What does Sup Forums think of this girl being suspended for a week on Glenn Beck's network for not being pro-life?

What does Sup Forums think of this girl being suspended for a week on Glenn Beck's network for not being pro-life?

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i think she needs to suck my dick, op

She screes almost as hard as progressives, I don't give a fuck.

I think it is funny Beck thinks he has morals or standards. He fucking voted for Hillary

Good luck because her long term partner is a black male.

She'd probably have a nice giggle at your tiny white dick though.

Well, what did she expect when she decided to work for a weak-willed fool like Glenn Beck? He's firing her for being for abortion, but Glenn Beck himself supported Hillary's efforts to become President.

Didn't she gave a libertarian answer?


I know her man serves in the army, but that's it.


You know military girls are the biggest sluts right?

lol yeah so she's definitely getting pole vaulted by tymere then

That's a meme. Nothing to it beyond the odd Facebook/nude leaks.

why the fuck are conservatives pro life when niggers are being born at a higher rate?

Beck needs psychological help. His alarmist reaction to every little thing is absurd. During election season he thought Trump was in bed with the Russian government.

coal burner got what she deserved

Nice try, you fucking kike.

But that's wrong.

The priesthood is rising!

People that try to square constitutional conservatism with the pro-choice stance are some of the biggest scum because they're either too stupid to accept the facts of the matter or they're being intellectually dishonest. The constitution gives every human being the equal right to life, and the pro-choice position is that not every human has an equal right to life. So in order to be a pro-choice constitutional conservative you must reject--either through stupidity or dishonesty--the science that says from the moment of conception the unborn is biologically a human being.

>I'm for small government. I don't want government dictating ever part of our lives like who we can and cannot murder.

This is literally her argument.

Its part of a concerted effort to discredit young conservatives

First Milo
Then McGinnes
Now her

I dont necessarily agree with all their viewpoints or methods but this is clearly an attempt to remove conservative influence from a younger generation that looks up to them

She's a fucking moron with progressive ideals and is pro baby murder. You'd have to be an imbecile or outright delusional to view abortion any other way.

shes has libertarian values she said that gov shouldn't interfere Is she really pro-choice or are people just over reacting.

I was talking about her bull - that is merely her cuck

I'd fuck the life out of her, otherwise no opinion.

McGuineas as is in his 40s and show his asshole to his audience fuck off

I'm extremely pro-abortion for many races and cultures.

LOL. yeah try to make antiabortion the intellectual side, when in reality it's based off of feelings and nothing more. An eight week old fetus is not a human life and there's nothing wrong with aborting it Christfags

You'd have to be a retarded neo-con to be pro-life.

Abortion leads to stable minority populations. Without it we would've been overtaken years ago. Period.

If muh baby jayzus is more important to you than your race, you should understand why sane racially minded people don't like you.

I don't know, but
>American Cuckservatives muh bible
No different to SJW who get triggered and ban free speech.

I am pro life though.

Glenn Beck has no credibility at this point

dumbass is just trying to get attention

The Bogs are watching this thread about a beautiful, but baby-killer chick.

>oh no, won't someone think of the poor little nigger babies?

Americans seem to bring up that abortion is good because it puts the nigger population down.

Why don't you just stop giving these niggers child support?

Should've canned her. Fake conservative is fake.

Just another Satanic libtard trying to make a buck.

I bet she's really good at sex.

What about situations where the mother is virtually guaranteed to die in childbirth?

I take what I can get bong-bro. I'd rather deport them all to Africa (yes I know this would cause a crisis in the region, I don't care what happens in Africa) or have them all shot.

A human fetus is a human and you're fucking stupid if you think otherwise. I realize that your tiny brain needs to protect itself from comprehending you essentially support murdering babies for convenience because they're not "old enough".

