Boston schools are adopting this new map that more accurately depicts the world...

Boston schools are adopting this new map that more accurately depicts the world. It makes Africa bigger and the US and Europe smaller.


Britain's as big as fucking Europe

Are you dumb?

No planar map can be accurate since we live on a round object (flat earther get out)

It still doesn't look entirely accurate. In this day and age where we have goddamn satellites taking pictures over head, how can we not get a true to life accurate map of the world?

because you can't accurately project a sphere onto a flat surface

Doing this, Africa looks like a limp dick

>how can we not get a true to life accurate map of the world?
You can, it's called a globe.

We're doing this thread again? We just had it the other day!

How often do you really need a fucking world map anyway? And just use a damn globe or Google Earth when you do.

>Other distortions inherent in the Mercator Projection display a kind of territorial superiority. Simply put, predominantly-white countries are huge seeming, while nonwhite-majority countries are rather small, in comparison.

Annnnd that explains everything

Here's another interesting map I've seen

Just make it look like this.

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yeah, its the peters projection map and it is more accurate, it's pretty hard to draw the surface of a sphere on a rectangle though so there isn't an accurate map available
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Looks like there's lots of space in Africa for "refugees"

but it makes the western country's(USA and Canada) the east
so im not down.

Haha I just noticed that. Nice catch leaf.

Canada's got a lot of experience catching benis

This is the one I usually saw when accuracy was important.

More accurate in what sense. You're comparing apples and oranges. The Mercator is a conformal projection and a brilliant one at that. Angles are preserved and rhumb lines preserve their anngles against meridians which makes it great for navigation.

The Peters (actually Gall's work) is an equal-area map and not a particularly good one at that either. Area is preserved but shapes are only true at the places you chose as standard parallels, which suspiciously enough in the Gall-peters it is 45 as seen from his formula. He chose a map that preserves shape near his home country - so much for his third world love.

For those interested, other equal-area projections exist, some of them quite tasteful. Once you give up on making them pseudocylindrical you get some very elegant projections such as Alber's conic and Eckhart's even numbered maps (especially IV). Pic is a heart-shaped equal area map (Cordiform Werner) based on the Bonne projection.

Generally speaking there are no "wrong maps" just wrong uses of maps. And the Mercator conformal is excellent at what it does.