Did he do it?

Did he do it?

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kill shot came from the storm drain

top kek

That theory had been debunked


No. Didn't you watch the movie?

They had people go down there and see that there was no possible angle to shoot him

Movie was based on the faulty 'magic bullet' theory that has been debunked for over 30 years now.

fuck that weak ass b8 you got there leafy.

>debunked my ass


It was Joe Pesci and Tommy Lee Jones.

Yes. He was a Soviet agent and the Jew Jacob Rubenstein was contracted to kill him before he could spill the beans.


Sometimes the simplest explanation makes the most sense. He was a gommie sympathizer.

then why did JFKs head bounce around and explode in the complete opposite direction to Oswald position?

what about the other shots?
there were up to* 16 of them..

I've been to Dealey Plaza and it just doesn't make sense. He had ample opportunity for a clean shot on Houston St before JFK turned down Elm St. The shots he purportedly took were much more difficult almost in the realm of impossible.

Have you ever been to Dallas? The book depository is the best place to get a shot at the motorcade in that location. The grassy knoll or any other proposed location puts the shooter at disadvantage considering he was a moving target. The only conspiracy was on the part of the Soviets and those here who prevented a proper investigation due to the high level of Jewish communist infiltration of our government.



how can a shot come from above and behind but blow your head backwards and upwards though.

Weren't there trees blocking his shot where he got the headshot off?

I remember Jesse Ventura replicating the shot and saying he could never pull it off

Yes and he did it alone.

0.8 grassy knolls have been deposited in your account

There are a couple of lines of sight available from the depository but I don't know which window he shot from.

I don't know about that. The trees are not going to be the same decades later.

Aside from that possibility, it is the best angle on the car.

its the top right but he didn't shoot him.
there were multiple shooters but the kill shot came from the drain.

the best angle on the car was from the drain but that required them to almost stop the car to a stand still (which they did)

it was meant to be a last resort

Fuck off drainfags

It is the top right which gives the best view of both streets. We would need to look at pictures from that time though to see what the trees looked like as they would have grown or maybe even been replaced during the past 50+ years.

fuck off Oswald shills
get rekt

>eternal anglo
>never seen or shot a gun
>expert on terminal ballistics and tactics

Here's the view of Houston Street from the ground floor of Dealey Plaza. If was indeed the shooter, why wouldn't he have taken a head on shot with little to no obstruction with the target coming directly towards him? Instead he waited for a shot with obstruction and a target moving away from him at a downward angle.

I'm not an Oswald shill, I specifically made this thread to hear different theories, not drainfags

>can't answer simple questions
please re word your post to be clear

Is this the drain that they're talking about? If so, I don't think there would be much of a angle for a shot.

Isn't it easier to shoot a target moving away from you rather then coming towards you from a distance?

The car would have been coming at Oswald at an odd angle from his position

what wrong with the drain theory you spastic

Saw a photo of him in his back yard holding the same Carcano rifle with the notch of wood missing that they found in the book depository

>did he du it
literally who

Yes, that's why we ignore drainfags since it's the most autistic theory out there

>Did he do it?

well the newpapers said it was (((THE RUSSIANS)))

>i dont think

thats not good enough bro.
you need to look into it because no one is going to care about 'what you think'

look at the (doctored) footage.

So I am right then. You have no idea what you are talking about. You know nothing about guns and have never been to Dallas. Why should I take anything you say seriously?

Everybody in this thread should be referencing this unless you believe it to be doctored


>kill shot came from the storm drain

Jackie delivered the kill shot, even though the poison in his back brace is what killed him first, it had to paralyze him so he wouldn't move

top shilling there lad
also your credibility ran way the fuck out when you posted the discovery channel as your socuce

fucking pathetic

>then why did JFKs head bounce around and explode in the complete opposite direction to Oswald position?

because Jackie shot him under his chin

Yes, it is.

because if a bullet comes from behind then it blows the front of your face off not the back.
you dont need to be a burger to work that one out.
infact it probably helps...

>so I'm right then...
lol, fucking burgers man

>please re word your post to be clear

If Oswald was indeed the shooter, why would he have taken the more difficult shot? Considering the obstructions (Elm tree line) and the negative slope of Elm St, the shot would have been much easier to take while JFK was on Houston St.

>pic related

i know he got shot in the throat too, whats your point mate?

coz oswald wasn't involved you dunce

he may have fired the bullet but was given orders to do so.

don't know how anyone can not believe this


>don't know how anyone can not believe this

moon landing
the list goes on you dumb fucking yank

only americans believe american things while the rest of the world laughs at you

This is interesting I always thought it was impossible for this mentally feeble sodomite to kill JFK.
Who did it the CIA, vatican, jews?


Try working the bolt on a Carcano... Speaks volumes.

Then who was, Bong?

Does it matter?