It's disgusting and I hate it. Tomi is allowed to be pro-life and still be a conservative. I find it troubling because it's basically censorship, the type we see from the left. The left hand speech, the right shouldn't. We can't trap ourselves in an echo chamber like the left. I don't care if you consider abortion equal to murder, she should be able to support it without losing her platform. It might seem like I'm overreacting but I'm not. The reactions on Twitter from the right were awful. Tons of people supported the decision and that's troubling. We can't become an echo chamber!

>no, you can't murder the little nigger babies! please!

I'm pro-choice for the state, undesirables need to be weeded out at birth.

Problem is, the Legal Mexicans aren't aborting kids like blacks and whites, right?

She's a talentless coward who lacks integrity and should be fired

So everyone on Sup Forums hates being conservative now?

Yeah, we just need to work at undermining Catholicism. Thankfully the pope is doing it for us.

There's always exceptions for extreme reasons, such as babies that would otherwise kill the mother.

I'm just happy that the women who get abortions will basically die of cervical cancer. God certainly knows how to kill degenerates.

Why are you like this?

Who are going to cuck them in 20 years?

>Baby murder

You literally sound like my 78 year old grandmother

Baby Jesus or something equally unlikely

how is she not suspended for life?

would fuck

thats all i need to know

and then let her abort it

What an interestingly evil retort. This wouldn't be an issue if welfare wasn't a disgusting mess where blacks and other poor people are subsidized to have babies.

>pro-lifer logic
>abortion is "baby murder" (your opinion)
>oh but when the mother's life is in danger it suddenly becomes fine to murder that baby

pro lifer dumb dumb logic in action

Abortion is not murder, it's compassionate euthanasia.

Her pro-abortion stance is very sensible given that she routinely gets blacked.

Why are you under the impression that just niggers will abort their babies?
Doesn't the white race in America have problems reproducing at the same pace as those Taco's?

Who gives a shit, she's a woman, she should be suspended on that alone.

>believes nobody has any authority over what happens to a woman's body other than that woman
>believes in killing women in utero without their consent
She deserves to be suspended for being such a collosal idiot.

Abortion is murder.

Well your grandmother actually possesses critical thinking skills. It only takes a few minutes to understand biology, think about human fetuses and understand they're humans.

Monsters like you like to dehumanize fetuses because they're emotional and intellectual cowards unwilling to admit they're murdering humans.

She's a fucking retard. She's good looking so people on the right give her a pass and idiots on the left know she's a moron so they like having her there losing debates with liberal niggers and undermining the right's message with her idiocy.

No. I want them gone. We should accept nothing less than an ethnostate. There is no reason for white people to feel empathy for other races. This is why we shouldn't tolerate the evangelist weirdo cuckolds. They make shaky allies at best and they'd stab you in the back in a second for their retarded universalist religion. There is NO helping them. They're inferior.

Modern Christianity is globalism.

Yeah, like I said earlier. We just need to chip at Catholicism to get the spics in clinics too. It's obviously not ideal but it doesn't make any sense at all to attack abortion. There is no benefit to it.

>Why don't you just stop giving these niggers child support?

Why do you snaggle tooth bum boys all get dole money? Perhaps it's to stop you from rioting, because the world certainly doesn't need more Britbongs

checked for truth

>Christianity is a globalist religion
True. It's really is.

She was stupid enough to go on that thing called the view and got honeypotted. I'm pissed about having to defend this one. The right needs to learn and apparently they haven't after flynn, milo, etc. The infighting is stirring the left

So you hate Christians?

im taking my 14 year old sister to have an abortion tomorrow. she's too young to have a child

>Abortion is not murder, it's compassionate euthanasia.

How much mental gymnastics do you have to do go through to come to that conclusion. It's certainly not "compassionate" to the human being who gets killed. So you must mean the mother. It's also not euthanasia as the process of murdering a fetus is gruesome and violent.

Perhaps we should tear you limb from limb and describe it as "compassionate euthanasia". Society certainly would benefit, and we know you're a amoral cocksucker unlike the baby which had no such chance.

Glenn Beck cannot be trusted. He's a back-stabbing alcoholic who will do anything for a dollar.

