What if i told you, in this custom character creator, you can't make your character white...

What if i told you, in this custom character creator, you can't make your character white, you are forced to pick any color except white

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Don't buy the game then.

But user, it's ME, i love the franchise, it's ruined


I don't like games and i'm not white so i don't care.

Does this trigger you ?

I'm black so I don't care. This is me and my gf btw.

it's not ME anymore, 10% who worked on original series work on Andromeda

Can I get a quick rundown on this Asari?

Is that the final bog?

Hi Sup Forums

I'd pick the niggest nog I could and go around picking cotton for my master

I'd tell you that we've seen this thread five times already.

Entertainment and politics go hand in hand, so the number of threads don't matter

what about yellow?

just wait till a mod replaces the skin color palate with the one from ME2/3

take your picks bigots, we're gonna brainwash teenagers into loving these characters

Mass Effect is developed by Bioware.

The GGM (General Group Manager) of Bioware is (((Matthew Bromberg))).

Nice it will alow us to self insert Tunisia bro

oh god

I've never seen HIV do this to someone, though if I had to ask someone, I'd ask an African

HAHAHA That last pic caught me off guard.

At least I still have the Original Dragonage.

Just create the chimpest chimp out there and call the game racist for it.
Then go on social media crying about it everywhere and ask for money to sue bioware from leftards.
Next you just cash it all in and invent some shit excuse while refunding around 75% of the cash saying the other 25% was lost from the website or some other bullshit excuse. Or just cash it all in.

The cardinal sin for me is that these faces literally look like they were ripped from Tony Hawk's Underground

Then I wouldn't even pirate the game. If I can'e play as an Aryan qt3.14 this game is worthless for me

Are you by any chance on Team Zevran? ;)

Wouldn't that be oppressive to white women?
God knows how oppressed they are.

only when I play a cute female elf.

God fucking damnit Kek.

Nice digits bro

If you feel this way why did you invented marxism Shlomo?
You done goofed

Buying an AAA game is just like paying to watch an Hollywood movie. It's now filled with SJW propaganda.

Remember when blockbusters were awesome and everybody enjoyed it? Remember Jurassic Park, Back to the Future or the early episodes of the Simpsons? Well it's over now.

We now have Mass Effect where you can't even play a white person and the Ghostbusters movie with Leslie Jones.

WTF? That's a horrible retention rate.

Fuck SJW "diversity" quotas.

You're missing out by not playing a gay Dwarf smashing that Elf boipucci

But I cannot argue with those digits.

Idk I was shitfaced drunk and then it just spread like fire

at least Bethesda (not zenimax) havent quite gone there yet.



I thought that blue chin line was drool

Don't rob me!

Low quality bait m8

In ME 1/2/3 was able a make a cute enough white redhead despite shitty character creator.

Is it really not possible anymore ?


The blonde haired one is obviously white.

can I get a quick rundown?

Yup lightest skin tone is brown

What if I told you that I selected the Ottomans in EU4 because I wanted to watch you Roach niggers slowly morph into the Khazar loving cunts that you are.
The last time I saw Erdo he was surrounded by Jews.
Just accept that you are bottom feeders of the region, the front-line troops of Al-Mossadi.


Didn't they "go there" on dishonored 2, when they made it a female power fantasy game.

meanwhile in FF14, not a shitskin in sight

beautiful white elf / human / catgirls everywhere

You can though
>Albeit with a stupid tattoo

Honestly it looks like it has good gameplay at least. And you can also play as Corvo, no?

I'm not Turkish you illiterate trash.

pic related is what's possible to achieve

why the fuck are they all so dirty and sweaty?

>any color except white

Can you make your character green?

look like Oblivion

What do you expect from those kinds of people?

Because this is the game designer
>You mad white boi ?

oh my fucking god, 7 gorillian games staring white people and we're bitching about a sequal on a shitty series.

>Not raping the Ottomans as Byzantium despite having 3 provinces

I'd tell you that's a game that will not attract any of my discretionary budget.

Yeah but nobody cares about Tuna

Not an argument

they literally look like they haven't washed their face in at least 4 days and during that time wiped pizza grease on their face before bed.

if anyone buys this game I will be disappointed.

Everyone from ME1-3 quit in 2012.

Someone should make a mod to remove all non-whites from the game. It would be a nice little fuck you to the devs.

post yfw people preordered this because ME is a huge franchise

Can you play the game in first person?
If not, I'll just make sure I die every 5-10 minutes, so the fact that a nigger died makes me oversee the fact I play a fucking nigger.

I often see black/brown characters, but in this game there are NO negroid facial features at all, and not even asian (that one is a shame)

I had such a crush on her. Her timidness got me rock hard. I was gonna buy the new one and then I saw how absolutely fucking garbage it was and decided against it. I honestly thank you for saving me the 60 shekels, Sup Forums

This is the "gameplay"
>mfw indie games are way better than AAA Bioware game

>ME 1 was a reasonable game, now I'm an ME fan™ and must buy all the shit they churn out with the ME label as it goes ever more downhill

I only play Elder scrolls and Fallout 4. from what little I know however, that bit in Dishonored 2 isnt forced diversity like Bioware BS


Anybody who still buys EA games is a retard.

im sorry, but is this brown?


Bah, Original Sin 2 this year.


It is, also poor bait

Indie devs are not as beta as the big ones.
Everything is easy, because they don't want to ruin the fun for Mr. IMJUSTHEREFORTHESTORY.

Well then, helmet on, helmet never off.

i would uppercut that into his stinky teeth.

I think I know where they got their inspiration


lol ok, not even baiting...
i would classify that as white.
maybe a darker white but still on the white specter

EA is the biggest Jew of them all

What are you talking about? They give you a skin tone slider...

>Da fuq u say 2 me smoothskin?

She's not even a little fast. How could he not pull the trigger in that amount of time?

This game is so fucking hilariously satirical.

Does this mean I can be invulnerable and play as giga-niga?

Someone should make a lighter skin tone mod or mod the texture packs, just to piss Bioware off.
Remember when someone made a mod that eliminated all black people from Stellaris, and Paradox went mental? Good times.

White people don't exist in the future

i wouldnt give a fuck

Alright cool but you'd be objectively wrong so maybe you should rethink that opinion

lol how is the game in general?

Dishonored 2 had nignog and asian npcs and women soldiers unlike the 1st game, it's still worth playing though

There's also an ugly negress who pilots your boat for you but you can shoot her in the face at the end of the game

they are all so fucking ugly

To clarify.

Their only pissing off fans.

AKA their core demographic that pays money for their shit.

I'm not a fan