with computers except facebook before

Are you saying that he should have learned how to suck dick instead?

Sucking dick, that's how she got the job.

She's not actually the lead animator. She just did mocap work for a studio affiliated with EA and then exaggerated her role on social media because "mocap for Mass Effect Andromeda" sounds less impressive than "lead animator for Mass Effect Andromeda". She's not listed as an animator in the credits.

are you fucking stupid?

Someone at bioware was thirsty as fuck when they forced this hire through.

I thought the director came out and said this wasn't the person responsible for the animation.

hes right though:
Former Bioware Employee Who Worked On Mass Effect Andromeda Reveals Awful Working Conditions (unverified):

What's wrong with the face, man? What the fuck. Ah forget it. I just remembered DA2 and what the elves looked like. Makes perfect sense.

All I'm saying is that if you're applying for a job at Bioware, you had better bring something to the table that they can actually use. Something like poorly written fanfiction for their game storylines, or some off-beat pronouns to diversify their workforce. Why the fuck would you bring a skillset related to game development when you're interviewing with a company that hasn't made a good game in years?

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>I thought the director came out and said this wasn't the person responsible for the animation.
>trusting any official word from (((Bioware)))

ugh. you alt right trolls will make up any bullshit excuse to bad mouth this game.

awful bant, giving aussies a bad name. probably a proxy.

>i am straight

I wish the Hapsburgs purged your country years ago.

this shit is fucking hilarious

>Australian flag

Good effort.

>I don't think Romanians are necessarily all bad.
This anonymous poster can't even stop lying for one post. Sad.


It looks like some garrys mod bullshit edit

Hand hovering balding fat betas which dominate the game industry think they have a chance with her so they gave her this job. I won't be surprised in the slightest if she ends up beeing the director of Bioware.

She is getting a promotion after Andromeda sales numbers are in no matter what.


Is this a shop? She looks like a monkey and her eyes aren't even lined up.

The women these models were based on were decent looking. The guys didn't seem messed up unless they've made it worse since then.




It's a bicycle helmet alien. Hi bicycle helmet alien!

Also, I've never seen animation so stiff - or so overemphasized - in any game. It's fucking terrible.

>Trusting a website called "age of shitlords"

Step aside, you're on the wrong side of herstory

They should've just went with it, at least even they'd have an excuse.

The only good game that came out in recent years was DOOM. Don't waste your time with Blizzard/Activision, Ubisoft, EA Games and all the other big names. They've been infiltrated by feminists and their products are just a disguise for pushing liberal propaganda.

With all the big companies dying, the age of the indie 2D platformer has come, and with those small studios going back to the roots, more complex games will emerge as they grow. I'm hoping for a second coming of the 90s era.

all i see from romania are webcam hoes. so to me, romania seems like paradise on earth, and cheap to live in

Please do not bully Sarah. She has autism and just wants to play with her Legos.

If you ignore Overwatch, blizzard isn't all that feminist, atleast no more than the late 90s/early 00s.

fun fact:
bioware almost hired the author of the yurope books as a writer
then hired a fat blue haired lesbian instead when they found out he wasn't actually black

First book was great for first 20 pages ;w;

are these books good?

they are racist and misgynistic hate speech and should be burned

Never heard of these.
Can you give me a quick rundown?

here is a sample

they sound good.

DUDE I didn't even fucking notice that, until you pointed it out it flew over my head. That's like a fucking moronic child's response.

That's like saying yes please under the part that says sex. What a mindless fuck.

>be 40
>spend the last 20 years learning and mastering computer modeling
>love the craft, do it with effort
>tweak models on a single vertex level for extra realism
>finally get accepted by one of the best studios in the world (Bioware)
>give your very best, work long hours sometimes even on the weekends
>texture team also working hard
>finally finish the model
>boss says some new 24 year old bimbo is going to animate it
>sure, i trust manager decision
>animations are made in an instant
>shes either very good or idk whats going on
>animations are terrible
>QA says its good enough
>tfw all your hard work will be criticized because of one element of the team

>get fired after sales dissapoint and a 16 year old transexual abbo gets your job

I guarantee she sucked some mean dick to get that job

You do know "abo" is a derogatory term right? You internet losers have absolutely no empathy.

only cucks spend money on video games,
i knew it with destiny,
i knew it with the fucking city co-op shooting game,
i knew it with diablo 3,

its a jew's game thats all, the Producer probably wanted to tap that shit. kek.

go huff some petrol out of a live dingo's butthole you koala blowing didgery-dick-licker

Hahaha, lixaste-te, amigo!

>>the job you want gets given to cosplayer with no experience whatsoever

Proof that you're better?
>that's right
>you draw like a potato with a pen

false equivalence

Sounds like a day in my factory, hell, it's better, he wasn't even sexually harassed by his boss for shits and giggles.

why would you buy a singleplayer game anyway?

Just because there's tons of leftist/jewish literature doesn't mean you can't find some good shit out there in literary form or write some yourself.

Same with games.

Why would you buy and read a novel?

If you play anything other then hardcore RTS's and simulators you are a man child.

No he's saying you should have been born a gurl or gone fully tranny so you can blog at bioware about the male dominance in gaming causing you to trigger and unable to finish your quota of blog posts

you really have to be a special kind of stupid to hire an attractive normie woman for a technical role in a company specializing in escapist media

think about this person. think about what their life experiences have probably been, and what their priorities probably are.

>Experience: Very experienced

>give me a gun

>Shitty game with weird agenda
>Hints from insiders that game development was a hellish nightmare
>Obvious shilling and collusion from dishonest media for good reviews

Nothing to see here guys. It's obviously nothing like gamergate.
We are not mysoginistic white supremacists heh, am I right haha ?

to be fair,
it's an ashley madison page
shes a prostitute
very experianced means her pussy is the size of a subway station

Feels good playing every game I want for as long as I want without spending 1 fucking cent on these bastard bitch pig dogs jew companies.

"raspberry pi"

Look it up.

You set yours up right, you will never, ever need to buy a new game or a new game system.

That I guarantee.

>>the job you want gets given to cosplayer with no experience whatsoever

Did you apply?

ok, ill bite.
what do you mean? like playing emulators or something on raspberry pi?

that is not a ashley madison page. It is a model mayhem page. Mainly for dumb flakly "artsy" people to show off their shitty photos and cosplay. Surprisingly few prostitutes on there.

Wtf I love diversity now

>raspberry pi

Nigger you ain't playing any kind of new games on a pi.


No, desu I'm still pretty green at modelling and animation but I'd want to one day work on an AAA game at a studio.


i dont buy novels either even if i'd want to read them, i don't get your point

>Experiance : Very experianced.


Novels are a single player experience finbro.

>gay krogan
This makes me upset
What the fuck

are they now claiming she was not a facial animator for the company?

Also guys, this is just a strong independent womyn. No need to look into it.
It's totally not a prostitute used as a bargaining chip.
There is obviously no prostitution ring involved. Like what is this ? Lunacy like pizzagate eh guys ? What is next ? Youtubers involved in a sex ring ? LOL.
I'll get back to play this amazing game now.


She had ~3 years experience in the field, plus at least 2 from college. So 5 years "experience". She should have gotten an animators job, not lead animator. But if any of those other animators did not have college behind them and were free lance, they may have been overall less experienced than she.

Best thing to do is work up your own portfolio and have a volume of work you can point to and say "this is mine". That's how you get picked up.

The are two fucking sides to the coin here, social skills and literal skills. Build a presence on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube (if your an animator do a channel on what your animating, and have a congruent series based on your animations/modeling.) ect.