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>Newest Interviews with Assad
>hohol livemap
>Military map
>Syria conflict map

>Fan maps

>Deir Hafer Mar20
>Mosul Mar20
>Palmyra Mar17
>Raqqa Feb23
>W Aleppo Feb23
>DeZ Feb23
>W Daraa Feb22

Developments Mar20
>David Rockefeller died
>SAA retakes all lost points in E Damascus
>Russia denies setting up new base in YPG territory
>SAA liberates Ash-Shuraimah,Al-Qusair as they attempt to encircle Deir Hafer
>siege on Al-Wa’er District of Homs City lifted as jihadist left
>SAA advances in Palmyra front, get fire control over Al-Hurm Mountains
>US airstrikes kill 18 people in western Raqqa
>Head of White Helmets’ office in Daraa sent to land of 72 virgins after his car was struck by a thermal missile
>PMU recruiting Kurdish youth to fight IS
>300k more civilians may flee western Mosul as fighting intensifies
>KURDISH MILITANTS ATTACKED IRGC in W Iran, killed 2 servicemen

Aleppobro fresh pix


Other urls found in this thread: Brief: March 20, 2017&id=be1ddd5371&uuid=271b55e8-ac23-4a62-82f8-a00de015eb19


ty based Indonesia

>Rebels make a huge breakthrough into the heavily fortified regime held qabun industrial area
>A lot of SAA untermenschen killed (75 acording to regime, could be more)
>regime propaganda journalist says that everything is under control on live TV white mortar shellings are heard few meters nearby and the streets shown are totaly deserted
>rebels destroy the fortifications and retreat to ambush the regime there later (because no more fortifications, easy to retake)
>regime in panic because it's Damascus, the capital
>regime takes the bait
>regime rushes into the area
>regime thinks it's a victory
>regime propaganda shills cheer on twitter, /sg/
>1 day later



I dun goofed, for some reason this thread didn't pop up on my filter:


Let's stick to this one



based fingol is based
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poland bro how meany breads do you people need what is going on ?
who is real bread ?

Footage from today's clashes in Jobar:
If you look at the eyes of the guy speaking to the camera you can be sure - there's a fair stash of Captagon in eastern Ghouta.

>deir hafer almost surrounded
rip julian

No idea senpai, I couldn't find the other in catalogue, I sage my posts just in case kek

oats made bread but it didn't have op info, so czechanon made another bread but forgot the title and because of that people started complaining that the macro doesn't work.
now poland made this one.

A Militant who left the #SAA then later Reconciled allegedly shot some #SAA soldiers while they were sleeping and this is his fate.

It's time for this jihadist to meet his miserable end.

I expected worse tbqh

I was waiting for him to carry him outside and execute him.


what's their endgame?

3310, best nokia

We shot down a StA missile! I'm so proud. Brief: March 20, 2017&id=be1ddd5371&uuid=271b55e8-ac23-4a62-82f8-a00de015eb19

does this answer your question?

man for their sake I hope that is their plan. I expect them to be crushed by Erdoroach but maybe Israel can save them

To prove themselves as the most powerful race on the planet.


Important notice on the pre-work required before you outsource airstrike activity to the mass of lumpent autists on /pol.

I asked these questions yesterday. no one answered. without this u dont have a hope in hell of proceeding. Consider it intelligence pre-work.

1. what is the name of the organisation u are targeting?
2. where are their known locations of operation?
3. where do these locations coincide with water bodies/rivers that are large enough to support mass irrigation schemes
4. what reports/ info can u find describing agriculture in greenhouses in syria ( ngo's providing greenshouses to poor starving moderates')
5. where can u find a village with dotted housing, on a hill within reach of a body of water large enough to support irrigation agriculture?
6. what is the geology of the area in the video. where does this geology coincide with points 5, 4, 3 & 2.
What is the orientation, in the video, of the greenhouses, the river/pond/lake, the buildings ( the new - there may be a earlier version in the pics - e.g. site services, roads etc), the hills. i.e. does the sun give clues to how all of this is aligned compass wise.

I hope this helps. the separate thread was too early, there was no preparation work done, so everyone was just aimless. we have to lead the autists with constructive direction.

This bit of pre-work is the bit that I did for the previous target to give us a narrowed area to search.

Further, until this research is done and you can find a largish area to search, there is nothing to 'outsource' to a separate thread. you only need the mass autism to search the haystack u have identified. You don't need mass autism before u have an idea of where to search.

Thank you.

Notice ends.

post pics of maghrebi breaking down

Are we doing airstrike again?

