Is this the most deadly Weapon ever created?

Is this the most deadly Weapon ever created?

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Spears or just sticks and rocks in general have probably killed more people throughout hsitory

No, but probably one the most used

unless you're thinking in terms of amount of lives taken, I'd guess the bow or something

no this is

That's not the question, though.


Not even close.


No, deadliest weapon ever created is a nuclear weapon.


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No, this is.

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the deadliest weapon is the computer... which is really just an abstraction of math.... which is really just an abstraction of logic....

i guess you could say the real deadliest weapon is the brain

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The deadliest weapons that exist are biological weapons and you'd better pray they are never used.

Most human deaths are from disease or exposure. Most human deaths via weapons throughout history is from the spear, varying from wooden, to obsidian to metal tipped. Spears are the weapon of mass genocide. The next closest is the shortbow.

nuclear weapons are the deadliest.

weaponized memes

No. This is.

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Not even close.


It's unbelievable that that thing is 70 years old.

According to leftist words do more harm annually.

Humman brain is the deadliest weapon

>not knowing that autism is the most deadly weapon

Isn't it basically a remnant of the second world war?

Check out Rob Ski (AK Operators Union) on Jewtube. He's hitting steel man-sized targets at 500 yards with a scope and shitty ammo.

Anyone that says the AK is inaccurate doesn't know how to shoot one.

and womans of course.



I find it more unbelievable that this is 106+ years old. God bless John Moses Browning.

Really depends on the maker. The chink shit is pretty subpar. Had a magazine fall out a Chinese SKS once when aiming and it wasnt anything I did.

This is

design began near the end but it wasn't introduced until 1948.
It's a remnant of the cold war and fortunately/unfortunately one of the most well known symbols of Russia.

What about a weapon to surpass Metal Gear?


no, a leaf is

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no, aids has killed way more than that thing ever will



uhhh... Yeah it is.
OP is asking if an ak is the deadliest weapon. What scores the deadliest weapon is a weapon that kills the most people. So, if we rack up the deaths from sticks and stones, we could find that the AK isn't the deadliest weapon.
TL;DR, you're a moran.

Actually come to think of it, I think the AK47 doesn't have a kill count as high as you would initially suspect.

In most wars it was used, it was used by the party that had 10-1 losses, when pitted against a western nation. In Vietnam it was effective, but far less effective than American B52 carpet bombings, for example.

Also, most large scale deadly conflicts happened before that gun was a mainstream thing. Apart for a few African genocides, maybe.

Maybe it's a good choice for the price, and great for third world rebels, but it probably won't stand a chance against the things modern armies are equipped with. It mostly depends on the person using it.

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By far a design that will endure for ages to come

According to Jewgle, nuclear devices only ever killed 130k-226k in written history. Heart disease kills more in a year.
But yes, atomic bombs have the potential to be the most deadly.

An amateur's weapon..

>In Vietnam it was effective

A weapon to surpass metal gear:

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The human mind is the deadliest weapon of all.

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Try any European longsword, or Persian steel.

Alcohol. Tears apart lives and families going back millenia. :^)

No this is!