Balkans already developed anti-bodies against the arab menace

Balkans already developed anti-bodies against the arab menace

when will the sissy west do the same?

>immigrant buys an attack helicopter

Where did he immigrate from?

lol based.

thats fucking awesome

Immigrant hunter as in hunts immigrants retard
>sees flag
Makes sense

You're just trying to sound retarded, aren't you?

sure he is.

Where can I donate?

I can't believe he is so transphobic. Buying attack helicopters is not ok, their gender orientation should not make them slaves !

The Balkan lion may just be awakened.

Nope, sorry lads. Just read that totally wrong. I just woke up, lay off.

I live exactly opposite to the turkish border in the north-west.

I am sad not being able to participate.

Lol, the muzzies are mad in the article comments

>Amin Yapusi

Yeah this is totally a real muslim

kek they all look derpy

I like how all the comments are negative, with no positive ones at all, yet the ratings are totally showing the general opinion to be overwhelmingly positive towards his actions.



nah you need to sort by best rated

the only thing missing is someone shooping a zergface there

>Boyko literally bought a fucking helicopter to secure Balkan border
Kek, you Southern Slavs are literally he most funny ethnicities existing
Hope the Serbs and Croats going to join this



Ah sorry, his name was Dinko

why do all slavs have this STALKER post apocalyptic look about them in the military?


Seriously, I wish he and his crew would do a European tour to show native Europeans how to do it. We need to re-learn our survival mechanism.

Cause stalker takes place in Ukraine

>you walk down the street
>suddenly Hinds fly over you
>Dinko fires a Davy Crockett at the local refugee shelter from his Hind D

The guys in my pic are volunteer border patrol so they don't have the same standard equipment. The regular military looks normal.

I remember seeing a post about meme magic that WW3 will start from Balkans, yesterday or sort, not so sure.

Adidas tracksuits are the last stand of implicit White-Barbarian identity

Typical 74IQ burger

white race is not dead yet?

Slavs are not White

>Slav buys a Hind to fight Hajjis

I'm 2000% erect.

do something with your life instead of shitposting, m8.

I wish I could communicate with based Dinko. We could set up some kind of fan club or T shirt vendor. He needs a marketing man.

Only the territories marked with blue on the map are white.

Holy sbot is that the guy who would drive around his property hunting refugees, and said one of them screamed allah mallah?

What the fuck

Mudslimes BTFO
Godspeed, Dinko!