What rebel group was at the origin of this Qabun Jobar thing ?

Maghrebi's gf's son confirmed

a video cropped up yesterday. We failed to produce goods.

I don't have the link, but I think one of the polands and macedonia have the relevant information.

>inb4 I told u so. but no one listened. and now look. look what happened. pic related

Faylaq al Rahman.
Now Jaysh al Islam could join too (it would be huge)
WTF, aren't you al irani?
>implying /sg/ has ever done an airstrike
wew, who's dat man, he seems smart and nice

Replace turkish flag with the kurdish flag and the webm is perfect you kurdshit.

Them, and Austrian guy was involved iirc. They are usually online at 20:00 to midnight. I'll see if I can contact them later.

>implying the opinion of a braindeaded maghrebi counts

Out of all Arabic peoples, only Yemenis are dumber than Maghrebis.

I want the Tiger to visit and massage his butthole thoroughly.

wew lad

Wtf is happening on Deir Hafir front? It seems like the Tigers are passing this city by. My specualtion is that they will organize a two-pronged attack on the airbase, then will march to Deir Hafir.


>go on /sg/ the first time in over a week
>al Maghrebi is chimping out. """huge breakthrough""""
>be a bit worried bc it's damascus
>go to that pro terrorist freakshow on twitter
>everyone there is chimping out as well
>"hmmmm that's not good at all. better check the map to see how bad the situation really is"
>the whole hype is just about a tiny strip of land. in fact they just want to connect a kotel to another even smaller one
wtf is wrong with you?! are you really that desperate? all terrorist groups fight together and are still unable to lift the siege on jobar? unable to advance like 200 meters?
just calm down and kys

Are they both part of the Islamic Front ?
Where can I find a regulary updated list of moderate beheaders and alliegances ?

man, you want to become a priest, will you ever have a family?
at least i have one.
my gf just went to see her ex to explain him why she won't let him see their son more.
at least i have a gf that really cares about our family

>are still unable to lift the siege on jobar?
Lift it where?
To Mount Hermon?
or maybe Dara'a?

Don't worry about me, I'm doing just fine.
Also no need to explain yourself, but when gf's and ex-bf's meet without you knowing there always might a dicking happen.

that "small pocket" has been a meatgrinder for SAA since the beginning of the war.
1000s of ass*dists killed there
and the rebels are advancing right now
the Islamic Front doesn't exist anymore as an organized coalition.
It was founded to fight ISIS in Deyrezor, Rakka and Aleppo.
Only Jaysh al Islam is part of the IF coalition.

i don't know where you can find an updated accurate list but ask me if you want

they are autists. let them autist. if siezing a factory or two gives their fragile mentalities the hope they need to escape the emptyness of losing 1000's of square km's all across syria, then we as supporters of the winning side should let them. because we are so strong, because we have so many gains to coo over, if they are happy with the crumbs and the false sense of hope it gives them, then that is terrific.

in that way they become like our dogs. ready to lick the floor and grateful for the opportunity.

How do you even DARE to post on Sup Forums knowing you are a biological cuckold? You even dare larp as a great muslims warrior, or a supporter of moderate beheaders, but your gf literally has a child from another man's seed and you are raising the kid.

seriously bolandi did you really take those posts seriously?
lmao i was farming (You)s

lmao maghrebi is literally a cuck
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I might be naive, but I'm compassionate.

>i was merely pretending
Diaspora damagecontrol is always so bad

Sometimes I hate /sg/

>i-i was only pretending to be retarded
wow epic dude!!
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Checked and kek'd. Maghrebi is officially a cuck, or has at least repressed cuck fantasies. KEK says so.

i know that you know that i was joking and i also know that you want to trigger me
you're the closest thing to friend here in these shitty savage threads

Why not always though?

Dunno man. Whenever the jihadis conquer some piece of desert they celebrate it like a huge victory.

And as a part of the FSA, ain't Faylaq Al Rahman some kind rival of Jaysh al Islam/IF ? Are they likely to team up in anyway ?

Also, JAL/IF is supported by Saudis, what about Faylaq al Rahman ?

Sometimes it's comfy, but those times are over I think


>seriously bolandi did you really take those posts seriously
Sounded pretty legit, don't try to take it back now.

remove """"""""""frogs""""""""""""

it's neither shitty nor savage.

it's comfy. it's more comfy if you help make it so.