His latest firing of Tomi shows just how low he'll go to defend his failing website and platform, the Blaze. Here it straight from Andrew:


I don't hate Christians individually. I want them to stop being universalist cucks.

I hate modern Christianity (which includes ALL forms of protestantism and vatican II Catholicism) as a religion and doctrine. They're a pox on the West and on the right in general.

why do all american right wing women have that same sort of bimbo face?

Wait, are you going to address the central issue of my post?

Why does it suddenly become okay to murder that baby if the mothers life is in danger? If you were truly pro-life, she'd have to carry that baby no matter the risks, right? Explain where I'm wrong. How do you reconcile this scenario in your mind?

>Oh, it's okay when the mother might die.


Or maybe it's because they look like squid and act like internal parasites?

>partner is a black male
u wot m8

Your sister is a slut, will be discarded by society by the age 30, will be forever emotionally stunted with broken relationships and will die of abortion-related cancer at 50. Hopefully when it hits that she murdered her child and is now barren she doesn't have a full mental breakdown.

What a great guy you are. You could give the baby up for adoption and teach your whore of a sister that there are consequences to her actions.

Dumb to self cannabilize.

Better to murder an unborn baby than passive aggressively bring them up or throw em in foster care

that term is so fucking ridiculous. pro-life? as opposed to what? anit-life?

All those fuckers complain about the left but as soon as someone as some different view everyone just screams to them like fucking autists.

And who gets the most screwed with all this shit is the right,everyone will see them as hypocrites and this retarded whore probably redpills a shit ton of people.

omfg, it's another rachel marsden...

wait no, she's not as fucked up.

What do you mean universalist cucks?

You don't understand her situation. so please don't judge. Only god can judge her and gods a very forgiving man

Even in africa and india shitskins have no money and still pop out 5 kids. Cutting their welfare will not decrease birthrate, it will just increase crime rates.

Christian universalism. Christianity as a religion states that God created ALL men and ALL lands. It's a monotheistic religion for -everyone-. It is hence inclusive towards people of inferior races. The prevailing idea that they must be included, converted, that their souls are equal to ours in value and must be saved, that they must be brought into the flock etc. That's what I mean by universalist. It's not ethno-centric.

It's glen becks network and thus he can have who he wants on it

Because there's no easy answers in this life you fucking moron. If someone did everything in their power to save their baby and are left with the choice of dying or abortion, most people aren't so binary in their moral system. Most people aren't held accountable for letting someone die if trying to save them would result in their death too.

Pro "choice"

Who cares? Anyone who works for Glenn 'Vote Hillary' Beck is a cuckservative. Same goes for Little 'Borders for Israel not for you' Ben.

I'm sure when she's there on judgment day and she's asked, why did you kill your son who would have grown to be a talented artist that changed the lives of many, and she responds "well having babies is hard", he'll understand.

I fucking hate women who bleach their hair blonde, it just screams 'niggerloving BBC slut'

>brought into the flock
most people are sheep
this means we must be good shepherds
by keeping the sheep in their own fence/countries

I'm more anti-immigration than pro-choice which is why I voted Trump.

But I feel for her. We need more abortions not less.

this is why i have issue with spreading the message.

why convert non christians who just got God's message before and after jesus?

why not work on letting the muslims have their prayer room?

It doesn't play out this way in real life and you know it.

I want to meet Thomi L
anyone know how to get a signature?

it attracts the cucks.

Absolutely nothing in this post explains why murdering a baby becomes okay if the mother's life is in danger, which you support. You support murdering babies (your own words, I'm totally pro-choice and don't view abortion as murder) in some cases. Explain how I'm wrong. "There's no easy answers in life" doesn't even begin to approach an explanation for your view on abortion.

>It doesn't play out this way in real life and you know it.
because we don't whip the shit out of the money changers in the temple

That was Jesus Christ's command to all of his disciples to preach the gospel to the whole world. Jesus came to the world to save sinners, whether they have white skin or black skin. I just want to know, are you a Christian?

Unborn niggers shouldn't have a right to life.