>dumb fucking yank

but i basically agree with you Aussie

about 50 or more men.
there were actively around 30 people doing different jobs that day from umbrella man to paid or fake agents collecting evidence.
there were teams of shooters and they were largely unsuccessful..
it all came down to slowing the car down to almost a stop next to the storm drain.

this is also how the grassy knoll came into play to try to cover this up/

i dont have all the facts but to say little Lee did it is well, fucking retarded
many people involved

basically agreeing is not the same as agreeing.
is it

>whats your point mate?

you would have to understand the mafia mentality to see the poetry in being shot by your cheating wife and having your enemy take your weapon

CIA operation or Rothschild?

>or both???

>Who did it the CIA, vatican, jews?



>CIA operation or Rothschild?

read the secret team by Fletcher Prouty or listen to the audiobook on youtube

also watch evidence of revision

that is what ti was thinking with the trees n shit

I dont know.
mafia and via is one and the same back then.
Im not sure about much but I'm not having people be so fucking stupid around such an obvious event.
I dont mind who did it but I am interested in how it happened

i can just about hack the 9/11 shills but this is ridiculous

>cia guides drives him through easily ambushed position
>gets assassinated
nah they dindu nuffin. it's all this mentally feeble individual shooting magic bullets out of a shitty rifle

>mafia and CIA

yes. he acted with the CIA. they just needed a scapegoat and he was gullible enough to fall into their trap.


I don't know how people can still believe the official narrative in le current year. It's common knowledge Kennedy was killed by the CIA and that Oswald was a patsy.

anyone want to give an uneducated person (on the assassination) what the fuck all these people are saying

In the zapruder film frames 313-316 it shows the impact flinging pieces of his skull around. Isn't a wound like that more common from an exit wound than an entrance wound?


that dosent make any sense.
how can you say yes but also say it was a trap?

>ohh fuck, i done goofed and be trapped now
>better shoot the president

how does that even work?
surely the time it takes to realise you have been tricked is not enough time to accept it, compose yourself, agree and then blow the presidents head clean in half with out any prior knowledge of the scheme.

just saying, seems unlikely

Oswald was in a building in New Orleans owned by an MI6 agent the day before the assassination, he was also in the same gay sex club with Rubenstein and Hoover

The trap being they most likely told him he could escape & would be paid.


One day we'll find out who put him up to it.

still not enough time in my opinion.

people dont just changed accept that level of stress and mischief. it takes a long time.

true but it would have been the other side of his face if that was the case.
looks more like a hit from a very close proximity


The mafia was almost definitely involved in some way on the Ruby angle. May have been tasked with disposing of Oswald.

Ruby was seen at a restaurant called Campisi's in Dallas the day before the assassination, talking to the Dallas mafia boss who owned the place.

>true but it would have been the other side of his face if that was the case.

I agree, so does this mean the shot came from the southern side of Dealey plaza instead of the Northern, where the grassy knoll and """sewer""" are located?

no it means that


other shots came from the roofs and windows from behind, these hit JFK and the other dude riding in the front.
woody harlesons old man shot him in the throat from the bridge next to the grassy knoll.

im not sure what you are trying to b8 me into but I will not leave this thread thinking Lee Oswalds killed JFK unless you are able to prove it to me.

I am basing this on the damage caused to his head and the behaviour of the car and secret service

Drainfags need to die

Bullshit. The headshot came from behind. Anyone who has ever shot guns know that the entrance wound is tiny, the exit wound is much larger due to bullet tumbling and fragmentation. The Zapruder film shows his face falling off. If he was shot directly in the face he'd have a hole 3/10ths of an inch in diametre in his forehead and the back of his head would be in pieces. If it came from the sewer, the left side of his head would have exploded.

So you think they didn't plan this out prior to meeting him & just quickly grabbed a fellow off the streets?
The CIA aren't retarded. They could've planned this whole ordeal & took Oswald with them for that terrible day.
There is logic in the conspiracy, believe it or not.

Meant they could've planned it months prior. Not sure I was clear

the drain shot in yellow better represents what his head did rather than the red, oswald shot.

this is where the grassy knoll theory was born (in a CIA office somewhere deep underground)

there would be no grassy knoll if they didn't fuck it up so bad and had to rely on the oswald angle.
whole thing was a mess

are there any claims of any of this shit happening or is it all just based off of the films

Just ignore drainfags

They are the CTR of the JFK assassination

He tried but missed, the kill shot was a 5.56mm frangible bullet accidentally fired by a secret service agent when the vehicle he was riding in suddenly accelerated after LHO's shots.

She had the motive, means and opportunity, yes.

>If it came from the sewer, the left side of his head would have exploded.

it did.
the back off his head was missing too

look up
everything from 9/11 to JFK is a rich mans trick.

the bullet trajectories are confusing but with multiple shots going off you can't just rely on Lee's supposed shot from behind.
yeah i get you but I dont reckon lee even shot a gun on that day
leafs first

the lady doth protest too much?
fucking kys

I've read a lot of books on it, and all sorts of theories.

I think he did it, and acted alone. He was mentally imbalanced and wanted to be famous and make a name for himself. None of the conspiracies seem even sort of likely. Every one you have to make all sorts of leaps to tie together.

I'm open to hearing new evidence though.