Faylaq al Rahman is quite a big group in Ghouta, this is why JAI didn't attack it.
To resume, there were a lot of groups fighting in that pocket, but the JAI's leader Zahran Alloush went full Staline and assassinated all the other groups' leaders and backstabbed every one to make himself the "ruler of ghouta"except Faylaq because he feared a long and big fight against them.
JAI leadership literally arrests and kills everyone who is against them.
Rebel groups which wanted to attack the regime were backstabbed by JAI because Alloush had a truce with ass*d. (this is actually why he were entering and leaving the pocket everytime he wanted to and also how the regime killed him (His location has never been a secret for them, they backstabbed him)).
JAI is supported by Qatar, Turkey and KSA
same thing for Faylaq al Rahman.

Faylaq al Rahman is more tending to attack the regime while JAI is only defending its positions (and attacking once every 2 years for propaganda like the Adra industrial area operation).

>you're the closest thing to friend here in these shitty savage threads
I've honestly tried being friendly towards you but if you turn towards shitposting,you're not going to get a lot of sympathy
Like i've said before, I thought when you were a good poster when you started posting here first: you used sources, didnt try to intentionally trigger everyone , solid early info
But compare your old posting to the state of this post ,why man?

those nokias were sturdy as fuck. they dont make them like that anymore

i posted sources yesterday, and i like shitposting.
i give some animation to these threads, i miss otto for that


> VIDEO: Syrian MRLs pummel Al-Qaeda positions in northern Hama

BEIRUT, LEBANON (7:28 A.M.) – Syrian multiple rocket launchers have pounded Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) locations in North Hama.

HTS earlier this month were designated as a terrorist group by the United States.

Drone footage released online on Saturday features the moment Syrian Army’s MRLs and air strikes pummel the Al-Qaeda headquarters in northern Hama.


Date unknown

>Jihadist rebels launch new assault in east Damascus

BEIRUT, LEBANON (7:00 A.M.) – The jihadist rebels of Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham launched a new assault in the eastern suburbs of Damascus today, targeting the Syrian Arab Army’s positions inside of Jobar.

Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham began their assault during the wee hours on Tuesday morning, launching a SVBIED attack towards the Syrian Arab Army’s defenses in the western sector of Jobar, near the Al-‘Abbasiyeen axis.

Following the suicide attack, intense clashes broke-out between the Syrian Arab Army and Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham jihadists, as the latter attempted to infiltrate the Jobar-‘Abbasiyeen axis.

post your rare assads

After what he done they are hitting him with a wooden stick, WTF, at least shoot him in the leg before hitting him there




> VIDEO: Large-scale Russian military exercise kicks off in Crimea

BEIRUT, LEBANON (7:05 A.M.) – Some 2,500 soldiers of the Russian Airborne Forces took part in a major command-and-staff exercise in Crimea on Monday.

Servicemen from the Black Sea Fleet and the Russian Aerospace Forces also took part in the drills in which more than 600 units of military vehicles and equipment were deployed.

As part of the exercises, soldiers tested new communications equipment along with “the most advanced portable air defence system, Verba” and “automatic control systems to direct and coordinate troops”, according to Commander of the anti-aircraft unit Sergeant Sergey Shmargunov.


>Violence erupt at Ankara university between anti and pro-PKK student groups

EIRUT, LEBANON (7:15 A.M.) – Clashes erupted between two groups of students at Ankara University Cebeci Campus on Monday after a group of students hung a banner reading ‘Execution for Ocalan, together for a greater Turkey’.

The imprisoned Abdullah Ocalan is the symbolic leader of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), a Marxist-Leninist militant group looking for greater Kurdish autonomy in eastern Turkey, and recognized by Ankara as a terrorist organization.

The conflict broke out between PKK supporters and a group of anti-PKK demonstrators, as the banner appeared.

Video >


> ISIS once again cuts off government’s only supply route to Aleppo

BEIRUT, LEBANON (1:20 P.M.) – The Islamic State (ISIS) has once again cutoff the Syrian government’s only supply route to the Aleppo Governorate after launching another powerful assault this afternoon.

According to Al-Masdar’s Ibrahim Joudeh, the Islamic State forces advanced north in the Wadi Al-Azeeb area, capturing a number of points overlooking the Salamiyah-Ithriya Highway in northeastern Homs.

The Syrian Arab Army is attempting to reestablish control over these lost points; however, thus far, they have been unsuccessful.

>What are the ISIS prospects in 2017?

Last year the Islamic State terrorist group has faced a series of violent attacks and offensives from both US-led coalition and Syria-Russia-Iran axis as well as predominantly Kurdish SDF and Turkish army\FSA proxies. Suffering from heavy bombardment, artillery, drone, missile strikes all over the “caliphate’s” territory, total economic blockade and finally massive ground offensives all the year, ISIS experienced a number of important setbacks but has eventually survived in 2016 unlike many experts’ predictions.

First of all during long and tough countryside warfare with Iraqi security forces, mainly newly-formed and US-trained and supplied “Golden division”, the terrorist group has lost control of the so-called “sunni triangle” north-west of Baghdad – the provincial capital of Anbar – Ar-Ramadi, the region of Hit and the notorious city of Al-Fallujah. This loss makes it totally impossible for IS to conduct large military operations and raids on and near Baghdad also finally dispelling the group’s plans of general battle for the ancient Middle East city in order to make it “caliphate’s” capital like it was in Abbasids

>i miss otto for that
Same, he definitely got the threads going and he's not that annoying once you get used to him.
But its still a shame that someone who is capable of good posts (which otto was incapable of outside a few rare occurences) turn to shitposting
Anyway, I wonder how you see syria in the hypothetical scenario that the rebels win, to me it looks obvious that that would lead to syrian civil war v2,so never a good solution when not considering ideologies


> Video released by militant group shows newly captured textiles plant in Damascus

BEIRUT, LEBANON (1:54 P.M.) – The Ahrar al-Sham terrorist group has released a video on its social media accounts of the capture of a textile factory in Damascus.

Earlier today, following a failed suicide attempt, Al-Masdar News reported that Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham (HTS), a coalition of militant groups, managed to partially fracture the Syrian Arab Army’s front-lines in Jobar, seizing the textile factory after a fierce battle that lasted for nearly two hours on Tuesday.

The video shows the textile factory located in an industrial zone of the capital city, which has been the scene of intense fighting between Tahrir al-Sham and the Syrian Army.

>Breaking: Government forces recapture new villages in east Aleppo

DAMASCUS, SYRIA (2:00 P.M.) – The Islamic State continues to lose more villages in the eastern Aleppo countryside, allowing the Syrian Army to expand its control to the south of the terrorist group’s bastion of Deir Hafer.

Three more villages – located east of Al-Qusayr which was liberated in yesterday’s assault – have been recaptured by the Army’s elite forces, who as of now have been on the offensive for more than two months.

These most recently liberated are Hamid Hawsh, Jafirat Mansur and Diham.



> FSA-affiliated group joins Al-Qaeda coalition; making it the largest militant group in Syria

BEIRUT, LEBANON (8:53 A.M.) – The Free Syrian Army-affiliated group Jaysh al-Farouq has joined the Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) coalition.

The addition of this Islamist group based in northern Hama has officially made the HTS the largest Syrian government opposition group in the country.

The HTS has been bolstered with a handful of militant groups joining the HTS in previous weeks.

>Syrian Army liberates key highway to Aleppo

BEIRUT, LEBANON (10:20 A.M.) – Minutes ago, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and local militias imposed full control over the Salamiyah-Ithriya Highway today after reversing the Islamic State’s gains in the eastern countryside of Hama.

Led by the 11th Tank Division, the Syrian Arab Army broke-through the Islamic State’s front-lines along the only points the latter controlled on the Salamiyah-Ithriya Highway.

Following a short battle this morning, the Syrian Arab Army and their allies liberated the area in order to reopen this important highway that links to the government’s only supply line to Aleppo.

>so never a good solution when not considering ideologies
so never a good solution even* when not considering ideologies

Yeah, that's a good question, how someone with your view of the conflict imagines after-war where power is taken by various FSA gangs, IS & Kurds?
It would be very hard to convince me it could be worse than Assad, mostly because I'm concerned about Christians and he's the only option for them to survive there.

Been around before Aleppo, mostly late hours? Very comfy, many discussions, few shitposting.
Since Aleppo shitposting took over and it's not nearly as comfy, not even late at night.
Thread changed a lot during the last year imo.
It's still not shit, especially the localisation of terrorists, if they actually get bombed, is really cool, but overall it's more or less just a RSS-Feed for me now. It's just not worth it to invest as much time as in the past.


> US Coalition kills high ranking jihadist commander in Idlib

BEIRUT, LEBANON (10:55 A.M.) – The U.S. Coalition killed another high ranking jihadist commander in rural Idlib today, opposition activists claimed this morning.

According to local reports, the U.S. Coalition killed Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham commander, Abu Islam Al-Masri (Egyptian), and a number of his associates, today, while they were traveling through the village of Darkoush in rural Idlib.

The reports added that the U.S. Coalition used a drone to strike the jihadist commander’s vehicle.

>ISIS car bomb attack in the Iraqi capital of Baghdad kills at least 23

BEIRUT, LEBANON (11:45 A.M.) – An ISIS car bomb attack in Baghdad, Iraq’s capital, has killed at least 23 and injured dozens.

The explosion occurred in the mostly Shi’ite area of Amil in southern Baghdad, on a busy street.

45 people were reportedly injured.

Link to video mentioned in VIDEO >

it makes a nice change from shitposting

Yeah, I'm pretty new (1 month or so), so I can't speak for how it was before.


Confirmed that bigwig Tahrir al-Sham commander of field operation was martyred by a CENTCOM airstrike in Idlib.

Trump really is stepping up his shit against non-ISIS militants.

I'm different from other leaves

what location ?


I don't normally browse Syria gen. Can I get your opinion on any noticeable differences now that Trump is in power?

Not significant. The rules of engagement qwew loosened a bit at around Mosul i guess, so some more civilians died

Things like attacking HTS/Nusra commanders and helping SAA near palmyra started during Obama, so i dont think Trump had much to do there.

>USA fighting other islamist groups not named ISIS aswell
>allegedly less support for 'moderates'
>increased US support for kurds
>more stern approach on who is considered 'terrorist' or 'moderate'

Jaysh al-Islam didn't join in this latest Damascus assault, it was mostly the Rahman Legion these last days. In fact, Jaysh al-Islam has spent most of the last year fighting other rebel groups, they're essentially border-guards for Assad at this point.

The lithuanian is right >Things like attacking HTS/Nusra commanders and helping SAA near palmyra started during Obama, so i dont think Trump had much to do there.
I got my timeline wrong

If you're talking about serious discussions about food products made of flour and water, usually baked, then sure, you're right.

But seriously, the threads have always been shitpost central and are on the same level of quality they were a few months ago.

hmmm... previous identity?

It's actually pretty weird, since Jaysh al-Islam used to be the strongest jihadist force in the whole Damascus/Ghouta area, all the way up to mid-2016. Cash and weapons from Saudi Arabia, did those "red line" sarin attacks, launched shells all the way to Assad's palace........then nothing. All these inter-rebel civil wars, followed by Russia's bombing, really cucked them into submission.

>Not significant
you can bet your left ass cheek that things would look very differently if Hillary won. While Trump didn't change sides entirely (how should he. Imagine him doing a 180 and supporting Assad now, with all the negative publicity Assad got), there are some developments that I'd call impossible under Hillary. Most likely HTS wouldn't even have formed, causing many of the groups now officially fighting for the Nusrats, as still being labeled as moderates.
American election had a huge impact, no doubt about it.

Sure there was a lot of shitposting, no doubt about it and it wouldn't be fun without it either. But if you wanted a serious discussion, you got one. The closest you get to that now is probably when the Libyan user posts and people want to know about what's going on there.

i absolutely don't see the rebels winning.
i think that this war is going to last much more and that there will be some (major) reversals.
to sum up:
this war is a 4 groups of actors conflict:
>regime backed by Iran and Russia
>rebels backed by Turkey, Qatar and KSA (sometimes by USA but nothing significant)
>YPG backed by the US, and other westerners

And even sometimes, different groups of actors within those groups:
>Russia and Iran indirectly (politicaly, economicaly, etc) fighting each other in Syria for who will have the bigger influence on the regime
>Jordan wants to give up on the rebels, Turkey just wants a non YPG held border, some rebels groups are joining HTS because they are tired of some of their backers
>USA vs Russia conflict about influence on the YPG
>ISIS on the other side is the most homogeneous and organized actor

Everytime one of these actoes has been weakened by its enemies, the latters focused on each others, letting the former regain power

>late 2013: regime was weak despite some recent victories, FSA decided to launch a major op against ISIS which was gaining power
>ISIS lost almost all its ground and was surrounded by rebels, the regime decided to focus on the rebels, ISIS regained its power and even got much more
>2015: YPG almost wiped out from syria, only Efrin and Hassaka pockets remained with few neighborhoods of Kobane, ISIS decided to not launch a last and massive offensive with tens of SVBIEDs to take the last Kobane pocket, YPG regained all the ground and advanced further more

If you think that rebels will this time blindly follow their backers' orders and get crushed in Idlib, or Erdogan will let the YPG control the border, or that 10 000s of ISIS fighters will just disappear while they haven't really fought with a lot of strengh since Kobane, Ramadi and Baiji, or that the regime will just allow a YPG autonomy and stay silent then you're totally wrong.

This war is very far from over